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  1. HANOI 2020

    Thanks Sakae for the link. Nice track, Nice copied layout. Maybe I'll go there for the first race. I went first F1 races for Fuji 2007, Malaysia 1999, and China 2004
  2. Schumacher

    Hey guys Belated Happy New year to you both. All the best in 2019 !
  3. Schumacher

    I don't see Mick getting the race seat in 2020, earliest would be 2021. Who will he replace? Remains a big question...
  4. I sworn I will return when Kubica returns...

    Well at least you are back-ish Sakae. We can keep it alive again soon as the Season starts.
  5. I sworn I will return when Kubica returns...

    Welcome back Sakae
  6. I sworn I will return when Kubica returns...

    Sorry guys - Kubica is One Day Too OLD and One Hair Too BALD. He shouldn't have forced himself there and let younger dudes have their chance. And that's all I'm gonna say
  7. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Congratulations to Kimi ! A real show of Superb precision driving from an older champion ! I am sure Kimi will have a few good top ten finishes next year with Sauber
  8. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Hey VicVenom, Out of curiosity, What is the Ultra-hate for Vettel all about? Anything historically specific?
  9. Mclaren-Renault

    People as in Japanese people in Suzuka U know? They ware laughing at McLaren is what I meant.
  10. Mclaren-Renault

    Like this long line ?
  11. Mclaren-Renault

    McLaren looked like amateurs who did not know what to do - in the face of Japanese fans yesterday. KARMA is what it is. People are giggling secretly at McLaren. Embarrassing ! In your Face ALONSO !
  12. 2018 Honda Japanese GP - Suzuka

    If you put that Honda Engine on RBR then you will notice.
  13. 2018 Honda Japanese GP - Suzuka

    McLaren looked like idiots in front of Japanese crowed !!! Toro Rosso tease Alonso after reaching Q3
  14. 2018 Honda Japanese GP - Suzuka

    In fact i do, thanks for making fun of me. Enjoy the race. I all I want is for Merc to NOT win, any team can take it, I don&t care.