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  1. Wow, Lewis gets another pole! No fake excitement there. I didn't expect him to after his 'struggles' in Q1 & Q2. Staggering that his time is 1sec faster than 3rd. This year's WCC is over.
  2. Testing Starts...

    I am happy RBR's floundering.
  3. Schumi To Wake Out Of Coma?

    Recent reports/tweets say that he blinked his eyes and responded to simple instructions like squeezing his hand. Hope his recovery continues.
  4. Ross Brawn Retires

    The genius legend has called it a day. Thanks for teaming up with Schumi & Ferrari to give us some of the best moments in F1. Enjoy your holidays, Ross. You earned them.
  5. Lewis Uploads Pic Of Himself In Skiing Gear

    Lewis meant no slight to Schumi. He had already expressed his shock at Schumi's condition and wished him well. However, that doesn't mean his own enjoyment has to be curtailed. As others have correctly pointed out, society's taking offence too easily.
  6. Schumi

    Schumi's manager said today his condition is stable. Hopefully, we'll be hearing of improvement soon.
  7. Schumi

    Extremely disturbed that a journo disguised as a priest or something tried to enter Schumi's room. Given Schumi's fragile condition, any other person's presence there could be dangerous in terms of infection.
  8. Schumi

    Man, his family must have faced such a difficult situation in letting him undergo a second operation. Props to Corinna & her children for being by his bedside.
  9. Schumi

    Phew, glad to hear there's a slight improvement in his condition. Good news, even if just a sliver, is a welcome. Keep fighting, Schumi. You can win this one.
  10. Schumi

    Thanks, Andres. Reading the BBC live coverage. The press conference made for grim viewing. Hope Schumi pulls through. He's a champion of fighting against all odds.
  11. Schumi

    Some tweets say Schumi's management said he's now in a coma. Hope he keeps fighting the way he did in his career and comes out smiling.
  12. Schumi

    I'm scared Sh#tless for him. The latest tweets & updates are truly disturbing. Hope he recovers. Please pull through, Schumi.
  13. Today In F1

    Very shocked to read Schumi suffered serious head injuries in a skiing accident. But latest news & comments indicate the injury wasn't as serious as it was thought to be. Get well soon, Schumi.
  14. The Indian Lekka Lekka Fling!!!!!

    Way to go, SEB4ASTIAN VETTEL.
  15. Kimi To Ferrari

    If Ferrari doesn't have a winning car, the excitement over this new pairing will quickly fizzle out.