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  1. No pictures on the site

    I believe the issue is resolved, can people form EU please confirm? thanks
  2. No pictures on the site

    Do either of the pictures I posted above load?
  3. No pictures on the site

    On iPad? Do you see any pictures below? 1, 2 or both? 1. 2.
  4. No pictures on the site

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  5. Australia Losing Its Free To Air Motorsports

    Yep, I am sure they make multi millions per month off the HD channel pack and it should be included with the base package.
  6. Australia Losing Its Free To Air Motorsports

    I got Foxtel a few months back for the Premier League. If you are getting it for sport, you also need to suck it up and pay the extra $10 per month (extortion) for the HD channel pack. Such a difference with the sport.
  7. Is Under Attack From Anonymous

    Glad you like the new look. Also, moving this thread to the Cafe now.
  8. Is Under Attack From Anonymous

    Judging by the Twitter chatter, they moved on to fax and email bombing various people. I still have hack attempts being blocked by the servers firewall (more than usual), but no more DDoS attacks, so think the worst is behind.
  9. Is Under Attack From Anonymous

    Well, it has been all clear now for 24 hours, so hopefully they have moved on to bigger fish now. (Or maybe it is the calm before the storm?)
  10. Is Under Attack From Anonymous

    Yeah, it is I guess. But its not like we can do anything to stop the GP going ahead so choosing to attack will get them very little traction in their (h)activism.
  11. Just a heads up that will be up and down all weekend as we are under a DDoS attack from Anonymous over the Bahrain Grand Prix. Why they chose to select (a non official news aggregation site) is not clear.
  12. Moderators

    Hi Guys 1000 apologies for starting this thread then (seemingly) abandoning it! I had every intention to add the Mods a while back (honest!) Anyway, I have added the nominated 3 (HandyNZL, Massa & Insider (correct me if I am wrong)) - round of applause. I would also like to add Kopite Girl if she is keen as she has some good experience... Thanks everyone for being so democratic about it, was great to see. Now, I am not looking to the Mods to be heavy handed or stifle conversation etc, more to take care of the spammers and spam bots and generally look after the place (as I don't get a lot of time to actively participate in the forums (as you have probably gathered)). Let me know of any issues etc. thanks heaps Wes PS Roll on March!
  13. Pumpdoc

    Thanks for posting that. He was a great help here and a great guy and I am saddened to hear the news. RIP Bruce.
  14. Moderators

    I am happy for people to be nominated, as long as they are happy to be mods.
  15. Where Are The Moderators?????

    Howdy I posted a topic in the Cafe in regards to looking for new mods. thanks Wes