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  1. Date 2021.05.12 Time 7:42 (UTC) Track limits existed since F1 became the sport of my choice, and suddenly after what seems life time, they discovered track limits are problem? OK then, I was wrong. I thought problem are primadonna drivers who have habit to whine a lot, and get attention, instead quietly adhering to given rules.
  2. Seb is not going to convert the car into a podium contender. It's a dud this year, and in terms of future..? Who's coming to make it right? Date 2021.05.12 Time 7:37 (UTC) Crash: Hard to argue with that assessment.
  3. Sebastian Vettel's problem Date 2021.05.11 Time 14:54 (UTC) Thank you Marc Surer for speaking up. That's what I thought as well. All that "iconic" nonsense was worthless, short lived promotional campaign, until we realised that Emperor has no cloths.
  4. Date 2021.05.10 Time 18:50 (UTC) MB purchased F1 engine outfit, however they also have their own vast experience in building powerful engines for road cars and other sporting series, which spans about last 100 years. RB has experience with mixing drink known as Red Bull. Build you own engines, and especially hybrids is the answer? Anyone who thinks building engines is a piece of cake might find big surprise under the rainbow before this is over. I don't want to sound negative over their decision, but I remain sceptical. Staying with Alpine was IMHO a wiser decision. Having in-house bunch of Honda guys is one thing, but what they have done here is difficult to understand accurately from outside. They hired some Japanese personnel of Honda, but it is not clear where maintenance ends, and improvements continue. It is an experiment which could go either way, and sometimes it is more intriguing for me, than the race itself.
  5. Date 2021.05.10 Time 16:23 (UTC) One has to really search bottom of sport pages, or even further back to find anything written about AM this time of the racing season. Maybe some people forgot this is basically the old Force India team which got a new paint job, and hard to justify superlative headlines. Whilst it is true that in last race top spots are being occupied by teams having their own PU sources, it is also true that McLaren is 5 positions ahead of AM having the same brand of PU. It seems as AM needs to pull socks in floor/aero departments (before we replace drivers). In Portugal I thought, admittedly foolishly, that things are begging to move into right direction, but after last race I am inclined to accept, that this year AM is done with racing. Just muddle through, and pretending we love it so much... The only remining news to be yet announced who is staying, and who is leaving.
  6. Date 2021.05.10 Time 6:55 (UTC) Good for AM! At least one of their drivers is being consistently served well.
  7. I had something totally different on my mind. Something more impactful.
  8. Date 2021.05.09 Time 15:09 (UTC) They say, time heals everything. I am waiting when that much needed healing begins. It was paintful today. There is not much hope left for Sebastian as a driver, in his place of work. Working upgrades facilitated improvement from usual P15 advancing to P12? That's just great.
  9. Pérez on disappointing start at Red Bull: 'I let my crew down' Ouch. This is not a winning approach how to make friend with The Boss. Helmut will take offence at that. Perez might have such thoughts, but discussing it in private debriefing would be a better strategy how to move forward. (IMO).
  10. Date 2021.05.09 Time 4:34 (UTC) I think we have now confirmation from drivers, what was already discussed on these pages (and probably elsewhere) in speculative terms, namely, there is no big mystery behind bad result on the track. To penetrate and get out from tornado of bad positions, car needs better upgrades, and lap has to be executed flawlessly in competitive speeds. It's that "simple". Cars are tenth or thousands of a second apart, and it doesn't take much to fall back rather quickly. I do recall qualifications between Häkkinen and Schumacher, and how many times a thousand of a second made difference who got a pole. Point is, this rivalry was unique to couple of drivers, whilst the rest of them usually were significantly behind with relatively large time-gaps between them. Today, especially midfield, is really tight. It's new, and it is a good thing for fans. For me it will take time to get used to it as a traditional fan of Prost, Schumacher, and Vettel (of old) - all guys from the front line; well, until now. I am still with Vettel (of new), but his experience is also new to me, so we are both suffering. Time will heal? Maybe. F1 is unforgiving and merciless.
  11. Date 2021.05.08 Time 18:35 (UTC) Team quote: Qualifying - I do accept explanation. However what happened in FP3 which ended up with P17 slot? Seb, please not again long stay on worn tires. When that strategy really worked? AM is currently marginally better than Haas, Williams, and maybe also Alfa Romeo. Alpha Tauri currently can go wheel to wheel with AM. Hopefully this will change before season ends.
