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  1. D/T 2022.01.20 21:29 CET I didn't see anything wrong with last race ending laps. Is Brown actually suggesting that Verstappen winning WDC is wrong and FiA is now on red carpet? Brown should rather concern himself with incidents when Verstappen got shafted in questionable manner, which permitted for car #44 to close points gap in the first place. Where was he with his wisdom when it was needed then? I am not alone in determination that the Race Director has not done anything illegal or against rules. Slightly unusual, yes, but no rules were broken and IMO teams need to adjust. Hamilton fan club might not like ending, but why is it problem for FiA? MB pit wall was caught with their pants down, and that's just about all. It's their problem.
  2. Whatever. A season without American style qualifying is music to my ears.
  3. Follows is (was) aero chief at RBR. Newey is aero chief at RBR. (At Cambridge he studied aerodynamics. That's his forte.) So, what is AM getting in Fellows? In my experience chief actually doesn't design anything per se. They do discuss merits of various concepts, but actual work is done by educated slaves at computers who very seldom, if at all get credit for job well done.
  4. I am in doubt that we really know what's going on behind closed doors. I tend to believe Alain Prost speaking about some issues at Alpine, but then, what do we really know about rest of them? Reliably, nothing much. RBR is having issues with fuel (we are told), whereas MB is projecting sunny side of the pancake, so Hamilton can be happy with his superiority. Until Bahrain, stories will change daily.
  5. Wow, life is full of surprises, but I do accept your expert counsel.
  6. Audi should be thinking about starting GP series on their own, or purchasing either Minardi or Sauber if they really want to do it.
  7. Perfect. Zero is very nice number, and to those who are whining for American style quali, then go and find yourself another sport, or pay for extra expenses teams will occur on sprint style qualifying. Nothing is free of cost. That stupid and expensive zig-zagging around the globe back and forth to meet scheduled locations is still on. So far only Vettel had an idea which made any sense.
  8. D/T 2022.01.19 11:40 CET Formula 1 cars are dreadful Really? Brawn needs to ask drivers, because he - allegedly expert - didn't know it after decades with the sport?: How many years we (older fans) were pleading from sidelines, change the spec, change the spec... He, Mosley and a few others bear responsibility for that state of design. Had they stamped their foot, design would have changed. Not too long ago I wrote exactly the same; it is not a power plant which is bad, but crapy designs by Newey, Allison, and others created problems. After a decade looking at it, Brawn discovered America. Bravo. What a relieve.
  9. Why is it not up to TP (Tim Krack) to announce his team's HR changes? Tim and Dr. Marko apparently know each other personally for some time on friendly basis. I don't know why RB back off from escalating Follows departure, but outcome was inevitable, and battle for the non-existent hill was just waste of energy.. Sensible people do sensible things (usually).
  10. D/T 2022.01.18 17:19 CET What's going on? Meeting? Why not just make a call and tell him - I want to know by tomorrow at 0800 whether you are in, or out. I have others interested.That's all. Hamilton is after all mere an employee.
  11. A thought occurred to me that much sought improvement of F1 should begging with someone purchasing McLaren, and retiring Mr. Brown; preferably before lunch on the same day. The same goes for Brundle and the circle of self-appointed experts around him.
  12. Sounds like that he had enough of F1 and Alpine.
  13. D/T 2022.01.17 14:36 CET Alain Prost retires. Otmar might be moving in...
  14. Hamilton is above average driver. For all what we know he might be in the group of exceptional drivers, however past seven or eight years are blurring his record. We know that his performance at McLaren was something I would not be writing songs about. At MB when even a relatively small thing turned into his disfavor, he had meltdown and complain in media. For example Hamilton vs Rosberg, Monaco, in other time his insistence that he must get his teammates' mechanics, because they were "better", and there was more of similar incidents. Deservedly or not, life treated him well in recent times. I don't actually know of any other driver who would had it that good. Maybe he should have 8 titles in his pocket right now, if he is best of all times. Moreover, I would have probably other thoughts, had he beaten Verstappen in the last race.
