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  1. Current standings

    I think it's pretty much done "Haas are absolutely done with their drivers"
  2. Honda

    Pascal will certainly do better than Brendon Hartley. Kvyat well, his plus is his experienced with TR in the past.
  3. Honda

    2018 F1 Pascal Wehrlein on pole for 2019 Toro Rosso race seat
  4. Current standings

    Latest is that both HAAS drivers will get the AXE
  5. Current standings

    Nice pics !
  6. Honda

    Meanwhile Honda will have 35hp more from Sochi
  7. Honda

    Starting from his butt
  8. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Max will crash into Lewis on the first corner like he did with the Ferraris last year.
  9. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Ok cool it guys.
  10. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Leclerc - Oooooops Ferrari - Yikes
  11. Honda

    Zak Brown has a 5 year plan to solve McLaren problems Let's see the results in 2023
  12. Schumacher

    Ferrari's 'door is always open' to Mick Schumacher
  13. Schumacher

    I know. Ocon is Ocon same happened to Pascal and a lot of talented younglings who has talents but without backings. So You shouldn't forget Mick's last name, It carries heavyweight. We used to say in Japan, Michael can sell air in Germany and Italy. F1 will make room for Mick. Guarantee you that.
  14. Schumacher

    I don't see him going to Renault.
  15. Schumacher

    Then perhaps Mick will not end up in TR or RB. As long he gets into F1 on or before 2020 I do not care which team.