  12. Date 2021.05.08 Time 17:06 (UTC) Effectiveness os updates were confirmed by Vettel after FP1 this weekend. It was not just a change of his equipment for sake of change. Question is, why he is suddenly back in P13? In FP3 his P17 surely must have send bad news to all concerned. The only hope left is, that he went after some weird race setup which pushed him back when speed was required, but he might shine tomorrow in long run. Gaps between drivers aren't big. He is about 0.6 sec from the podium. Problem with these kind of dreams is, they are contrary to anything we know about Vettel and team's strategies in past 2 years. A lot of risk taking, a lot of miscalculations, and no good results.
  13. Date 2021.05.08 Time 14:57 (UTC) Qualifying, in one word, was confusing for me in terms of AM drivers performance. Results are bad from any angle I look at them. Results in Spain - how are those different from those achived before upgrades were installed?
  14. Vettel: “I think it’s fair to say it probably was our best Friday,” OK then, it's a start. Sounds good.
  15. Date 2021.05.07 Time 14:12 (UTC) FP 2 Vettel in P11 Looks like position is more realistic over FP 1, although I am in serious doubt that car 5 is faster than McLaren, therefore probably back to P13 for Sebastian before this is over. I am also happy my guy is running clean as his car seems more stable. Slow, but stable. RBR is doing something, but what? Helmut must go crazy seeing his cars in P9 and 10. Ocon seems to be back to his old form of a hot prospect. Just that he needs a fair chance. Hey MB...this is a guy for you...
  16. Date 2021.05.07 Time 10:56 (UTC) Aston Martin ‘demoralised’ under Stroll reign I would not be surprised. Engineering is a funny volition in some respect. I am sure guys were working at the limit of exhaustion, and to crack whip and tell them think faster, work longer, and without mistakes... That's not how it works in real life. You can tell your sales guy in lingerie store to get hair cut, but kick around engineers is a different ball game. The article describes toxicity within a team. Is it true? I cannot tell, but one thing is certain - based on fact how far they felt after last year results, at AM pressure is ON, big way.
  17. Date 2021.05.07 Time 10:32 (UTC) FP1 Vettel in P8. I am not in a position to determine how solid is that slot, he did it on S-tires, however I am happy as that would be a good placement IMO, and now in every race I want to see him creeping slowly closer to podium. Mick on H-tire is ahead of Mazepin on S-tires. Good job from Mick. Bottas is in fight of his life. So far so good this morning. DR...?
  18. Date 2021.05.07 Time 9:39 (UTC) FP1 This guy has really bad luck with that car.
  19. Lately I am hearing this kind of sentiment a lot. Sebastian could say exactly the same driving his 2014 RB, whilst from side lines people could quack how much DR is a better racer (as the car characteristics of 2014 design suited him more, than to his teammate). Since it takes long time and a lot of experimentation before car design can be tailored to racer's preferences, surely this situation begs a question whether it is better to keep a driver for long time (MB-Hamilton), or seeking a driver who is flexible in adaptability. (I am actually not sure that I know one). Hulk was good with RP, but could he take it to the top levels? We might never know. Russell was shining in MB, but was it because his competition stunk? Point is, People can ride a car with some pain and imperfections, but top spot requires perfection, and for that car and a driver must match completely. MB is probably right to stick with a driver who knows the car in and out over those years, and the car is top notch. You can't beat that combination.
  20. Agree without reservations.
  21. ‘Kubica didn’t help himself with comments to press at BMW Sauber’ says Heidfeld Old story, nice return in memory lane, but it was turning point for me. I've turned away from Kubica (for good) and never found any likes for his behaviour. I took a lot of flak for it from Polish members on the forum. One compared me to Iraqui minister of propaganda, who was executed. (So much for love on the forums). BMW gave Kubica chance in F1, lifted him up, yet on a few occasions he badly badmouthed them. I got so mad BMW hired and kept this guy at the expenses of his teammate, and as part of my tiny chunk of protest, I sold my beamer, and took me a few years before I returned as a customer.
  22. +1 Good remainder for some people in management.
  23. Just a gesture, but nice one. Torger is a good guy after all. Could be very effective PR.
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