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What Makes You Support Schumi?

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How can he walk around after what just happened?

I will never under any circumstance support him again. He needs to get out of the sport. He is a very rotten soul and I hope that the FIA grows a spine when it comes to the cheating reds. I've had enough of it.

I'd had enough of the cheating McLarens in the early races of 98 but it took the FIA time to get off their a**es then, and there was photographic evidence that they'd been cheating MFers.

As i've said in another post, lets boot everyone who held someone up during that hour, I bet JB would be on pole or some crazy stuff like that, but the only other driver I see being penalised is Fisi. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

also ykickamoocow, Ron Dennis is no fool? don't make me laugh, if he wasn't a fool he would have made DC lead driver when Mika left.

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