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  1. On 2021.06.22 12:28 (UTC) Ferrari has ‘unsolvable’ problems - Binotto Well Mr. Binotto, you are one of those who voted to drop on track testing. All smart people sitting at their desks monitoring computer screens did not prevent a disaster. Lost year and any aspirations you may dreamt about. Probably trophies, fame, and money. In Schumacher's time you would know you had a problem already in October in previous year, and you could do something about it. Poor performance data collected at the track would tell you that. Today - go fish.
  3. On 2021.06.21 7:41 (UTC) Now we know what DR's problem is. Renault surely is not evenly matched with MB. This after last race.
  4. On 2021.06.21 7:04 (UTC) Sebastian mentioned he had poor start. In fact lost one position to Giovinazzi. Despite relatively quick recovery, these kind of setbacks should not happen to a team aspiring to stand on podium. AM has similar PU as McLaren, and drivers, just as the team on sidelines must figure out two prong strategy. Put McLaren behind, and then work on plan how to deal with those 3 - RBR, MB, and Ferrari. 6 sec to take down McLaren in France didn't seem much, but it is not an easy job for tires, driver, etc. Seb surely wasn't impressed with his tires in Q2 on Saturday, but it is what it is. Problem is, it's very long time truism that races commence on Saturday.
  5. On 2021.06.20 17:00 (UTC) Unfortunately I don't know what their plans are, however I fear that based on poor results they may decide it's a lost cause this year, and will turn 100% to the next season. (Speculating, of course.)
  6. They copy MB. MB recover after changes, whereas AM seems not that well. Seb should be now regular in P5, but he is struggling to keep that car on the track.
  7. On 2021.06.20 14:50 (UTC) Stroll drove well. AM has some way to go before I will be happy.
  8. On 2021.06.20 10:59 (UTC) Todt (FiA) is getting mighty fed up with Hamilton's whining. So much actually, that he felt to get it on the air. I wish to ask then, what took you so long? The same Todt, a president of regulatory body is not in favour of sprint races. He is not alone. Number of teams are on the same page. Why then we will have it this year and in double next year? Looks like UK guys they do as they want, whether they have authority for it or not. There were some half-truths said about it. First, 3 races this year were supposed to be just trial before it would go any further. That was probably a ****, because this week it has been announced they already booked 6 sprint races next year, despite not a single sprint race was run yet.
  9. On 2021.06.19 14:11 (UTC) Alpine is strong. Alonso is doing well again. Sainz - I've always suspected he was slightly undervalued by the stupid internet, but he is really good. Always was. Gasly for Nobel Price. This guy needs better car over what he has. Get him into MB next to Hamilton and we have a new WDC. AM - I am lost for words. Maybe race will move Seb into first 10. Mick, Yuki, ... guys, kissing walls is fine from time to time, but not too often, please. Hamilton - it needs to be said. Once his car is on equal level to some others, true colour of his Almighty goes into shade in a hurry. Back to the old one who he was at McLaren?
  10. Short answer, as in previous post, I don't really know. What I do recollect is in one of his statements Sergio Marchionne (or was it one of TP?) said, that Vettel should concentrate on his driving and let car development to engineers. I gather that set the tone. Certainly different when Schumacher was there.
  11. One of the UK based website made fun of it and termed as longwinded Vettel. Basically shot it down as "unnecessary". I was lacking understanding why they would say that, since intended audience of such feedback seems receptive to it. I cannot recall what Ferrari said about it, if anything. RBR, like AM, was also OK with it.
  12. Brad, in my recollection he has always done it, that is, work on race setup optimisation in preference to shine on Saturday. At RB he was that good on both days, however today I would like to see better placings through the weekend. P15 which is where he is so often these days, to make long story short, simply makes me nervous. Staying in P15 after as many races is not what I would call progress. I do not expect P1 (yet), but P8 or thereabout would be nice.
  13. On 2021.06.18 14:46 (UTC) AM: For once, just once I would like to hear Friday evening, we are ready for qualifying, and this evening we will have nice cold beer. That's the only job ahead for us left today.
  14. On 2021.06.18 14:08 (UTC) Friday after FP2 in a word, ouch.
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