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  1. Ricciardo Confirmed?

    Putting aside logic and contracts, what if it was Alonso to RB and Kimi and Ricciardo to Ferrari. That would be incredibly funny!
  2. Future F1 Calendar

    Not much of a runoff area at the braking point of corkscrew, so I guess thats a no go. I'd want Zandvoort though
  3. 2014 Has Arrived

  4. A Hungorian Special

    Alonso a political manipulator of F1? I don't see aything wrong with that. He is not breaking any rules that he and every single one of his competitors also ascribe to. In my opinion, people view him as manipulative because he's probably the most intelligent of the current F1 crop. And manipulator is just a label people use to attack someone who has given thought, planned out and executed a great plan. About Massa's comments on Grosjean's penalty, Massa has always been more than a fair guy. I remember when he had that collision with Hamilton in Singapore 2011, he walked up to Hamilton, patted him on the back and said "Good Job!". What a nice young man!!
  5. Lewis Hamilton Plus his Vienna posts reminiscing Nicole on Facebook SENNA!!!!!
  6. 2013 Motogp

    Winning Laguna Seca impressed everybody. Hope Bradl as well as the new riders incoming can put up a decent fight to him in future seasons. Though one should never discount Lorenzo or Rossi for a late charge..
  7. Appearance

    Yet you fill the tyres with custard twice a month
  8. 2014 Has Arrived

    How does one portray "Someone should punch him in the face" in a positive manner?
  9. 2014 Has Arrived

    In response to your link, I provide this If anything, it's a wake up call for us to focus on credibility rather than post stuff sensationalising something because it's a slow news week. Don't take it personally KM, I was in the same boat when I referenced an F1plus article and Brad gave me hell for it not so long ago. Made me think twice, that. Now I try to substantiate reports by their sources before posting them. I hope others here do as well so that if we choose to have arguments, it's based on proper foundations
  10. 2014 Has Arrived

    McL testing 2014 parts during YDT, RB testing 2014 drivers
  11. German Grand Prix 2013 (Nürburgring)

    It would have had more mass.. Custard is denser than air. Therefore would have been more dangerous
  12. German Grand Prix 2013 (Nürburgring)

    Good race. Nice to see a fight for the lead go all the way to the final lap. Pity about the Mercs and for Webber. Hope the cameraman that got hit by Webber's wheel isn't in too bad shape and gets back to his feet soon. That was one big thump!
  13. German Grand Prix 2013 (Nürburgring)

    He may need some head-readjustment, but a dispassionate observer would take note that the ability is there, even if he lacks the judgement to execute it properly.
  14. German Grand Prix 2013 (Nürburgring)

    Button needs a good car with characteristics to his liking to dominate? Rubbish! Many have forgotten the Button of 2011. The one who beat his team mate in a car that was not dominant. The one season where blown diffusers (which he didn't like) made the difference? I think you'll find that due to his smooth driving style he may not have the best skills to properly set up the car (cos he doesn't go over driving it and testing the limits as much as others tend to) and that is his main issue when you see some anonymous races from him. When he does things right, he does things as well as Fernando or Sebastian or Kimi. From setting best lap times to overtaking, it's all there. If you think Button's just garden variety, I recommend you watch Brazil '09 and Canada '11 for starters. KoolMonkey, if you say that Button was lucky in 2009, as it's clear you are suggesting, then you put in doubt every single world championship title. The contradiction exists in your argument when you refute Jean-Pierre's assertion that Vettel is lucky to have Newey for his 3 WDCs. What about Kimi, whose sole WDC many would say was due to the warring McLarens of '07. I for one, would say that every WDC driver deserves their championship that particular year. They had the opportunity to do it and they grabbed it, and that's a good enough reason for them becoming WDCs in my book.
  15. So When Will Pirelli Bring Better Tires ?

    Chill, dude.. It takes time