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  1. Mclaren-Renault

    Seems to me this is a McLaren problem. TR running fine with the Honda PU and half the senior staff have migrated from Woking over the past 12 months. Boullier has had his chance and Zak needs to shake them up big time.
  2. Mclaren image

    I was reading Jenson Button's post retirement piece in Motorsport. He wasted three years when he was at his peak with the Honda experiment. He matched Alonso lap for lap when the cars worked which was rare. He quit because he was bored out of his mind and Williams couldn't afford him. He would certainly give Nando a headache in a competitive car but he has decided to have his fun elsewhere. Honda only understood the Marchionne model of F1. Universal tyres, engine size and safety features. The rest was up to the engineers. Honda would do better for sure within those parameters. The sport would fare better too. Mercedes are heading towards driverless cars as a manufacturer and F1 is a test bed of sorts. They won't be happy. So what? No Ferrari, no F1. No one will come. Whether Mercedes are there or not is probably not important.
  3. Williams seat - 2018

    'Kubica given time to raise heavy dollars' the headline should read. The second seat decision is finance-led and that is that. Sirotkin is well-heeled but clearly Grove want to give Robert a go.
  4. Honda

    Well Honda have managed to bugger up two well established careers and a young driver of great promise because they refused to shed their stone age work ethic and use the experience as a training exercise for their engineers. Shame on them and Ron Dennis's one-dimensional thinking. The obvious move now is for Alonso to move on and JB to return. He is the only Woking-based driver with a hard contract for 2018. I do hope so; it is dull without him.
  5. Mclaren-Honda Alonso

    Great driver that he is, if Jens knew his car a little better, he could have been half a second quicker this weekend. Honda still have basic, rudimentary problems with the car but they have clearly made progress. The chassis is good, probably one of the best out there. Could Nando have done much better? I am not sure anyone else wants him whereas JB could easily swop seats with Massa, Raikkonen, Hulk, K-Mag or even Bottas. However don't expect him to do another race, even Silverstone as he is obviously happy with Brittny and the dogs living on down on Big Sur and doing the odd Ironman here and there. he is trying to get Rally Cross going in the US and has had offers to join NASCAR.
  6. McLaren A Driver's Graveyard

    Of course.
  7. Careers interrupted or in the dust - Perez, K-Mag, Button and now Alonso. All since Ron stuck his oar in again. Vandoorne needs to set up a move pronto. Williams would be fine. I can see Woking without a marquee driver by 2019 at this rate.
  8. Button to replace Alonso at Monaco.

    Jens is a very able racer but you can't polish a turd. I am completely mystified at Honda's lack of progress. That it has taken this long to achieve 14th place is laughable.
  9. Alonso Moving On

    Jens is a must for Monaco otherwise there will just be a pile of carbon fibre in the other garage.
  10. Honda

    We are in good company then
  11. Honda

    I say Honda and McLaren will terminate their agreement within 48 hrs. They will sit out some races while they mod the chassis for last year's Mercedes. Alonso will leave and Button will return to develop the lash up ready for 2018. Nando will probably return or end up at Renault for 2018. He will do Le Mans. That is my best guess.
  12. Cosworth back

    If Honda go, as I am sure they will it will cost $1m plus in severance. Maybe more. That will help with engines. Ford have a stake in the Cosworth niche engine program and that will provide further support. Otherwise, it's back to Germany.
  13. Cosworth back

    Zak Brown is a director of Cosworth. They had a 1.5L variant of their 2.5L CA Series engine [complete with KERS] ready to rock as the hybrid era dawned. They have continued a limited R&D programme for niche market powertrains since that time. I would say Honda are further along than Cosi but they are not the powertrain partner McLaren need. Cosi are nimble, flexible with a ton of experience in F1. Honda seem to be a day late on everything and don't possess the expertise required at this level of the sport. As I said three years ago - the partnership was doomed at the concept stage. Why the McLaren Automotive division aren't involved in this is beyond me.
  14. Alonso Moving On

    This topic is about Alonso moving on from McLaren NOT about McLaren or Honda. Sure they pay him but isn't working for him. He is the best driver in the world in the worst car. If I managed him he would have been out of there long before now. Dennis sold him a dud, end of. Why Honda can't get it right is a puzzle but then so is their management structure. One impacts the other. It's nonsense. Alonso has a contract for WEC next year. Personally, I think Renault may woo him back and JB will win the WDC with a Honda-badged Cosworth.
  15. Honda

    Listen guys, whereas many of you may have seen my Cosworth suggestion as fanciful you could just check the facts. Cosi developed a hybrid along with everyone else way back, originally destined to be badged 'VW'. The German giant changed it's mind, as it has many times before but Cosi contiued the development in partnership with Ford. An interesting side note is the Zac Brown is a director and a 'save face' solution for everyone is to badge the Cosi lump as 'Honda F1'. Cosworth know their stuff, Honda are still figuring out which end the oil goes in.