  15. Agreed, despite that I say "it cannot be justified". MB' overall supremacy puts their driver into shadows.
  16. Read comments section. Some of posts express accurately what i do think about this situation. It is clear that most do think Krack will be OK, but others..????
  17. D/T 2022.01.17 09:58 CET F1 risks extinction within a decade – Vettel True, my friend. Very true. It is however problematic. Owners seems to be however more interested in money, which is why F1 is floating on a stock exchange. Sport is for them merely a vehicle how to make money without actually doing any work (people who really do work are employed by the teams). I am pleased that we have first time a driver stating publicly what most know for years. It is also main reason why from time to time I was dreaming about international manufacture's series devoid excessive influence from a single source.
  18. Good or bad, car is there. One can help by not interfering, and the second one, I do expect, will move rudder incrementally. There is the open question where is the transfer from RBR, who at the end will be also treated as a newcomer. RB promised a long, legal challenge.
  19. D/T 2022.01.17 08:59 CET After all those bloated pronouncements in the past, current co-owner of AM was quoted a few days ago that they are in second year of their five years march to the top. Sounds to me like preemptive strike for what's coming, or put it differently, don't expect much. I am however rather confused by such rhetoric. This season is suppose to be a new beginning for everybody. Five years cycle used to be estimated time needed for new entrants to shine under regulations in pre-hybrid era (2O+y back). So, I am not sure what they are up to at AM. On a different level, they could be anywhere on the ladder at the early stages, depends how much help they receive from rivals (Hit and miss y.2014 all over?). What I do however expect is, that they will be pushed hard to keep up. They are new people on board at AM, and they are not where they should be on production side. I am not sure how far they are with moving into new facilities. It is obvious there are, and will continue to pop up distractions for some time, and the usual set of technical anomalies when new setup is launched. The most pressing question is, will they be permitted to recover? I am not sure that regulations explicitly state so. I am hard to press to guess anything in any team. What is a safe bet is to expect 3 or 4 teams to continue where they left due to solid grounds they stood on for past couple of years. A factor I will watch for is how big teams handle mandated contraction. It is something which could mess really things up. Fact is, no one knows what to expect. Several prominent drivers were rather pessimistic regarding car handling. We will know more in March.
  20. D/T 2022.01.15 11:32 CET Mike Krack In print...
  21. This is turning into a high school food fight. Show me where did I say Otmar worked for McLaren, since I cannot find it. Closest what I said was following after announcement that Otmar is leaving:: "Shock, but not a surprise. I've feared that to happen ever since the ex-McLaren person [Whitmarsh] was [recently] hired." Where I was wrong is guessing role MW will assume at AM. I thought he will replace Otmar as TP, and I did not expect hiring of Mike Krack, who appears to bears a good CV. I don't know much more more about his past over what we learn in the news. Having said that, this man could be a good card, and one day I will probably applaud Stroll for this choice. Interestingly enough, he met Sebastian at BMW around 2006 (so I read). I however also think that Otmar was a good TP., and why he had to leave I am not clear. With very little he has done much for the team. One has to admire that. Can we say the same about Mr. Whitmarsh? Media used to claim Whitmarsh had pretty good budget at McLaren. Some voices from Germany fear that Otmar's departure is bad news for Vettel.
  22. Short answer is - no, I don't know him. I "knew" about some guys from the old BMW crowd, but not him. His CV seems similar to Andreas Seidl, which is a pretty good one, and better than most. Whether Stroll will give him a free hand (as AS has at McLaren) remains to be seen. If he will be however (mis)managed by Whitmarsh, then no, I don't expect much.
  23. D/T 2022.01.14 12:18 CET Common Toto, if your driver needs buttering of that kind, then he is perhaps not fit for this sport. F1 would be in huge trouble, if it is dependable on Hamilton's mood of the day and his occasional fits. He has done it several times in the past, and his meltdowns are not too pleasant to watch. In your forthcoming meeting with a new FiA president, please consider your words more carefully..
  24. Don't put words into my mouth, please. I've never said that Otmar was working for McLaren.
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