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  1. Even better idea would be scrapping the token system. What F1 management in reality has done, instead weak and technically incompetent teams to let fall, as is typical in competitive society, they are now dragging (in re: via regulations) well established teams to the level where failed entities operate. One should not forget there are several teams who do live on a credit card debt, earning nothing much which could lead to prosperity. I think it's just question of time before this house of cards will tip over, regardless how many casino tokens anyone receives. Only FIRE economic-sector will make money, as they have prosper for some time now.
  2. Ferrari - as admitted by Binotto - have no plans this year to work on their engine. No tokens left.
  3. GP247 Now that's wisdom...brilliant idea by RB.
  4. Date 2020.07.11 Time 16:57 (UTC) Ferrari. Unbelievable. Italian media might have difficulty to swallow today's qualifying results as a sign of good things to come.
  5. If this is a sign for Ferrari fans of things to come this season, I might just spend time pondering what Confucius would say about it. Good stuff from Bottas, Verstappen and some others. I wonder, without sounding like I am looking for excuses, how much help Vettel got, just to ensure everybody that getting rid of him was a right decision. I wasn't expecting miracles - just hoping for P5 or better for him, but this is amazing.
  6. Looks like weather is OK. Forecast was rainy day.
  7. Sakae


    Date 2020.07.04 Time 7:03 (UTC) I said this n-times before, anyone - especially non-technical persons in paddock - who claim we do not need track testing, and can do-all on (cheaper) computers are patently ignorant. Honda had the similar problem, before they realized based on track data that their dyno was giving them false data. Unfortunately it has taken them couple of years before Eureka moment. Once they implemented calibration related countermeasures, they made rapid progress thereafter. Current Ferrari machine has more than just one issue, unfortunately, and it's going to hurt them through the season, it will do damage to their legacy, just as they will get hit at the pay-day. So, what was saved by not proper testing (2 months at least) on the track?
  8. Date 2020.07.04 Time 5:41 (UTC) DAS stays. Did you expect anything else? Hamilton needs 7th title. Today we will learn more about 1 lap and race speeds. I don't think it will be any more surprising than we know already. Ferrari is (again) on back foot. I am not sure about sparks, unless they start bumping into each other. Vettel:
  9. Date 2020.07.03 Time 19:42 (UTC) Love child is not happy? Seb would say - we have to work on that. That's what you get when you don't get tires early enough, and your test driver cannot drive around 12000 km on test tracks before a season starts. Instead, what it is today, one wrong move, and your whole season crumbles. Is that's what Brawn calls saving money scheme? I must be air head to think that I used to liked and respected that guy once.
  10. Due to token system restriction imposed by F1 Gods (You know, Managing Director of Managing Directors, His highness and rest of the plebs), Renault and Ferrari has been prevented to improve their engines. They simply need their token elsewhere, and run out of them. In one article I've read they pack it up for whole season of 2020 on the engine side. Your "panther" can now shine without worries, when everybody else is chained to the wall of regulatory nonsense. But then, that's what we have since 2013. When teams start catching up, let's put brakes on them - AGAIN. Lovely management.
  11. Sebastian has to get in the front of third row on the grid, otherwise there will be some front wings taking off and fly road side. First lap promises to be crown jewel of the race. Too many ambitions, not sure about brains.
  12. Sakae


    More explanation is forthcoming from Mattia, more twisted whole matter sounds. Perhaps no more talk would be helpful, because normal person will have difficulty comprehending how a driver - allegedly teams's first choice - goes in a jiffy to no choice. No negotiations, no conversation, just a phone call - get lost, will you. Binotto or not, I still have lasting admiration of culturally stimulating refinements Italy has to offer. Coffee in Naples is yet to find its worthwhile opponent. The best of the best I've ever tasted. Seb, 33 - you are getting old (said one of young promising souls in our house). Good luck to you.
  13. Yeah, I think so. The most of them run soft, if I recall correctly. Still, gap from the lead seems far too large for comfort.
  14. Date 2020.07.03 Time 10:44 (UTC) FP1 is over. Any surprises? No, just confirmation of our darkest fears, that is, depends which camp you are in. Mercedes is at the front, Ferrari...well, I wait for them to come from big behind. RB seems in P2, Racing Point will fight for P3. I know, it has been said thousand times only fool be trying to predict race results on Friday, however unfortunately for past several years after FP1 there are no more surprises to come. Noted: Verstappen spun - gentle comments, not a single mentioning of ERROR. Vettel in similar situation would be crucified for his (alledgedly) endless errors. Hamilton the same last year - left track, however no error mentioned. In Vettel's case I've read on one page 6 articles with damning of Vettel due to his "endless errors". Double standard in F1 in pretentious media is alive and well.
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