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  1. Being aware of the past, living fully today, and have, or working on a plan for future. (Adopted Eastern Philosophy on Pragmatic Way of Life). Being aware off, but not living in the past seems sensible to me.
  2. I rather guess different reasons. It's not past, but rather future which influences his decisions. From his general attitude towards life, he understands that F1 is not the end of his life journey. He has some other plans what to do after he hangs his helmet on a nail. Besides, he wants to be next to his kids before they are all grown up. Chilling at home on a couch, and having kids climbing all over him is one of those blessings he loves that much.
  3. Both AM driver's favourite track is Suzuka, especially first sequence of several corners. So is mine, altho Spa is close second. Nordschleife is unique, with history preceding F1, and nothing IMO can compare to it.
  4. Noted; no race in Germany, despite decent German representation on and off the grid.
  5. Number of German speaking managers in F1 is slowly (perhaps painfully slowly) growing. Wolff, Capito, Seidl, Tobias Moers, Tost, Dr. name a few. It was highest time, if it is not late already for F1...
  6. So, where does this leaves Vettel while AM is developing alongside stated plan? One thing Sebastian said, namely, he will not stay in F1 as long as some others do; I am assuming he was thinking about Alonso. What I would like to see is for Seb to have a very good restoration year with AM, and then replace retiring Hamilton or outgoing Verstappen. That would bode well with my ideas where Seb belongs.
  7. Nice colours on the Haas car, including car number, which was easy to read. AM didn't have that.
  8. Vettel on track for Aston Martin for the first time, as he and Stroll shakedown AMR21 at Silverstone Colour seems darker than what I thought it would be. Vettel didn't say I want to beat Ferrari as my first objective. Paraphrasing, what he actually said, we (AM) are aiming to move up, and that might also mean in that endeavour we could end up getting ahead of Ferrari. Seb was very polite and forgiving with his language.
  9., AM is keeping last year MB' rear, says Mr. Green. My thoughts - D*** token sys.
  10. In short, no. Filming day, as you know, is limited by distance (used to be 100 km), and by showing colours, not really taking down any data. If they do, those will not be shared. Sounds good. I like what I am reading.
  11. Vettel - a thinking man - on Sprint races: I really love this guy. He hits all right buttons with me when we talk racing. There aren't too many like him around anymore.
  12. Otmar Szafnauer was actually talking about 5 years. I do remember that remark quite vividly, because of immediate realization of implications for Vettel. (he is not going to be there 5 years.) Today I rather guessing that Mr. Szafnauer and Mr. BOSS weren't on the same page. I would not be surprised however if Otmar got corrected by now, and admitted error of his way. It's going to be fun. Ownership stated aim is to better 2020 results. Problem is, as most of us know, progression to higher up is somewhat easier in midfield, but once you are in top 5, not all dreams come true.
  13. Ms Lipstick, you and I are living in two different worlds. You believe on brainwashing, pomp, and language full of iconic expressions, whereas I live in world in which you make a product which people want to buy, and consequently this way you prosper. If you fail in that endeavour, you go bankrupt. In old times bankruptcy was dishonourable end to business. People put tail between legs, and clear the scene. Today obviously it is something else, and mismanagement seems new normal.
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