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  1. Sakae


    Date 2020.12.01 Time 15:27 (UTC) Kudos to Andreas Seidl.
  2. Sakae

    Haas F1 Team

    Date 2020.12.01 Time 9:04 (UTC) Who said that money cannot buy happiness? Sooner or later F1 becomes a playground for boys with rich fathers. Well, it could turn out that way.
  3. Hamilton tests positive? How so? I thought they have all figured out, protected, or there are some other rules for him and he just walks around unrestricted? They all were suppose to be in total isolation, and now in reality, his crew, Bottas and whole team all are potentially exposed. Hopefully they have good immune systems, and it might not mean much in the long run, but who knows. No questions asked where he might have picked up? Scare from obtaining embarrassing answers which would put the altar boy into bad light?
  4. Sometimes I think maybe this is how transition is. Old-timers like myself leave in disgust, and new generation takes over without baggage of the past. I have deferred stay-leave decision after my current driver retires. I am rooting for him through thick and thin for a decade, so I can continue for little longer. Fact however is, I am not as much hungry for daily news. I find media in English language unbearable, unreadable and hard to take. So, I read less and less of it. Japanese adopt UK articles word for word, thus some German and French sources are all what's left for me.
  5. Date 2020.12.01 Time 6:31 (UTC) News suggest that RBR are interested in Perez as of 2022. If this is so, then anyone who will partner Verstappen next year might have short shelve life. I was hoping that Hulk would get a call, but hard to say what Helmut will decide. Tai man might survive after all for another year thanks to Tai partial ownership of the team. Sergio is really good, but Albon next to Verstappen has a job which is no picnic. So much I give him. Crazy Dutchman (or Belgian?) is growing into a real racer. Personally I think he is better than Hamilton, taking his car a notch over where it would be with a lesser driver.
  6. Dec 6. It is late in a year, yet Liberty is insisting on driving in loops. Gro will be probably excused due to his physical condition after last incident. (I don't really have any information on extend of his injuries.) Ferrari is not expected to improve their total points and overall standing.
  7. True. I've realised my mistake after it was posted, intended correct it, but you beat me to it. His first WDC was under competitive conditions, he got it with some luck, but that's life, and he can be proud on that one. No one can argue otherwise.
  8. Earmarks of this subject strongly suggests, that various factions in this series pursuing short term gains over spending more time and correctly asserting long term impact upon sport. Stock exchange kind of attitude. In this case we know how it ended. Hybrid equipment is however not necessarily culprit for current malaise. Incompetent (IMO) decisions behind various regulations on technical side - restrictions mainly - are at the core of mess that ensued. Inserting tokens as regulatory mechanism, choking freedom to reassess and make adjustment on application of new technology, and much more. But then, maybe I am just tired of Hamilton and his almost religious flock telling us how great he is (all that without rivals in proper equipment). I am an observer of F1 for several decades, and I have never seen in my life a such protection racket this guy is receiving. It is pity, because with competition he still might have achieved something of value, but 7 empty titles do him more disservice than respect for work well done. Based on recent polls, maybe that's why fans do appreciate and value Vettel's 4 WDC more than his 7. Now we need someone explain it to him. Error: it's actually 6 not 7 WDC. His first one with McLaren was good. Lucky, but nonetheless a good one.
  9. Some answers: The F1 engine token system It's not only Renault. Other enablers are guilty for not talking them out of it as dangerous, nonsensical and damaging solution which had potential to affect adversely F1 popularity by creating non-competitive series.
  10. Date 2020.11.29 Time 17:17 (UTC) Surprise. Hamilton won, and Bottas did not. Totally unexpected. Mr. Leclerc is turning up as a real character who feels free and empowered to pull a few fast ones on Vettel, and get away with it. It started in Itally when Vettel gave him hook and got nothing back despite pit agreement. Then Leclerc caused crash in another race which ended race for both of them, but Binotto blamed both (or not blamed, calling it a racing incident. Yeah, sure, or maybe not.) Today wonder boy run Vettel just about out of the track despite (apparently empty) promises before race, and there was more so far in his illustrious carreer with Ferrari. For me he seems to be slightly arrogant twat, with oversized head and even bigger ego, and nothing much more. Anger RP - horrendous day.What is there to say. Kvyat is an I...t. Perez is loss for F1, as he cannot find a seat. Gro - almighty was with you, brother. This was a bad one, but you will live and tell your children all about it. Dr. Marko must be happy. I am not sure if result will help keep RB duo together, or there will be change.
  11. I do detest budget restriction for this series, but since they already agreed to it, why not then let them do whatever team needs to do without those technical restrictions? This is worse than penitentiary. Do this, don't do this, and so on. Stuff it... Wolff is angry over RBR proposal leading to convergence. He thinks it will kill competetive spirit of F1. No offense to him, but competetive spirit of the F1 is now dead almost a decade due to pressure from teams like Williams and alike who insisted staying in a club and sport which financially was over their (affordibility) head.
  12. On qualifying I am stuck to the past as in Schumacher era. In an hour or so mount any tire you want, go out any time you are ready or want, you have permitted limited, but not too restricting number of attempts, and fastest lap counts. I was happier fan that time. Suspense was ON.
  13. Date 2020.11.28 Time 19:33 (UTC) How long this qualifying format and need for a change is discussed, yet years down the road we still have it. Vettel got one clean lap in Q2. Does that make sense to anyone? They calling a reverse grid an innovation, and now this. What I want to know what is in the liquid F1 management drinks?
  14. Date 2020.11.28 Time 16:54 (UTC) Negotiations Horner of course is changing colour like chameleon; not what't good for the sport, but for him and the team. Renault was quite sarcastic about it. Makes sense. Engine performances need to be approx. the same, otherwise racing suffers. These negotiations might still bomb out, should someone get an idea that Hamilton still needs more trophies and MB needs therefore to stay ahead of the pack. (At least by 1/2 sec., of course.)
  15. Fantastic result. MB is in the front by 1/2 sec. Big surprise and great news. Hamilton should get knighted if for not anything else, then for consistency. Sergeant in arms is right behind him as a loyal servant. Just beautiful. Vettel gets fired for not being able to drive that car, and now, newly promoted a Team Leader is in the proverbial creek of something as well. Makes me wonder what is Mattia drinking with his pasta when he talks.
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