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  1. Which way?

    Agree fully. Merc had like a 3 year advantage pushing for these new engines rite.. 3 YEARS!!! B4 actual race implementation!. They caught everyone napping when the hybrid engines were enforced. Plus those secret tyres tests where they solved their tyre issues and got away with it... And looking at Honda's struggle, they've only come to grips with the new engines a year ago... would mean disaster. Unless a smaller team is willing to take that risk...
  2. My wife said

    Hi, Please be advise not to spam with unnecessary advertisements. It is now prevalent in 3 of your post's. Please adhere to the forum rules...
  3. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    in line with above..
  4. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Yes, started last night..21 days
  5. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Not a fan of hers... Unfortunately... for reasons I would rather not say on this forum. Anyway.. hope she did'nt get the virus and good luck with her efforts
  6. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Good News indeed... 1 year vaccine..hmmm..some medic scientist's are going to work sum overtime. I think it's imperative that all of them work together across countries and nations...
  7. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    My Fav..along with lemon Cheesecake..yum yum
  8. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    You too Sakae
  9. Event 09 Canada

  10. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Our economy was already in tatters... In 2 months our currency has risen from 14.5-15 to almost 18 Rand to the dollar now. Disastrous. Things are going to get even tougher now
  11. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Geez, very extreme, but they are quite affected
  12. Event 09 Canada

    Uhm, I think that's a knee-jerk reaction... I hear news they might postpone Olympic Games... Lets see what Japan decides...
  13. Covid-19

    Mr Lipstick. I dont mean to be derogatory/disrespectful...but why are we opening threads when the same subject matter is being discussed in another thread, with almost exactly the same title?. The other thread where u already has made multiple comments? I dont understand?
  14. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    +1 Thank You Lyria
  15. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Thanks Lyria. Regards, safe and best wishes to him and his family
  16. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Wow, what a story. Hope the whole country takes note
  17. F1 General discussion

    +1 Never a truer word in F1 terms spoken
  18. FiA Regulations - ref.

    Will Ferrari be able to develop their engines further and fix them flaws? If there is btw
  19. FiA Regulations - ref.

    Some good thought processes i feel... some space to breath, recoup from this ongoing mess. Its good we'll see these latest cars for at least 2 years, with all the downforce gained. On the other hand.. Doubt about SIGNIFICANT cost saving, teams will just find another loophole. Am I in favour of capped cost budget. No. Teams need to explore their limits, it's beneficial in some ways... Up to the smaller teams to attract donors/sponsorship, or their governtment funding them... or something. a Waste of Resources I feel
  20. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    Good enough..for now..Hehe
  21. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    Thanks for popping by Lyria, and thanks for your mail. You're welcome to grab a chair even if not for F1 related topics. We'll be here xx
  22. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    • $$ Buy bulk toiletpaper to the point where there's none left for everyone else, then sells to friend, foe and neighbours at inflated interest. Supplier gratefully accepts the business, then afterwards promises limited stock to sell in bulk per person, after they been put and pressed in the spotlight with all kinds of media $$ Sorry, just had to throw that one in.. Great Article. Nice Research... I read something similiar few years ago... but 50 million fatalities in Spanish flu, with a one-fith of the world infected.. Staggering
  23. Event 03 Vietnam

    Thoughts for the country who has been eagerly awaiting to watch an F1 race in person. All the Preparation, Implementation and ManHours, and then HUGE disappointment.... We will however, I believe, see you soon Vietnam
  24. Messages to Moderators leave in here

    Agreed Sakae.. Thanks for opening this thread. This is a space where ALL members can have a say too, we are open to suggestions/recommendations/ and contructive criticism ->(in a good way) etc. Its a learning curve for us too, But we Love being here, and want to make this space as enjoyable as we can... Yes, admiration to our admin who has kept this site going for so long, it's our nr one site for f1 related news. Thank You Wes, it has never gone unnoticed...
  25. F1 General discussion

    Some random ponderings for today... We've been looking forward to this season... The pain is in unexpected non-delivery...could'nt imagine life without it.....even for a year... We shud count our blessings and not take things for granted like we almost always do....