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  1. Can you believe this...
  2. How is this for some news... The guy (Stroll) can't even give proper feedback, from what I read....
  3. He did not SEE him. Gasly did not see Lando. All in the blind spot. It was not Mick's corner because Seb was ahead in the corner. Mick could not possibly overtake from there. Anyway, the stewards declared it a racing incident, Let's leave it at that.
  4. Schumacher should'nt have been in the position that he created, Vettel had the racing line turning in
  5. Hey, It was just a racing accident. Vettel had no idea he was there. I feel for them both
  6. RBR won, on merit. They had the faster package whole weekend Ferrari did not lose the race, they were slower and lead driver made a terrible mistake. If that was Seb!
  7. Max has sniffed blood now. It was a clever manuevre by Verstappen. He learns fast
  8. I think Seb would have at least be in the points. Stroll can't drive these cars
  9. Brilliant race win by Verstappen. He timed that to perfection!
  10. What is wrong with you? Why do you say that? Look at the facts before you post sh.t like this
  11. Max lost it at the final corner. Ferrari accelerates well
  12. Yes Bottas alongside Hamilton. Are we going to see some action come first corner, he's not under team orders now Lol
  13. I hope Mr.Berger had a wrong moment too. But then again, he has this experience... Don't think he is wrong... Just saying...
  14. Hulk did some simulator work. He confessed the car is pretty fast. I'm seeing both Merc and AME having this issue of windrunnel data not correlating to car on-track. It's a problem
  15. Bear in mind he can't drive these cars
  16. Prediction: Max to still win the race. Sainz is in for 2nd place
  17. Haha I was thinking the same thing. But he can race him now
  18. Wow. Ferrari played it smart this time. They went against their norm and had the higher fuel loads. Also, they did produce a Superfast engine. A look at their customer teams progress confirms this. Congrats! They'll be in the cross-hairs of a determined MadMax. I believe theRBR car is still the best in race-trim. And with teammates Sainz and Perez so close behind. Expect a humdinger! Mouth-watering😍
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