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  1. Future F1 Calendar

    To add to the confusion over the 2014 calendar (just how many races are we having, seriously?) a certain energy drinks company has released a statement to say that Formula One will return to the A1 Ring Red Bull Ring next year. "Sensational breaking news. 6 July 2014 is the day Formula One comes to the Red Bull Ring." If you don't know much about the track, there is only one thing you should know. It's beautiful.
  2. 2014 Has Arrived

    I'd much prefer to see Ricciardo at Red Bull than Raikkonen. It is good for the sport to have new blood in the top teams, over someone who has had numerous opportunities with top teams already. Plus, I like how it is now, with the top drivers spread evenly through the top teams. A Vettel/Raikkonen combo would make the WDC awfully predictable, and would probably be sewed up by about this time of year.
  3. F1 2013 To Feature Classic Content

    It has been confirmed that Senna won't feature.
  4. Sports Car Racing Thread

    Interesting article from DSC about the potential of an American P1 based championship, starting in 2015. https://www.dailysportscar.com/?p=9912
  5. German Grand Prix 2013 (Nürburgring)

    I'd argue that Formula One is by far and away the "safest" form of motorsport there is in terms of the number of recent deaths/injuries compared to other forms of racing. That should be an oxymoron, but isn't.
  6. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    You've probably since this by now, but here you go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EsRyhxa5Tg
  7. 2014 Lap Times

    It depresses me that cars will once again be getting slower. In my view, they should remain the same, and possibly be a bit faster, not slower. Going slower is not considered "progress" in any form of motorsport. At this rate, it won't be long before F1 is no longer the fastest form of circuit racing. With the current tyres/fuel levels at the start of a race, etc, lap times that LMP1s turn are not that far adrift, which is amazing really when they are a lot heavier than a Formula One car is.
  8. Sports Car Racing Thread

    Daily Sports Car speculates that thanks to Jani and Webber's links to Red Bull, the the RB logos will appear on the Porsche. Possibly paves a way for a certain Sebastien Loeb to drive the car too interestingly, as long as there aren't many calendar clashes with the WTCC next year...
  9. Sports Car Racing Thread

    On the subject of Porsche, super classy tribute to Simonsen from them: Saturday represented the time I hate motorsport. But things like this remind me why I love it. Motorsport, as a community, knows how to be classy and respectful. Drivers, manufacturers, teams, and everyone else involved with this incredible sport know how to honour those who we've lost.
  10. Sports Car Racing Thread

    As you've probably read already, Webber is the latest of Porsche's drivers to be confirmed. Their line-up now stands as this: Bernhard, Dumas, Jani, and Webber.
  11. Where Will Webber Go In 2014?

    It is very interesting that he says staying in F1 was never a consideration. But as I've said before, given the comments he has made about F1 recently, the writing was always on the wall.
  12. Where Will Webber Go In 2014?

    Hate to say I told you so...
  13. Sports Car Racing Thread

    Neel Jani announced as the third driver of the Porsche LMP1, along with Timo Bernhard and Romain Dumas. http://www.motorsport.com/wec/news/neel-jani-joins-porsche-for-lmp1-project/ Speculation that they might announce the rest soon. Contenders include Nick Heidfeld (blow for Rebellion if both Jani and Heidfeld jump ship), Mark Webber, and Jean-Karl Vernay.
  14. 2013 24 Hours Of Le Mans

    So, the 90th anniversary of the world's greatest sports car race. How will people remember this year's race? Will it be remembered for Audi taking their twelfth victory, and Tom Kristensen his ninth? Will it be remember for Toyota putting up a fight that no-one expected, given everyone had written their chances off before the race began? For Audi being less bullet proof than we all imagined for a second year in a row? For the unpredictable weather, that constantly changed throughout the course of the race and kept everyone guessing up until the final half hour? For the fantastic GTE Pro battle that raged all race between Porsche and Aston Martin? Porsche taking a largely unexpected one-two with their new 991 shaped 911 RSRs? Aston Martin, for continuing racing when no-one would have begrudged them for stopping, only to very nearly win? Sadly, due to the tragic events of Saturday, the race is unlikely to be remembered for any of those things, or the many other great stories up and down the pit lane. The 2013 24 hours of Le Mans will be remembered for the first death since (depending on who you talk to) 1986/1997. The racing world has not just a hugely talented GT driver, but a great bloke who was well liked and respected by his colleagues and rivals. Rest in Peace, Allan Simonsen.