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There IS a LOT of media coverage, and hype surrounding Red Bull Honda.
Does anybody think that this is real progress by Honda?
When Honda FIRST returned to F1, reuniting their partnership with McLaren
There were also a lot of hype and speculation.
Considering the original McLaren Honda partnership won all but 1 races in a full season
The reunited partnership quickly eroded and ended.
With McLaren and Red Bull swapping suppliers
The Renault partnership has provided McLaren with the reliability that they desire, but not the speed/performance.
Will the Red Bull Honda hype deliver?
Will the guys in Woking come up with something.  After all Newey DID work in Woking, designing the MP4
That powered Mika Hakkinen to 2 WDC`S (1998/1999) Somebody must have picked up a few hints, tips and tricks !!

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It seems by recent reports that McLaren HAVE found something.
A lot of people were beginning to question the appointment at McLaren of Zak Brown.
When, what can he deliver??
This mornings news suggest he IS about to deliver something big.

Coca-Cola, have already become sponsors.  Though it is thought that something bigger is about to be announced regarding 
a McLaren and Coca-Cola partnership.  Many have tried to lure Coca-Cola in the past.  
Zak Brown managed to get his foot in the door on the 2018 McLaren.  
What will officially be announced and confirmed? 

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What a pity Red Bull are their own title sponsors.

Would have been great to see one of their cars sponsored by Pepsi-MAX!

(sorry - couldn't resist)

Wonder what other relevant sponsorship deals you'd like to see?

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One can make a health-concern case, if you allow soft drinks onto cars, then you might just as well allow the same for tobacco industry. On a long run health effects are probably similar in its destructive impact on human body, and to pretend that one is safer (or safe) and the other is not is rather off mark IMO. I cannot resist (admittedly rather juvenile remark in what should be serious discussion), you heard it here first when people wake up a decade or so down the road. I am saying it as someone who drunk more Coca-Cola than pure water on daily basis for many years.

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