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Quiet One

Fangio, Some Good Memories...

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Just finding a refuge in the old, simpler days with a couple of anecdotes from one of the gods of F1 :D

1) October 28th, 1951. Spanish GP. It was the last race of the championship. Fangio leading it by barely two points over Ascari. They made a bet: whoever won the championship should pay a party and the loser would select the guests. Fangio won the race and his first WDC. He not only paid for the party but also rented a spanish orchestra to play and sing for the 40+ guests Ascari invited. And prizes at the time were a tiny fraction of todays...

2) 1986. It was the awards night in Paris, and Prost was there to receive his own for his WDC. Fangio approached the french driver and, having heard that Prost was fined for speeding before the ceremony and that his wife scolded him for that he said to Prost: "That happens to you for trying to pull a Fangio". Prost laughed (what a miracle!)


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