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Kyle Busch Wins At 'dega, Jpm Second.

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:yawn: Unlike most stock car fans, I hate restrictor plate racing. It's so tedious until the last 5 laps, but then they just crash so it's pointless.

As for the COT, it's not any worse than the old car, but it's also not any better. The racing got boring when the sponsors took over. Sponsors took over, brought in more money. More money meant private wind tunnels, engineers, focus on aero, 7-post shaker rigs, pit crews that are athletes, not mechanics, etc. The sport became a microcosm of F1, and it sucks...A LOT. The sponsors want their teams to win, so NASCAR lets the big teams continue to ruin the name of stock car racing with all that s##t because the sponsors pay them to cuz the sponsors want that s##t cuz it gives their teams an advantage. **** it.

This is modern stock car racing

But anything that involves getting "aero loose" is not.

When did this become this?


That looks exciting, so somewhere that got ruined cuz I would like to own one of these:


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