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  1. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    2020 / 03 / 31 15:57 (UTC) RBR There seems to be more to "Marko" story...says Dutch scientist. Yes, the idea seems quite offbeat for rest of us on the outside of science. I am continuing however my doubts there will be any season this year, especially when I am reading about social distancing will stay in effect for another 6+ months. No need for risky projects involving health hazards.
  2. F1 General discussion

    2020 / 03 / 31 15:08 (UTC) RACING POINT Next year it will be renamed (again) to ASTON MARTIN, Stroll senior presiding. Carmaker will retain Mercedes PU. Is it too soon to start speculating about this development? This Mercedes thing rather implies, that at least the MB Engine division is staying with F1 - for now. I am however having difficulty to envision a clothing merchant running high tech company. Certainly it has all ingredients to be interesting story next year, and it perhaps could explain why Stroll was probably trying to get Wolff running the outfit on his behalf.
  3. Zoos

    May I suggest for you to Google Amatciems. It is a village in one of Baltic states, where project is run on human coexistence with fauna (and without Zoo). I am lacking words which would express my admiration to what was accomplished. Well, well done. That's how our species might save the future. Of course, if you like living in city streets, then Amatciems is not going to impress you.
  4. F1 General discussion

    2020 / 03 / 31 8:32 (UTC) Ecclestone (again) I must be getting old, agreeing with the old man of F1 twice in such rapid succession, but then, since two guys think alike regarding one subject, it doesn't follow, it will happen. I just think situation is ripe for Mercedes moving out of F1. They may continue to supply PUs. That's my guess. Problem could be, who will buy the team for a premium price tag? It has been said long time ago, that some Tier 2 teams attempted to sell off their teams, but couldn't find buyers.
  5. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    I read the article, and I have a different interpretation of it. First of all, I think the headline is a clickbait, and misleading IMHO. Quote is a snapshot from large context, that's what I see. It is selectively isolated with quote marks. Yes, in isolation it sounds like insane idea, however I am missing his suggestion that they should get purposely infected. What I sense he said, that IF a driver or drivers should contract it, they should be together in isolation and after some short period they will get out of it, and (by implication) IMMUNE to second wave, ready to race. There I might disagree with him, since I am not sure whether people who survived illness will be in the clear for good. He must have some information which I don't have. He is taking it as some kind of flu in a camp... Anyway, that is how I am looking at this article.
  6. F1 General discussion

    Someone on F1 pages called Mercedes boring. Look at this beauty and say it is boring (well, I have Teutonic taste, so much I admit): I have seen a few cars in my life, but nothing ever came close to this heavenly machine. (perhaps BMW is close, but that's it).
  7. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Wow, if true, it will soon add up some real money.
  8. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    One problem gets attention, and another undesirable issue pops up. Hard to say what to do, however: Cool hand at work. Inevitable question is to ask whether our world is life of endless manipulation...
  9. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    It is possible there is somewhere honest misunderstanding. In the past I have detected numerous erroneous interpretation what Michael Schumacher said, and what was reported, and I am wondering if this is not similar situation in this case. Dr. Marko is not well liked by some media, and slight slip of tongue will count against him. The man is well educated and he is not an idiot. Who knows what really happened, and in what context that discussion has taken place. There is a man working for BBC on F1 side, and I find painful to read some of his articles. I should add, there is theory of building resistance to the virus, however I am not qualified to explain how that darn things works.
  10. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    I though contracting virus is potentially life threatening condition.
  11. Alonso F1 return

    Well, you've got me, however now the second part, which team is ready to hire him.
  12. Alonso F1 return

    Which competitive team is ready to hire him?
  13. F1 General discussion

    Williams has Mercedes PU, and had Stroll as a partner. It seems Racing Point is doing a better job with the same.
  14. Alonso F1 return

    2020 / 03 / 30 11:53 (UTC) @lipstick79 - Alonso Which team would welcome Alonso back? RBR, McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari are all on record that they have no seat for him. Renault probably the same. Since you started this thread, maybe you have some idea what the plans are. I am under impression that Alonso and F1 are together just as historical records only and nothing more.
  15. F1 General discussion

    To clarify, I am on the same page with expressed sentiment, regarding support, or lack of thereof, for Vettel at Ferrari. It was demonstratively obvious last season already. Some former racers expressed the same point of view. It will be of course Seb's decision, but I don't think that will be a good move. Either Ferrari will decide on his proper treatment, or Seb should sign at a Technical University, and become a good Sebastian Vettel, Dipl. Ing. (Mechanical) - as he indicated it is education he wants. McLaren will be receiving the same treatment as other Mercedes's customers do, which is the same PU that is powering Hamilton's car. That's Mercedes's long standing policy, as Wolff stated long time ago.