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Stumbled across an older article by Stirling Moss on his blog dated 21 October 2006:

Part is below:

"In my view, Fangio was the best driver there has ever been, but then I am biased. I drove with him and against him. I knew how fast he was, always, whatever car, whatever the conditions. I could beat him in sports cars, but F1 was, and is, the pinnacle. I beat him once in F1, at Aintree in 1955, but I'm not sure that he didn't “allow” that as a gesture. He was humble, a great champion, and a gentleman.

In second, I would go for [Ayrton] Senna, a great natural talent, with some black marks against him, who was killed before he had time to show how truly great he might have been.

Then Jimmy Clark, who was a very polished driver. With Colin Chapman to help him, he became unbeatable.

I would put Michael Schumacher in fourth. He has shown how fast, consistent and talented he is. How he can galvanise a team. He makes mistakes, but is magic in the wet. As I have said, Michael has a few black marks on his record, but that is today's integrity.

Equal with him, but quite different, was Tazio Nuovolari, a man with terrific charisma who would drive the wheels off all his cars - to win."

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LIMITED to F1 though.
Alonso IS attempting to PROVE that he IS 1 of the GREATS, in a different way.
The motorsport triple crown. So far 2 out of 3 - like a Meatloaf song, it ain`t bad.
After the disaster of the Honda project. Mclaren have realised that they are a LONG way from  achieving a WDC.
So a DIFFERENT direction IS required.

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