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  1. This is what happen when technology sector is run by PR people instead qualified engineers. This was all so predictable. Maybe Mr. Brown can stand up and explain - what now - to rest of them. They have new technology, almost no testing so they didn't know what cr**y car they put out, and they go with budget limit. (Similar to 2014). This is absolutely unbelievable, yet I could tell them the same just sitting on my couch at home.
  2. If we can trust articles posted on the internet (I mostly don't), Guenther Steiner allegedly issued performance related warning to Mick. Shape up, or there are others ready to take your seat. If he did so, that's his prerogative, however one could find causes why young Schumacher is not (yet) at Kevin's level. Psychologically such talks I find counterproductive. It's not like Schumacher is partying too much. He needs track time in a decent car, and it is up to Haas to provide all of it to him.
  3. D/T 2022.05.22 4:32 UTC As outsiders we are left guessing about Haas' internal situation. Based on some comments during previous races it was admitted that car crashes (mostly Mick) really hit them on available spare parts they had, including budget limit. So, they are scrambling on resources. I think their design basically was less problematic than those of their rivals, and Kevin especially managed to make most of it, despite suffering some technical issues on his own (at least in 2 races). Yesterday it was dysfunctional DRS. Last year relocation to Maranello seems a good decision for that team. Having praise them, it is not clear yet whether superb results are predominantly on the account of car/driver being so good, or rivals drowning in their own problems. Probably a good mix of it. Haas is definitely leading (IMO) midfield at the moment. Three teams are ahead of them, as would be expected. Before I go, a word on Mick. I think after some technical bad luck, yesterday's entry into Q1 can make him proud. (For someone who doesn't belong here - says internet - it was yay!) There will be probably drop in the race today, but one step at the time. Regarding Kevin; I've never paid attention to him in the past, but now I am drowning in superlatives. Haas hit bullseye with him.
  4. D/T 2022.05.21 19:32 UTC Brilliant Haas! Very much so: Haas hasn't had any upgrades, and in fact due to a few crashes, they were running out of spare parts.
  5. Permit me to offer other alternative, namely, if you cannot afford to play, stay out. We can stay here whole evening and cite one case after another, especially in golf, where exactly such rule is in effect.If you cannot put down 1 M down for annual fee, they lock a gate and not let you in. Take the F1 for example. Unless you pay some hideously high gate fee, they don't let you in. Unless you pay 200 MM entrant fee, they don't let you in, yet some TPs insist, there has to be low cost budget inflicted on them all, so they can play too. Make sense? Of course not.
  6. Small, but latest example how budget cap is by-passed.
  7. Brad, do you recall my question, what will a team do when they reach budgetary limits in September? After intensive search on the internet, no one from media asked such question. Today I am amused that Brown from all people who is pushing most for all budgetary decreases is actually first one to ask for budget increase. This is what happen when technology sector is run by PR people instead qualified engineers.
  8. Log book is one thing. Reality is another. It is difficult to be precise, and even with a small deviation a team can and will loose a second here, a second there, and a race. Implementation of a technical tasks has endless variants and nuances, therefore very hard to get forensic overview how things are done. Team can (and probably do) covertly split technical investigation and then share results. Budding students of law do that all the time. Some equality can be achieved only when series is standardized through and through, but is that what we want? Forgive me for repeating my old favorite, but if you don't want Mercedes to built a space shuttle, and Haas poor man's fast consumer car, then you need to control it through technical specs. In deterministic process you limit several major governing elements of performance. Some teams may reach such limit, others will be below, but no one will "run away". Actually we have this already in many areas, so why not relax some of the restrictiveness, and use sensible control? Example, fuel consumption is capped, and if J. Bauer (Tech. Delegate) will not find a liter of fuel in you car after race, the team is doomed. Ask Seb. Such limitations work as intended, so why not apply it sensibly elsewhere? There will be always innovation. Engine is frozen? Fine. We develop performance fuel. We have limit on that? We develop tastier water we drink...human mind is hard to lock in jail with silly budget caps. If I may add, this notion that all teams must be equal is a case of history turned on its head. The GP racing was NEVER about equals. It was a cluster of excesses. That's why old timers like me were drawn to this noise and glitz, in which always someone got their rear whipped. Problem is, technology advanced to the stage, when teams like McLaren, Williams, Haas, and others cannot compete with research labs of automobile companies. Trying to make them equal is waste of effort. With respect to porpoising - two decades ago the teams would have identified this problem already in November in preceding year, and possibly could have done something about it. Today, with all that preoccupancy with SAVINGS I suspect Sainz is probably getting ill in the car, which is why he is carefully coming out with that. (If I recall, he is not the only one with health concerns). God bless savings.
