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  1. I sworn I will return when Kubica returns... I guess Mr Lowe has substantially more insight into the situation than a forum member that states ' I know about BMW (a lot actually), and I also know a thing or two about the F1 prior 2018.' without giving any back story or information. I'm out of the scene, an old race mechanic from F5000 and other formula many years ago, still in contact with people I can get very little info from these days, but some snippets that give good opinions and insight, and happy to share if asked. So, what about you Sakae, with your "insight" and what you "know" about BMW which you say is "a lot actually". Then enlighten us about the 'lot' you know of, give a snippet, examples, your experience with BMW, the 'insight' you had/have. Maybe you could tell us a story of your association with an F1 team? When you do, and you verify it, I'll offer my sincere apologies - seriously. If you can't, and you reply with the usual fudge of 'finding it difficult' (you poor boy) with another 'emotional or obnoxious outburst' then I'll know you're just a forum twat. No wonder this place is dead.
  2. I sworn I will return when Kubica returns...

    Respectfully, I do laugh my bollocks off when I see comments like, "Then safety issues. What will happens if there is a bump into his wheel?" and other comments that infer he's 'driving with one hand'. I get we're all entitled to our opinion, though we are talking about the 2013 WRC2 Champion, just 2 years after his accident ffs. Time and healing has gone by, his surgeon has no doubts whatsoever about the strength in his right hand and arm being up to the task of F1. Knowing this, imo, after going to hell and back and passing every 'test' thrown at him, he deserves the chance again. As for his age and younger drivers could be there instead - don't blame people for this opinion, totally understandable. As far as I'm concerned, anyone with the ability to compete at the front in F1 (which Williams believes he has) deserves their position, regardless of age, and in RK's position, a disability that doesn't get in the way of safety (FIA's already been there). By the way, here's RK dealing with a few 'bumps into his wheel' ... and "Can this guy handle even any lesser situations ...." lol ....I won't be here for the, "Yeah, but......"
  3. Kubica,Renault 2017

    Robert now confirmed for Hungary testing in the current car: "The first two days of testing allowed both Robert and ourselves to gather a great amount of information," Renault F1 chief Cyril Abiteboul said. "The upcoming session with the R.S.17 at the Hungaroring will allow us all to obtain detailed and precise data in a current car and representative conditions. "After this test, we will carefully analyse the collected information to determine in what conditions it would be possible for Robert to return to competition in the upcoming years."
  4. Kubica,Renault 2017

    Hiya BSM, yes it's been a while, I like to lurk though Have followed Robert's progress for a long time - his surgeon said the nerve damage would take longer to heal (than the bone and tissue damage) but what an effort he's put in to get back. Interviews over the last month he's been cautious but getting more confident he'll be back to his previous best....
  5. Kubica,Renault 2017

    In '09 the missus and I placed a handsome bet on Brawn winning the championship, we're agreed, have the same feeling about Robert's return. From " Manager Alessandro Alunni Bravi, who is following Robert at this stage, told Italiaracing : "We are discussing to arrange other tests with the 2012 E20, but for Budapest there is currently nothing concrete. We are working, we still have a few days ahead, let's see if we can. " Bravi pupils then explained Kubica's growth during the E20 test: "Valencia's results were extraordinary. I would say that we realized that Robert Kubica had found the levels he had been forced to abandon the races, as the Permane engineer said. "" At Le Castellet, the test was even more stressful, but Robert passed it without problems. Even the test of extraction from the passenger compartment was successful on the first attempt and within the five seconds required. In addition, on a specific request, Robert walked the pit-lane in both directions to check his ability to turn the steering wheel completely, the steering angle. And even here there were no doubts. I think Robert is ready to go back to his levels and he is convinced he has not lost anything. " Full article translated from here Regarding his fitness, IMO this is not in any doubt, he's been back in rally cars, WEC, GP3 etc and in his own (recent) words, he now knows he can get back to his 2010 level. Can't wait
  6. Grid Girls - Time To Go

    In the words of that Great Liverpudlian Philosopher and Hubcap Expert, Pabloh, "I resemble that remark". If I was a proper dirty old man I'd have said... They should be part of scrutineering; we need them to check we're actually racing, 'cos football, golf, baseball, cricket only require one ball. And smoking on the grid, bring that back too.
  7. Grid Girls - Time To Go

    Had the same problem on pc but stopped when I installed Adblock Plus (Firefox browser). Re grid girls - keep them, they're an art form
  8. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    My, aren't we a ray of fcuking sunshine today , it's nice to take the p1ss occasionally.... all on the same day "And today, on the run up to the UK general election; Labour are to announce a Spare Womb Tax on childless women." You can now search Google's new website for more April jolly's here:
  9. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    Christ, muzzn't upset people about religion! Budha must admit, jew to the pc society we seem to live in these days it's easy to ruffle feathers. Sikhing out the origins of belief systems and hindu other areas such as spirituality and pseudo political/religious sects is interesting. But posting late in the evening I slam down to many glasses of cheeky red to post about it.
  10. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    Spelling works of fiction isn't important to me :-)
  11. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    No! Damn it. It's extremely dangerous here, stay away! My avatar changed to 'Dribbler of the Maure Infidels' FFS do notpost here, stay away! If you dare venture back you'll need a Hazmat Suit like one: http://www.xtreme-wo...ted-14-p.asp I can recomend this one because I wear it when posting here and I'm very normal-ish. Sometimes I wear this one, just in case I also have my 2 bibles, rosemary bleads, garlic, wooden steak and all versions of the koran handy.
  12. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    Hmmm, Strawbs porn
  13. Predictions

    Strong wind for Alonso. Personally I rather enjoy it, though I doubt that's why he passed out. So.... on topic, predictions: By the 5th race Mclaren will be top 4 finishers, by the 7th race they'll be regular podium finishers, from 10th race will be winning races. Top 3 in WCC. You read it here first, brought to you from the perp that predicted JB's WDC Lotus will be fighting Williams throughout the season, both tussllng over 4th/3rd constructor. Pastor will prove beyond doubt he shouldn't be in F1, Stock Cars await him. Ferrari will start reasonably well, average position 4th, though will tail off towards season end. Seb will sulk as results slip, Kimi will find an alternative to Magnum ice cream, probably a waifer - they're an art to eat, shout keep him on his toes. Force India, well, my Spidey senses say there's some skullduggery going on (money), so, they'll slip from wherever they start from. I hope not. Red Bull will disappoint. I don't know why, but there you go. Manor (aka Marussia) will hang on, just. Then some money-bags will help them. Sauber will do what they have been good at.... surviving. Well past time Monica Kaltonbugerhousen needs to go - and no, not sexist, she's just not up to the job, never has been, so will be a has-been, I hope (for the sake of employees). If you would like a palm reading please pm me with your credit card details.
  14. F1 Trivia

    You win mate, had no idea until I looked it up. I won't give the the answer that it was wheel bearing failure so someone else can still.... oh.... bugger... Next question anyone?
  15. F1 Trivia

    In the top pocket of his race suit WebRic, he said in case of an accident he'd hate a nurse to see him without them. Sorry, that was unfair of me... just an old fart reminiscing days as an apprentice and meeting drivers at work. Question: Rubens Barrichelo beat someone for the most ever Grand Prix starts, who was it? Clue.... there's a hilarious Youtube vid of him secretly videoing driving his wife round a circuit.. she went ballistic