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  1. A STAR is BORN !

    Delusional comments like this ensure that F1 will remain what has been for more than a decade, that is, a total clusterfvck. Drivers like Leclerc are going nowhere in this F1. The same applies to other drivers, no matter their skill. The entire show has been reduced to a supercar, a priority contract, and a media/audience willing to look the other way. What fun is there to be had this and previous seasons but to see the best car lose because its team has a mediocre/unethical driver policy? Fine, it is even more fun when both top teams lose to RBR despite their clearly inferior car for the reasons outlined...
  2. Dan's next move, Move or Stay?

    Anyone wanting to drive a Mercedes or Ferrari needs permission from their first (and only, let us be honest) drivers. Ricciardo is not going to get it.
  3. Honda

    If the season continues as it started, this thread and its rants will be forgotten as if they have never happened. If things change so that somehow the haters can feed, expect at least 14 pages of the same lunatic crap as well as spilling over the entire forum. There is no getting around the fact that some posters are beyond any kind of help, even clinical. I wish this was a joke but it isn't. All that can be done is to shrug and post around them. But it is naive to think they'll be reasonable or "respect reality". They do not know how. This place once had dozens of posters... until the haters unrelentingly destroyed it. You cannot fight this kind of crazy. The haters have absolutely nothing whatsoever else to do with their lives.
  4. Honda

    So the haters were completely and comically wrong. What else is new. They are haters. It is what they do. They hallucinate. Just look at them now glitching because not a thing they madly ranted on and on about has come to pass... ever. You reckon your post is gonna make these poor souls reconsider? Come on. They lost their minds years ago. There is no getting to them. I say shrug. Let the Honda issue go. There is no point in doing anything other than wishing Honda well. As always. Besides, do not forget that RBR is looking Honda's way to supply engines at some point. So it is in everyone's interest for Honda to fix the mess they've created for themselves.
  5. Hats off to Vettel. Someone told me he now has as many victories with Ferrari as my man Kimi. No small thing. I also was told Alonso got lucky yet was chosen the driver of the day. Funny thing. It must have haters' heads spinning... as always. Anyway, I might watch the race sometime but not the season, though. Friends tell me it was all over after preseason, stillborn some say, and that the best driver in the history of F1 has, for all intents and purposes, already won his 5th championship. Congrats to the hero and his worshipers. We do not deserve any better.
  6. McLaren cannot do worse next season... but wins? Well, RBR has scored one this year with a Renault engine so McLaren cannot say that is not their objective. Perhaps they might. Whatever happens, though, at least there should be more "action" on track, if nothing else. The last (or first) issue is the brutal lack of real competition nowadays. If Mercedes or Ferrari fail to deliver a supercar next year, it will be over for them. We've seen their drivers fail on many, many occasions seasons past... even with supercars. Take their toys away and, well, there is the record.
  7. Championship Over?

    Your obsession is truly pathological.
  8. Championship Over?

    Put your pathological bitterness aside for a moment and look at the record. This has nothing to do with Alonso. Despite the (imo) deification of Senna, he was one example of a driver putting a car where it did not belong. Some GPs, yes, he had the best car. Most, no. Mercedes still has the better package overall this season. Fair is fair, my friend, and Vettel leading the championship at some point had certain merit... even if it came as a result of Hamilton's failure to get the most out of his own superior car and even if it came as a result of Kimi's racing and not his own,... in short, it had a degree of merit despite the always-not-quite-there happenings that pepper Vettel's career.
  9. Budget Cap

    Like he said...
  10. Championship Over?

    Nope. Vettel is not average. He's worthless at times for sure. But, generally speaking, he can run the package to its limit. Never beyond, mind you. He is not unlike Hamilton in this regard. And the limits of the cars this year mean that Mercedes is better than Ferrari so Hamilton is better than Vettel. There is no more to it, really, despite hiccups along the way.
  11. Championship Over?

    Nope. Vettel didn't have the best car this year. Hamilton does. And so, the results.
  12. Your F1 drivers line up 2018?

    Nice summary. Though, if you throw those in, a whole bunch of others would do just as well. The question remains, why keep any of the current drivers? They would be beaten without a supercar (and even with it, check the record and look no further than last year for Hamilton, for instance). So, if you like them, why seek to embarrass them?
  13. Budget Cap

    Budget caps never work and they don't make sense to being with. Granted, F1 is in such sorry state that teams are not allowed to even have enough tires to go around. Tires! A brilliant coup for a motorsport.
  14. Your F1 drivers line up 2018?

    Sure. Not without irony, the competitiveness of F1 would massively leap forward. The only question is, why keep any of the current drivers? There is no need to embarrass anyone...