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  1. Are We Losing F1? Or Has It Been Lost Already?

    This season is proving what I (and many others) have been saying....more dependency on mechanical grip in the twisty bits will bring us back to that antiquated sport called 'racing'.. Downforce has always been a wild goose chase. Somewhere along the way we lost the basic ingredients to racing: Ballsy drivers, grippy tyres and powerful engines. If one keeps adding up more and more downforce and aero cleverness, you reach a Rubicon of sorts.
  2. Alonso To Mclaren: A Possibility Or Mere Mind Games?

    Alonso has nowhere left to go. He'll see the sunset of his career with Ferrari.
  3. Might want to re-think that one... You've left me with nothing more to say except...Perez is better than the Hulk. I've said he had quality in his rookie year and it's nice to be right sometimes
  4. Big Ron: "there Are Similarities Between Ayrton And Jenson"

    Actually, he didn't possess any natural skills in the wet. I seem to recall hearing or reading something about how he was unhappy with his performance in the rain and deliberately went out in the rain with a kart until he was satisfied with his wet-weather driving. Try to get a hold of some footage of Jean Alesi in the wet. Masterful.
  5. Sounds About Engine Noise

    I used two cards; Ace and Jack of Spades.
  6. Impressions Of 2014

    Seems they were dancing with the Devil anyhow. More power than grip left most of the drivers really digging down deep for some talent to help them manage the cars. I think this is a good thing. But then, I'm not into the whole 'innovation' thing so the current cars just don't bother me much. I'm here for the drivers. Put them all in shifter karts and I'd tune in just the same. I can appreciate the speed but only so far as it makes the cars require talent to drive in anger. After all, Clark, Rindt, Amon and many others delivered up some of the Golden Era's best drives and many become Legends....all in cars with much less power and noise than the 2014 F1 cars. It really isn't about the cars, and it never will be. Cars change but courage and skill are constant.
  7. Fermenting A Discussion, Part Deux

    That *is* a shame. Plenty of great small breweries around here. One in particular, New Belgium, is one of the finest. I wonder if you can get Canadian beers over there? One of the best I've ever had is from those Frenchier-than-French quebecois over at the Unibroue brewery called 'trois pistoles' (le fin du monde is good too). If I were to offer anyone a beer to represent North America, trois pistoles would be the one. ugh. Olympia. Only slightly better than Hamm's. Tip 'o the hat to a fellow former Marlboro man; I gave up that habit year ago (even put up my pipes...tho I still smell the bowls now and again..)
  8. Big Ron: "there Are Similarities Between Ayrton And Jenson"

    Excellent! My favorites were the snowmen strips. That was a good one.
  9. Fermenting A Discussion, Part Deux

    What about the Asian beers? Different taste to the rice-based stuff, but not bad.
  10. Heh. America has very few champions, yet I agree with Insider here. (Not about the paranoia, well, maybe...I don't know you after all...but about the topic).
  11. Fermenting A Discussion, Part Deux

    For years I've looked at Russ' avatar and read his interests as 'Adnams Broadside'. I always thought it was a darned shame that such an intelligent guy couldn't even spell 'Adams' correctly. I recently found out that he not only could spell like the spelliest speller, he also had great taste in beer. I had been browsing the English aisle at the local Bev'Mo and spotted the name and was shocked it was a beer. I had assumed it was one of those whiskies with a strange name. Of course I had to get it. It poured with an average head, and had a dark red appearance and was utterly tasty. Very sweet and fruity with just enough bitter to wash it down and not kick your tastebuds in the a## on their way through. This last point is good, and exceedingly rare in American-brewed beers these days and I'm happy to find English beer is still more sensible about the hops. This is a beer that is properly brewed and balanced with enough complexity to keep you buying more bottles. Interesting to note that a respected American beer review website,, gave this beer a lower score on average that I would have. I chalk this up to the rather simplistic and narrow view we Americans have about beer. If it doesn't fit squarely into a category, it's not liked, regardless of the taste. Also, beers with lots of hops are all the rage over here these days and there seems little room in our collective beer palate for a sweet beer. Though it was fun imagining Russ as a horrible splellerr, it was more fun discovering this beer.
  12. Help Save F1 Bernie

    Interesting viewpoint here. I need to ponder it more before elaborating, but I agree with you, 100%.
  13. Big Ron: "there Are Similarities Between Ayrton And Jenson"

    Years ago there was a comic strip in the papers called 'Calvin and Hobbes'. I loved that strip. I clipped days out and posted them by my desk. I bought all the subsequent 'collections' books. But as a result adoring Calvin and Hobbes, I limited my enjoyment of the other strips. To this day I cannot read the sunday strips...they just aren't funny, or witty or poignant in the way Calvin and Hobbes was. Worshiping at the altar of Senna is much the same, and I hate to see someone go down that road. Admiring the ability Senna had behind the wheel is good, but look around the landscape a bit and you'll see other great drives and drivers out there, past and present, with moments of brilliance that sometimes eclipse even the man-god Senna.
  14. Impressions Of 2014

    You're right. Dear me. Now y'all will be subjected to my drivel on a monthly basis, in an effort to have a more complete impression!
  15. I know this will be a boring response, but here goes: There is no such thing as 'fair' because 'fair' is based on your point-of-view. That's why sports sometimes seem 'unfair'...there are too many points-of-view for a steward or referee to please all of them. The best then can do is stick to the rules. They often fail even at that. But there is one constant: The rule-makers' decisions are final. If there's an appeal process, you make use of it. If that process goes against you, then you live with the results. When any team enters Formula 1 (and any regulated sport) they accept that the stewards (or refs) decisions are final, regardless of 'fair' or 'unfair'.