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  1. Dan's next move, Move or Stay?

    Dan shouldn't move to Ferrari or Marc. they will NOT allow him to do Shoey there
  2. Mclaren-Renault

    Oh what a c#ckup at McLaren this year. No more scape goat in Honda. They are taking all the crap ! Eric OUT ! Zak OUT ! Alonso QUIT !
  3. A STAR is BORN !

    there is no denying this - Charles Leclerc , the new future Formula One CHAMPION ! If he goes to Ferrari next year, he will be Champion by 2020 !
  4. The once MIGHTY

    Renault is still ok. More like - Once Mighty McLaren.....
  5. Alonso

    Never burn bridges and back stab your employer.... Fernando Alonso’s dream for the ultimate triple crown in motorsport could take another hit from Honda relating to his bid for a full season in IndyCar from next year, F1 Hub has learned. Following his victory for Toyota last week at the 24 hours of Le Mans, the Spaniard has finished two out of the three crowns: winning the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 hours of Le Mans. This leaves just the infamous Indy 500 race that Alonso must win to achieve the prestigious motorsport award. The double Formula 1 world champion competed in the Indy 500 in 2017, however was forced into retirement following a Honda engine failure on his McLaren-Andretti IndyCar. Many have tipped Alonso to compete in a full IndyCar season next year — which would mean quitting Formula One — which would aid him in taking the Indy 500 victory. However, this would require a significant investment by power unit manufacturer Honda, who may not be willing to throw so much money in for Fernando Alonso. As the RACER reports, following Honda’s three year partnership with the McLaren Formula 1 team, Alonso made certain negative comments in public towards the Japanese manufacturer. Such examples could be him labelling the Honda F1 powertrain as a “GP2 engine”, or repeatedly saying “I’ve never raced with less power.” Elsewhere McLaren is looking to pick up Scott Dixon for its IndyCar programme, who is set to challenge for a fifth IndyCar championship, and more importantly, has a positive working relationship with Honda in IndyCar.
  6. McLaren IndyCar

    Exactly. Race Everywhere, Win Nowhere
  7. Honda

    True. However, Horner was a bit more reasonable during the times when Seb was winning trophies. So same can be said for anyone who are frustrated. Wolf himself is having anger management issues these days. Plus I do not think McLaren's backstabbing, insults and all can be topped. Honda learned from those bad days and became stronger. If Honda and RB push each other the right way like a team, they could both produce good results. I am still positive about this partnership.
  8. Honda

    Yep I think it will be just those 2 teams in the foreseeable future. Besides, more than 2 teams will be too much to supply and support.
  9. Mclaren-Renault

    2019-20, Red Bull's target is to compete with Ferrari and Merc, not McLaren. Sorry McLaren will compete with the Jr. Works team in Torro Rosso.
  10. Honda

    I guess that both TR and RB will be Works. Only that TR is the Jr. Works. It syncs so well in their current structure. For Honda, 2 teams using their engine, lots of data and without competing with each other instead complementing each other's data. For TR and RB, best of both deals, all their intellectual stuff , driver resources stays in the house. This partnership is better than what we see from outside.
  11. Honda

    Aston Martin Red Bull F1 - Powered by HONDA
  12. Honda

    Can't agree more. This RB-Honda deal puts another nail to their coffins...
  13. Honda

    Hope the new partnership goes well ! Now the race is On between Mclaren-Renault vs Red Bull-Honda Red Bull confirm Honda power
  14. Alonso

    It's a bit screwy at McLaren at the moment. Their source of problems with the car driver, as well as company direction is anything but cloudy. Zak Brown seems to focus too much on Alonso alone and forgotten his real job....
  15. Alonso

    No bloody wonder. In the end, all roads leads to Japanese company.