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  1. Insider Steps Down

    I know I'm not here very often these days, but you'll be sorely missed, Sean. Oh, and I second your thoughts re the stupid season.
  2. Japanese Gp

    Much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the lack of a safety car following Sutil's off. I don't think that would have made a blind bit of difference. If the SC had been scrambled as soon as Adrian went off, it would come out somewhere behind Jules, given his position on the track. So he gets to the scene before the SC, even driving to delta. And even driving to delta, it's entirely possible to aquaplane straight off the circuit. We've seen it before, many times. Even if the recovery vehicle was held back until the SC was deployed, I'm not sure it would have made that much difference. There is a gap in the barrier at that point (so the recovery vehicle can access the track), and Jules was headed straight for it. There is footage out there and it is pretty nasty; I was knocked back by the sheer speed at which the car arrived. At that velocity I think the outcome would have been serious in any case.
  3. Goodwood

    Access is great. You can just wander around the paddock and meet the drivers, and get close up to, and into, the cars. Most of them are there for the same reason we all go - it's great fun - so by and large they're happy just to chat with us mere mortals. The only thing between you and the hill is a row of straw bales, and access into Goodwood is fine; nothing like as bad as Silverstone and really well organised. There are a couple of (expensive) hotels nearby, but I stay on the coast as it's not far to drive. The Revival is on my list as it's real racing rather than demonstration runs. And I believe you get in for free or reduced rates if you arrive in period dress or with a suitably aged vehicle.
  4. Goodwood

    I've been to the Festival on a couple of occasions and heartily recommend it. watched the Revival on the idiot box last night - must go to that one.
  5. M. Kaltenborn Is Useless. Sauber Should Fire Her.

    Meh. Fire everyone. Solves everything.
  6. Got Bored!

    Ouch. I know that feeling. You have my sympathy.
  7. The Button Saga

    Hmm. I had the feeling that he'd be going to Grove sooner rather than later. But unless the Honda unit is a corker why would Frank want to give up the Merc lump which has had such a positive impact?
  8. German Grand Prix

    I'm not sure about Kevin. May be wrong, but I don't see what Ron and Martin did. Completely forgot about Kvyat, though. He was really on fire, wasn't he?
  9. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    That'll be Jem (stride), our resident Bristolian.
  10. English Cricket

    When I were a lad, we played cricket in the summer and rugby in the winter. No namby pamby football for us! John and Sean have said it all, really.
  11. Massa Is Officially A Crashaholic

    I remember when Massa first appeared. He always looked ragged, on the verge of an accident. And often fulfilled that expectation. What was it Brundle once said? "Ambition got the better of adhesion". Then he calmed downed and became a tidy little pedaller. Unless it rained. And now he's gone full circle, back to being ragged.
  12. Is Hockenheim's Poorly Attended Crowds A Sign?

    Thing is, Schumi was an icon, a hero. Seb and Nico just don't seem to inspire the level of fandom that Michael did. And just how German is Nico, anyway? So they just don't bother to turn up. I really don't think it has anything to do with the sound.
  13. German Grand Prix

    Props to Dan. Outstanding. Again. The boy will go far. As will Bottas, but they're the only 2, of the young 'uns, currently poking their heads above the parapet.
  14. Rosberg On Fric Suspension

    And we wouldn't wish that on anybody