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  1. Or a gardener out on F1 leave. Doah! That's not right........
  2. Hi Angellica and, if that's your real identity . F1 and gardening eh? Interesting.
  3. Welcome all who cross these portals........
  4. Happy New Year to you all.

  5. Happy New Year to you too, Steph. I really do think Jens may have the measure of Hamilton. The transition may be hard, especially without Shov but though he may come up two tenths shy of Lewis on a real banzai lap, I rather think he'll be running much longer in race trim. Take care, Sean.

    banzai lap

  6. In case anyone has joined lately - hello!
  7. Welcome to all who come here to speak their piece in peace.
  8. Welcome Nilesh and McGrubbin. Big tip? Don't take anything personally, OK? We've all got a screw or two loose.
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