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Approx 10 days until the season  kick off
RedBull Honda - obv the favs - but what about the others?! 
Everybody seems 2 have followed, the same direction.
Will there B ANY surprises?
Is innovation DEAD?  Better 2 follow the general trend of design than 2 B bold. 
> Go a different way, WILL still GET publicity 4 the sponsors

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Hass will be last. Red Bull first. Ferrari and merc will fight for the rest of podium. Merc will try to pump up Russell by having some no-namer second driver, but Russell will continue to be lost in rain and traffic. More importantly, Does Kubica have a shot at winning Le Mans?????

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Aston Martin will B there abouts - like Mclaren - will B strong and reliable.
As Racing Point, Force India, just the SAME.
Nothin special  a STRONG Midfield team - it IS Just about gettin the name seen 2 sell a road car.
U NEVER know UR luck, somethin interestin could happen ON track  and elevate the midfield teams.
The factory teams WILL B the teams 2 beat.
Customer teams pickin up - the scraps.
Alpine WILL B consistent  - it`s a Renault thing.
Push Rod OR Pull Rod ??
We will SOON find out.

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