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  1. Should Ross Brawn return to F1 and which team?

    Marchionne is not a sports team manager. He must be exerting massive pressure on that team which they would not need.
  2. Thank god Charlie Wimpy Whiting is going

    Yeah sorry its not Charlie thats going. What do you think of the proposed wet starting rules next year. Basically they drive around in circles, then stop and do a normal start.
  3. McLaren Honda Doomed To Fail

    Im pretty sure Honda already said they are releasing a completely re-designed engine next year. Or did they say that last year for this yeah? Im confucious.
  4. WTF was up with the start of the race? Why do the drivers and the organisers moddy coddle each other all the time? It was so dry when the safety car came in they put on inters! And I dont care if the track is covered in standing water. SLOW DOWN and DRIVE TO THE CONDITIONS and it wont be a problem.
  5. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    oh u can talk with your mouth full! thats clever!
  6. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    Dont let Hamiltons ballsack hit you on the way out
  7. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    Trash Alonso's house. Webric will clean it up.
  8. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    As if the bill will make a difference. He would earn that much in a few hours.
  9. Coulthard compares Raikkonen and Webber

    Knock off the drugs bud. 2002 Raikkonen - Coulthard Qualifying 10-7 Raikkonen - Coulthard Race 3-3 2003 Raikkonen - Coulthard Qualifying 10-5 Raikkonen - Coulthard Race 8-1 2004 Raikkonen - Coulthard Qualifying 11-4 Raikkonen - Coulthard Race 9-2
  10. 2016 Mercedes

    Rosberg could have turned much earlier, fact is he didnt, in order to push Lewis wide. Dog act by Rosberg.
  11. Coulthard compares Raikkonen and Webber

    All this coming from someone who had is a## handed to him by a young superstar.
  12. Verstappen critises Hamilton

    If you drive off the track, and your car breaks, DONT DRIVE OFF TEH TRACK> JAYSSSUSSS
  13. Baku - Not Needed !

    I dont know any more tbh mate.
  14. Baku - Not Needed !

    brain? good luck!
  15. Baku - Not Needed !

    You reckon it was a good race? I dont recall seeing anything except a procession and some artificial over-taking! I thought Kimi didnt perform at all with a stupid mistake and his team let him down with a bs strategy.