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  1. My precious's! Both of them! ❤️
  2. Every wake of life has some people who are gutted in their outlook towards their passion. Where no matter the adversity, they are ready to face all that comes in their way. They stick to oath they took to continue on the path they've set out for themselves. One such figure, in motorracing, was Sir Frank Williams. He is leaving back a legacy, and a story of perseverance that is unmatched like any other.. R.I.P 🙏
  3. Updated Ranking...
  4. The new hybrid rules have not been fair to all the driver's who didn't drive for Mercedes.. it's unfortunate.. FIA let them run away with it...
  5. Old is gold... 💪.. Although this award is not all fair to those guys who are starting towards the front, coz there are more opportunities for cars to overtake if they are in the mid pack, so it doesn't matter who ends up on top of this list. Then again,, I'm so glad to see these guys up there.. 👏👏
  6. What a compilation of the race for Fernando by the F1 Media team!! 👏.
  7. Great team work!!
  8. Driver of the day 👏👏 Bravo!
  9. New track. Exciting prospect for years to come...
  10. Intresting isn't it..
  11. It was a gritty race by hamilton. Him, Toto and The whole team may feel a sense of vindication. Credit given where needed, One of those amazing races where Lewis and Merc showed how strong they are. All that penalty to Lewis managed to give us was a good race, that could have otherwise been a boring event with Lewis crusing to a victory... By the look of the qualy performance, Merc looked like a strong force to recon with. Feel bad for Lando though.. Tsunoda needs to get better to claim that he deserves that seat, coz Gasly, even with some bad luck, seems to be fighting hard all the way.. Ferrari were in a race of their own, but good job on capitalising on a bad day for McLaren.
  12. Christian Horner on Merc straight line speed.. “So it is something we will keep an eye on because particularly with Lewis, that was just in a different league. He was 27 kilometres per hour faster than Lando [Norris] when he passed him, which is another Formula." That's a LOT of difference.. McLaren have the same PU, or do they?
  13. Lewis Hamilton seemed pitch perfect with his qualifying performance. If qualy is anything to go by, Merc should have a good outing in Sao Paolo. I'm pretty impressed by all that Gasly and Sainz has achieved this year.. Brilliant. 👏👏 Merc are under review for an infringement with the rear wing though.. would be interesting to see the out come.. Max was probably instrumental in discovering the change in the rear wing.. Quite a race we have on our hands...
  14. I have respect for otmar. He has been very smart in defending AM when times were difficult. And very efficient in building this team to the success it reached last year.. and then came the stroll money that slipped logic away.. He will be a key player at Alpine, who need someone exactly like him to take control of the team. He's definitely an asset for any team that were to hire him.. ... AM wanted Alonso.. Alpine took away Szafnauer.. good one Alpine.. good one.. 👏
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