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  1. 2019 Honda

    Of course it changes quickly that is why I said CURRENT I did not say PERMANENT
  2. 2019 Honda

    Max is Mad. It's just his character. Hope he matures real soon if he wants to get the crown otherwise he will just be a clown
  3. 2019 Honda

    Was just messing
  4. 2019 Honda

    Well Sakae, we can see in today's Qualy, that is the actual current Pecking order.
  5. 2019 Honda

    What happened to your McNissan ? Fluked the last time and Faded this time ? Looks like they were put in their right place on the grid this time huh ? Sorry dude.
  6. 2019 Honda

  7. 2019 Honda

    Doesn't matter to me.
  8. 2019 Honda

    In short Honda and RB and TR partnerships are benefiting all parties. That means its a good deal for all. And that's all the matters for now...
  9. I sworn I will return when Kubica returns...

    Kubica should retire - for GOOD
  10. I know what you mean. same here
  11. 2019 Honda

    Its just the 2nd race. Its a looooong season to go.
  12. good for you. post some photos
  13. 2019 Honda

    Too early to say anything but soon as RB get their Chassis in place it will be very interesting
  14. I hope he makes it top F1 in proper time whether 2020 or 2021. Best timing is important.
  15. Showin their hand

    Hope too that you are wrong