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  1. I love bottled water! I almost always buy it flavoured with barley malt, hops and yeast
  2. Off to play Badminton. Well, I say play Badminton, but what I do is run around (or not enough) and whip the air while my opponents take potshots at my rotund form. Fun, in a Sadomasochistic way.

    1. Quiet One

      Quiet One

      Lol I like your style!

  3. Hi Ismaeel! From a fellow new member
  4. Welcome Julia! That's certainly a great hobby/business and a useful one.
  5. Thanks. I can think of worse things to be.
  6. Idealistically, yes. Because in this case we are talking about a driver's championship. To be worthy one should grab it with both hands even if it means a risky maneuver. Where teams should be concerned is with the constructors championship. Let the teammates sort it between themselves when it comes to the drivers championship. Realistically I would be naive to think that that would happen, but it still is my position on the issue
  7. Thanks And the answer is no. Just curious as to why you thought that?
  8. Well, I don't excuse McLaren, any team or even drivers when it comes to team orders. In that particular case Jenson could have just ignored the team and went ahead to try and push hammy into a mistake, but he decided to concur, perhaps reasoning that he'd rather get 18 points instead of the 50/50 chance where it could be 25 or 0 points. Here i do make a distinction between maintaining a position and giving one away. I don't like it when someone is ordered to move over to let somebody else pass. No matter what the circumstance, a racing driver is ahead because he/she made the right calls at the right time and no one should have the right to take that away from them.
  9. I don't dislike the team. I was happy for them when they won the last race. I just find it hard to justify support for a team that would deprive their own driver from a hard earned result just so their teammate gets ahead in the standings. I mean if the guy wants to win the championship, then they certainly better be the one that is ahead, right When someone wins in F1 we say Jenson wins, Perez wins etc. Not necessarily Ferrari, Macca etc. I watch F1 for the spectacle and the personal triumph of one person taking their machinery to the limit and back. I prefer that aspect unblemished
  10. Lol Perhaps we shouldn't take fashion advice from racing teams. I have a Ralf Shumacher BMW Williams cap circa 2000. Look how well that turned out Thanks for the welcome
  11. Hello TF1 Forum! I have actually been reading this forum as a guest for 2 years now. My excuse is i really wanted to get to know people a little better before I join in the discussion, since all of you seem like a tight knit group. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Just to make it easier for you let me declare: Likes: McLaren, Senna, Button, Defunct Peugeot LMP team (Looking forward to HPD this year though), Spa-Franc GP, Technical discussions Dislikes: Team orders, too much agreement So, fire away. Looking forward to get into some heated debate
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