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  1. By the way, I apologise for our very first interaction many moons ago. I had mocked the Chinese way of speaking in one of my posts, which made you react angrily. I now understand why you got angry, I'm sorry for that. But still, I'd like to say that I'm not a racist, the post was all in good natured fun! :)

  2. A pity about FB being blocked. Can't you try anonymous surfing sites? I mean by hiding your ip address & bypassing checks? Or gasp, if ninjacloaking is same, then my bad.

  3. Haha, did I? I dunno how I did that! "Twice as loved"...haha very, very funny!

    How're things in China? All fine?

  4. where've you gone?

  5. Through threats. Or blackmail, probably.

  6. friends? how did I get friends?

  7. Oh just saw you and I born in the same year!

  8. You should read 'The Jesus Mysteries' - its a book for gnostics but has theist and athiest views too. Great read.

  9. If he comes to us, I'm getting a season ticket. Right behind to managers enclosure! Haha!

  10. Thanks Mr Strags. Long way to go yet, but here - breathing - and still waiting for Jose Mourinho to sweep me off my feet!!!!!!

    Thanks again dude, much appreciated. Hugs from England to China :)

  11. Steph - just heard about the crash. So sorry that you had to go through that - jeez - take good care of yourself and make sure everyone else does too. Get back here soon ;)

  12. cannot be ****ed to set his status

  13. I enjoy your posts and admire your sense. And we both take the same dim view of religion. Capital!


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