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  1. Monza

    Well well well - interesting jump made by Macca over the last couple of races - two pole positions - dominant race from Button last week - Hamilton might also have been up at the sharp end had the first corner shinanigans not occured. All makes for an interesting second half of the season - will Alonso be able to hold the Maccas off? I see them coming ever closer as long as they can finish races. It looks like it could end up pretty damn close at the end of the season. I also expect Red Bull to improve enough to make their own challenge. It really still could be anyone of the following for the WDC: Alonso, Webber, Hamilton, Vettel, Button (still possible) But alas - I think Kimi and Lotus look set to fade slightly. Still - you never know. Well - until you do know. Then you know. (would be great to see Kimi able to make a real challenge for the WDC). Racing aside - I haven't been here for a while. Sometimes life takes over. Very busy at the moment with all sorts of other projects / life changes / home changes etc etc etc. All good, but all very hectic. Little time left over to chat about F1. So sad - especially when the season is giving us so much to talk about.
  2. Belgian Grand Prix

    yay - F1's back! ...that is all
  3. The 2012 British Grand Prix

    funny thread - funny qually. fun fun fun. shame perez starts 15th. that is all. carry on.
  4. The 2012 British Grand Prix

    Okay Dribs - less about your bowel issues more about the race from now on - okay? ......*boom tish*
  5. The 2012 British Grand Prix

    Reminds me of this... http://theoatmeal.com/comics/senior_year
  6. Valencia, Es La Tierra De Las Flores...

    Funny - only watched the live timing, but I'm even looking forward to watching the race tomorrow - a rarity for Valencia.
  7. Replacing Massa

    After today's race Alonso is leading the WDC by 20 pts. Ferrari are sitting 4th in the WCC behind RB, Macca and Renault (who have yet to win a race). This should not be the case. Ferrari need a new number 2. Pronto.
  8. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    I believe that's precisely what he said yes.
  9. Best Team Wins ....or Not?

    +1 for all the sensible posts
  10. Ditto on DRS - I've never been a fan - doesn't seem in the spirit of racing to me and never has. I also agree that with the current tyres it's not needed for great races. Equally I'd like to see refuelling back - added strategy games are fun (at least I think so). The racing, battles and passes provided by different tyre strategies/management plus different refuelling strategies would provide exciting races me thinks and I wouldn't be annoyed at the artificial advantage given to a car that's behind another by DRS. The only worry about refuelling is that it would make quick tyre changes less important, since refuelling takes longer than putting on a set of boots. At the same time I think I could live with that. Last thing - I'd like to see ALL cars start on qually tyres or NONE - not this top ten only nonsense. Various ideas to make qually more interesting and make everyone come out and set a time - don't know if I agree with all these, but putting them here for discussion... 1) Constant qually (no 5 minutes breaks), drop 6 drivers every 15 minutes. 2) Small set of points awarded for qually positions towards the WDC and WCC. (not sure if I like this idea but hey) 3) A number of sets of tyres given for the whole weekend. (including practices) Any other ideas people?
  11. 4 Races In

    Another race - another victor. This can't go on for another week can it? Though Lotus is due a win me thinks. More importantly Monaco and Canada were both won by small margins too - 0.6 and 2.5 seconds - that's the kind of close fought battles I like to see. Not only is the championship really close (leader changing every race and plenty of drivers in with a shout) but also the races themselves are nip and tuck to the chequered flag. Wonderful stuff. Just get rid of DRS.
  12. +1 Andres and George I've been staying out of this but I feel inclined to wade in - People have no understanding of history. From the beginning of time it has always been the wealthy/powerful who have benefited disproportionally when times are good and it has always been the poor who have suffered disproportionally when times turn bad. It is precisely this lack of historical understanding that allows the movers and shakers to dupe the unsuspecting 'less wealthy' into supporting their further pillaging of national wealth (monetary, resource or intellectual) to their own ends. Time and time again this has happened and we 'the masses' never, NEVER learn. We let it happen, we turn on ourselves and we let the rich rape us over and over again. On a purely economic basis, free education, healthcare and pensions benefit a country far more (economically) than the money that is spent on them... Free education allows students of ability to excel, regardless of their own economic background. This leads to intelligent people going to university rather than wealthy and often lazy ones. This allows those intelligent people to get important jobs and thus create more wealth for the country by doing those jobs better than Percy's cousin's nephew who went to Eton and is a jolly good wag don't you know. Let's all agree that a meritocratic system beats nepotism every day of the week. Free healthcare allows a workforce to be kept in rude health and thus produce far more benefit for the country rather than dropping out of the workforce and relying on disability/unemployment allowances. Equally, free healthcare means people have more disposable income to spend on other things which benefit the economy far more tha money in the pockets of a few, extremely wealthy owners of private healthcare institutes. Free pensions allow people of working age to reinvest their hard-earned cash in the economy of the country (during their lifetimes) rather than trying to horde it in the knowledge that it'll be worth less than when the earned it due to inflation over the 50 or so years of their working life. It's all fairly simple logic. The question is - do we want to benefit the country as a whole and therefore the ability of all to contribute towards the public kitty through taxes OR do we want a system whereby connections and wealth buy influence and power and those without work all their lives for no gain. PS - Would love a Grosjean win
  13. Monaco

    Grosjean has posted second fastest times in both FP1 and FP2 - I know practices aren't anything to get excited about, but still - the boy seems on it.
  14. Monaco

    Gah - beat me to it!