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  1. Honda

    I think Horner will not change his old habits. He is who he is. Honda is in no need for my advice, nor they asked, but I say it anyway, be careful.
  2. Honda

    19 June 2018, 11:42 (CEST) Recent media headlines do suggest Révolution française is in the offing, whilst Whitmarsh offered himself to play Napoleon Bonaparte. So, it wasn't the only Honda. Japanese automaker bears some responsibility for past lack of performance, however if reasonable people take all factors into consideration, it is clear that Honda was made a scapegoat, while others were having tea. Brown's and Boullier's days are probably numbered. Boullier - I guess - will be probably a second scapegoat. There are some other "directors", who should be shown which way to the parking lot. Boullier cannot be travelling with the team whole year around, and design the car(s) at the same time, so much is clear to technical people.
  3. Alonso

    Rumor has it, that Alonso is moving on next year with Toyota.
  4. Alonso

    18 June 2018, 08:04 (CEST) Kobayashi, Sebastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima were all winners in the race which is now mere historical footnote, and all of them drove exceptionally well. Nakajima IMO was best from them all, when it was he who made impact in qualifying. Koba was leading the race in a sister car when equipment let him down. Our reality is shaped by the media, but what the media presents is often determined by personal bias rather than by the factual evidence. We need to, more often then not, be able to distinguish sense from nonsense, and sensible conclusion is from that race, Alonso did not win Le Mans alone, despite all suggestive headlines we see this morning.
  5. No pictures on the site

    .Thanks for visiting That cookie stuff is not working. Every 5 min someone is letting me know that they value my privacy, and demand accepting their cookies "so they can serve me better". Yeah, right. simply insist of 1000+ clicks before it will go away (or maybe not).
  6. Mclaren-Renault

    16 June 2018, 19:28 (CEST) - Revolt in promised land? I was expecting a clean up action from different quarters, but Whitmarsh from all people?
  7. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    13 June 2018, 18:38 (CEST) Brawn: The races like in Canada is bad for the sport. Don't say. Where have you been for past several years when Hamilton and Rosberg drove alone and finished 20 to 30 sec ahead of everyone else? That was good for the sport? Saturday in Q3 Bottas was just a fraction of the second apart from Vettel in P2. I would classify that as closely matched competition. Moreover, I am somewhat suspicious that low budget while probably drained by now likes Haas due to cost of high attrition rate, almost certainly would not save likes Williams. Either you know what you are doing, or you don't, and big budget is not the answer to all evils. (Ask Toyota.)
  8. Grand Prix Canada 2018 reported - she is not into the F1, just into Hamilton. There are changes on the way to make sure miscommunication between tower and flag platform will be avoided. Vettel was quoting Alain Prost - "My job is to win a race at slowest speed possible", something which will not please too many people.
  9. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    12 June 2018, 09:43 (CEST) - Cars can run close together, however dirty air destabilizes following car. Moreover, extended heat exposure destroys life cycle of tire (blisters, etc.) thus drivers do avoid such situations and stay behind in "safe" distance. They (I am not sure who are they these days) need to do something about it. Overtaking strategy is now reduced to two components; better pit stop, and/or run on a long straights if superior equipment allows it. Occasionally there are of course rare exceptions and driver can put together good overtake. Verstappen's strategy of moving chicanes should be called out, instead being tolerated.
  10. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    That's not a new trend, as surely you know. We were discussing precisely this unfortunate aspect several years ago already, yet nothing has changed in attitude of regulators. Cars should be able to follow up each other in very, very close proximity. If they don't fix it, city races will be pretty boring events, that is, even more so than they are now. CART knew how to do it. Vettel chimed in.
  11. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    11 June 2018, 10:37 (CEST) - True, it's far from perfect, for cars cannot follow each other without some damage to tires, which is known shortcoming. Point however made earlier, power wise, I think there is now a competitive power zone occupied by Renault, MB and Ferrari. Bottas could have challenged Vettel with his equipment, but IMO the leading driver made all difference in controlling the race to his benefit. Saturday Bottas was lagging about a car length behind P1 after slugging it on 4.4 km long lap.It was that close. To explain the poor racing, someone should ask them about it. I do not buy their explanations- I was running out of fuel, my engine was too old, etc. I should have added, despite my long history with the sport, when, if ever, F1 was like NASCAR or CART...? CART was probably the most competitive racing in open car category that was similar to the F1. F1 was always a story of 2 or 3 cars on Sunday afternoon.
  12. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    11 June 2018, 07:24 (CEST) Uncompetitive races of two cars with cheap victories to their credit over past several years turned into Saturdays of hope with tier 1 cars finishing fraction of seconds apart, a new phenomenon - and culminating with a competitive race of six cars on Sunday. Good stuff delivered by Seb, and then some excuses - as expected - in known quarters, however I do continue to think that tires play far too much of role in this, just as less dependency on fuel limits would probably improve the show almost immediately. Ocon, Gasly and LeClerc - all are probably worthy candidates for promotions into better seats. Very talented young blood.
  13. Mclaren-Renault

    Brown confirmed Alonso for 2019 with McLaren. Sainz is poised to replace Ricciardo.
  14. No pictures on the site

    I reiterate, all is back to normal on my personal gear.
  15. No pictures on the site

    6 June 2018, 20:34 (CEST) OK now in here...