  9. I've received a lot of verbal abuse over years with my opposition to budget cap, favoring team's financial planners instead to control cost. They align entity expenditures to real world. Cost capping on racing car development can be, if so desired, controlled by specs. But no, especially McLaren (Brown) was running around, trumpeting budget as F1 savior. It was a bad idea then, it is lousy idea today, impossible to police it, and it was badly implemented. Brown, instead apologizing for his mistakes sends Seidl to weasel out of that predicament, which was so easily predictable to happen. Conclusion: this is what happen when technology sector is run by PR people instead qualified engineers. No testing allowed, not needed? Conclusion: this is what happen when technology sector is run by PR people instead qualified engineers. THE ABSOLUTELY WORST!!!
  10. Wow This is first time in my 48 years with the F1, when a driver I support (Prost, M. Schumacher, Vettel) received such recognition in media. Of course this is just an idle talk, but nevertheless very warm consideration and recognition on man's unselfish, straight and uncomplicated character.
  11. D/T 2022.04.01 6:21 UTC Yeah, but it's not about racing at all Mr. Surer. Ever since people from FIRE "industry" and alike got involved, F1 went to different direction. Decades ago when German Mercedes CEO (Jürgen Hubert) said, let's establish manufacturers racing series, several people knifed him in his back for that thought, and UK fans and media cried how that will be the end of racing. Many so called fans are probably until today unaware, that F1 has its roots in Grand Prix style racing by manufacturers like Mercedes. Today we have what we have.
  12. Rosberg is back with Williams replacing the Canadian? The World is a weird place. Of course I forgot what day it is...
  13. D/T 2022.03.31 14:45 UTC F1 is suppose to race in Las Vegas. At 22:00 - 24:00 local time, racing at est. 340 [km/hr] on the strip straight. Apparently some people are pleased.
  14. The WCC is becoming pretty much worthless title.
  15. D/T 2022.03.24 15:36 UTC I have only one question, namely, who are you people behind such *^$^# ideas?
  16. Ferrari Not too long ago I was reading salty condemnation of Ferrari's approach, especially they do not built a car in England, or hire British experts. They will NEVER succeed. Well, I think they are OK so far. I am not sure for how long, but, Italian blood is red and full of vitality.
  17. DRS in this new era are supposedly very weak, and almost ineffective due to new aero. We need to remember that so early in the season we are relying on testimony of drivers, not someone on sidelines. is Alonso wrong? I cannot judge. From what i am hearing, this is most likely last year with DRS.
  18. D/T 2022.03.23 6:57 UTC I see headlines popping up about Liberty setting up 30 races per season. This subject has been discussed many times already, and it is difficult to say anything new which wasn't said already. I think it's terrible idea. Let's leave it at that for today.
  19. D/T 2022.03.22 12:57 UTC If the goal was to introduce major specs permitting car overtaking, then this is bad new for everyone. Who wants to drive behind and pretend that's an achievement?
  20. D/T 2022.03.22 10:10 UTC JV: i thought as well.
  21. D/T 2022.03.09 19:37 UTC Where is Hamilton? (Apparently Hamilton's flight was delayed...such is the explanation.)
  22. D/T 2022.03.09 17:16 UTC Mazepin's position with the F1 was untenable.
  23. What do you mean by "modern F1"? The F1 motor-sport was never static (unchanged standard). F1 cars always changed during seasons, and in between season. Always "modern". One can perhaps identify different periods by some significant features. Hybrid PU under brainless rules, Normally Aspirated Engines period, etc. That's how I look at it.
  24. There are as many perceptions what F1 is. Mine is merely different one from one you are describing in your response. Neither of us is right or wrong. Simply just different. It would be difficult to submit a logical argument based on facts in post facts world we live today. Personal values are just that, personal.
  25. I am not sure what are you referring to, because that was not my intent, but I wish Hamilton stood up Verstappen when Vettel was victim. Sometimes timing is everything.
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