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  1. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Come to think of it, I was kicked out of a forum (banned for life) just for being TOO happy that Webber retired from the sport, and I do not have to see him, hear of him, or read about him in the future. Local Ozi fan club revolted, reported my post, and someone in administration who was known to have serious problems with Vettel (or maybe Germans), was only happy to oblige, and initiated promptly closure on the matter. He held a Tumi in his hand, and I was done. Here, in contrast, based on content and tone of some posts, apparently anything goes and people walk free of responsibility, unburdened by any guilt of being obnoxious. It is new brave world of bellicose jingoism.
  2. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Internet is busy trumpeting how Leclerc will mount championship challenge to Vettel, starting next year. With respect to walls - embarrassing episodes do happen.
  3. Schumacher

    I do not see too many options. FI was a good middle ground training team, but not now with junior running the show. Maybe it is then only Sauber left. Haas will want to have - sooner or later - an American on board. Forget Williams, McLaren, TR is a stable for RBR, so who is left? Look at Ocon; really talented and now proven driver, yet he is most likely without a drive in 2019 (as Stroll grabbed his seat).
  4. Schumacher

    A year with Renault could be good introduction. Neither Mercedes or Ferrari aren't known to accept rookies.
  5. Schumacher

    Dr. Marko denied having Mick on their list of 10 candidates. I continue to think that it is becoming more and more difficult to get in without benefiting from push by some big telephone numbers behind you. Skills, and general aptitude is not enough.
  6. Honda

    Different management style at RBR obviously helped to calm Honda down. For how long this quiet room will last is hard to predict. There are some volatile individuals involved. Renault is planning BIG next year, so we will wait. Renault will always bolt on their PU, so there is always at least one customer for them.
  7. Schumacher

    Betting on Mick to TR? I am not a betting man, but next time I am in Tokyo, I may hav to sponsor a sashimi plate for your good call.
  8. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Right, but I want a race win with the other 5 from Tier 1 group behind him finishing the race competitively.
  9. Schumacher

    I am slightly confused who is Mick's mentor. I've read that he is Mercedes's man, then I read Nick Todt is his Ferrari mentor, and now RBR. Sounds like overkill to me.
  10. I wouldn’t expect any miracles

    With which PU he is planning to end up?
  11. Schumacher

    Jumping from F3 to F1 is (used to be) not rare, but I wonder if Mick is ready. An opportunity is undoubtedly welcomed, but expectations on him will be high, and hawks will watch for him to trip. The old adage says "be careful what you wish for", as there may be unpleasant consequences of unexpected events. I do suspect that not everyone wants to see another Schumacher on the top of podium. I remain Michael Schumacher's fan through thick and thin all those years after Alain Prost retired from racing, and I have scars on my back to prove it when times were difficult. I wish to Mick all the best. TR is run by RBR gang, and it is a cut throat operation. Takes years to built a respectable reputation, but it takes five minutes to loose it, as we all know, and it doesn't has to be your fault. These days just perception is enough to destroy your reputation by people who endeavor in such behavior.
  12. 2019 Silly season

    Kvyat had a seat fitting at TR, yet he is officially listed as a test driver on Ferrari's web site, which begs a question, what does he do, that Scuderia is not concerned about him carrying internal secrets to their rival(s)?
  13. 2019 Silly season

    It is not secret that Räikkönen and Brundle do not see eye-to-eye as so vividly demonstrated at Belgian GP this year. I am not sure why Brundle feels that way about him, and not about some other drivers (Alonso, Button, and many more in the past).
  14. 2019 Silly season

    Well, yeah, Ferrari's power plant is now respected, but fact is, IMHO most decisive force behind Sauber's revival is not their alleged legally unsupported role of a "B-team," whatever definition of that is, but it is placement of Frédéric Vasseur into team's leadership role. He will run in circles around people like Brown. Just check how many times he speaks, and compare it to others. The man is a man of action, shy of headlines, and strives on impactful decisions. Good stuff - so far.
  15. 2019 Silly season

    IMO it's too soon to understand plans Ferrari might harbor regarding drivers, but if (hypothetically speaking) Vettel will be asked to play subservient role to young Monégasque, that might end up not really well. Parity would be best, and let chips fall where they may.