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  1. locking your wheels can happen at that chicane, obviously Kimi was doing everything he could to keep ahead of Vettel, IMHO the biggest problem was right at the start when Kimi slammed the door in front of Vettel. Also I don't think that Kimi's position was a problem for Vettel at la Roggia, I think that Vettel's problem was that right after the image posted by Sakae Kimi went long into turn 1 and therefore kept Vettel off the racing line, at that stage Hamilton (unintentionally, I'm sure about it) slightly touched Vettel's car with his front wing, therefore Vettel was off the racing line and with a wrong angle of attack for the second part of the chicane, as a consequence he was slightly late on the power and that's why Hamilton could pass him. I know that Kimi has a lot of fans and often a different standard is applied to his actions but IMHO he was wrong off the line and when going into the braking for the first chicane (so shortly before Sakae's image) he pushed Vettel to his left. After that Vettel's race was compromised, despite being significantly quicker than both Hamilton (understandably since the Ferraris had a clear advantage over the Mercs) and Kimi who once again didn't achieve much
  2. and I fear that Horner is one of the most reasonable inside RBR, Marko, for example, looks like being a very very very difficult person, same for Mateschitz I don't think that Vettel will get fired, I was just hoping that Ricciardo (or Alonso) could replace Kimi at Ferrari
  3. Not a great race, Hamilton managed the race well BUT was also very lucky. Vettel was very unlucky since without that problem at the pit stop he would have been ahead of Bottas and with fresher tyres he would have been able to push Hamilton. Some might argue that if he couldn't pass Bottas then he would have had problems passing Hamilton but there is a but, Bottas had nothing to lose (and he proved it beyond any reasonable doubt), Hamilton would have been more careful because he had many points to lose Raikkonen looked fast but that was mostly because Bottas was holding up Vettel, in fairness they sacrificed his race with an early pit stop to force Bottas out of the way, but I have also heard that each Ferrari driver chose his own tyres and strategy after the installation lap Ricciardo did well, as usual, it's a pity that he can't go to either Ferrari or Mercedes Bottas, I'm ashamed for him, he deliberatedly slowed down to wait for Vettel after his pit stop, he was doing 1.23 with fresh tyres, as soon Vettel caught up with him he strated pushing in the mid 1:21, amazing! Or quite simply yesterday his only task was to hold up Vettel and he duly obliged, first by slowing down on purpose so that Vettel would catch him and then doing any trick to keep Vettel at bay. Besides that cannot be considered a fair fight as Vettel knew that as soon as he got near a Merc he would get some sort of penalty, Bottas on the other hand knew that even if he crashed into Vettel nothing would happen. And that is what we had to witness. I'm sorry but Bottas ramming into Vettel is not a racing accident, it would have been if he was alongside him but he was behind him, he did a kamikaze move, maybe he had some score to settle. Bottas was also debateable in his defence from Ricciardo, he knew that he had no grip and still he tried to resist him under braking. Again that is much worse in my book than what Kimi did to Hamilton a few races back, but Raikkonen was deemed some sort of bad sport crashing onto a Marcedes on purpose, I still haven't heard any comment from James Allison about yesterday's accident with Ricciardo Horner, I really think that the guy must learn some manners, calling for Abiteboul's apologies for Verstappen's engine failure was indecent, only RBR had some problems with the Renault engine, could it possibly be that RBR has some responsibility in that? I really feel for Honda next year, I think that they are going to regret working with RBR
  4. Williams is now IMHO the worst team in F1, they have a very challenging road ahead of them, their title sponsor is walking out at the end of the season, their main source of revenue (Stroll) is on the brink of moving to Force India, they cannot even fix a seating problem that forces two of their drivers (Sirotkin and Kubica) to be in pain after a few laps, I don't see how things could take a turn for the better for them, obviously Claire is totally out of her depth but will she go before it's too late?
  5. I'm ashamed for Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team, Hamilton i a stunning driver, an average racer, a bad winner and a very sore loser. Toto should know better, the only time that someone had a fishy start this season were the Mercs in France when they bexed in Vettel and then Hamilton braked early.
  6. yes but tomorrow they'll be using the Pirelli tyres designed especially to suit Mercedes so I fear that Ferrari might only get the spoils
  7. yes he hit Grosjean after he damaged his car with Bottas, I'm sure that it was difficult to drive, but still he sent Grosjean off the track
  8. We all know that the powers that be aren't in love with Vettel, or maybe I should rephrase this, Vettel (or any other driver) doesn't get the same special treatment reserved for Hamilton and Versbatten
  9. to spice things up? I really don't know, in fairness I see no reason for that penalty provided that according to the stewards Vettel could not see Sainz from his mirrors. On Sky Italy they said that the stewards had been criticized for how lenient a penalty they imposed on Vettel in France for the accident with Bottas (which in my book was a straightforward racing accident, even though I think that Vettel was at fault when he hit Grosjean on the first lap) and so they very likely "reviewed" their earlier decision in this way. I'm not surprised by this, you all know that my view on stewardship in F1 is that they're a bunch of amateurs (and sometimes I question their integrity)
  10. it was great but I thought that they going to punish him for this, it wasn't very different from Rosberg's move on Hamilton from a few years ago and Rosberg was punished (IMHO unreasonably)
  11. I don't think that they are lying when they give such explanations for their lack of any racing, it is true that they have to look after the fuel especially on tracks with very long straights (like Montreal), it's true that they all have to look after their enegines because an engine has to last sooooo long (and yesterday there were cars with engines that had done 7 races, it's as if to say that in the 60ies each driver was using a single engine per season ), they have to look after the tyres, the improved aerodynamics mean that if they get anywhere near the car in front they lose all grip and risk damaging the tyres, if on top of that they get close to the car in front and take a punt at passing they risk being given a 10 seconds penalty. I think that it's only natural that they don't take too many risks, they would be fool if they did, Versbatten takes risks and as a consequence he's deemed not very smart. The lack of any form of racing has nothing to do with track configuration, Montreal is a great track that has always given us great races, but it's all down with the rules. I don't see how the budget cap can cure that, we'd rather need an aero-cap, and tyres that last the whole distance, and a choice of engines. IMHO the problem is that they are not even trying to improve the racing, all they seem to do is try to increase the unpredictability of the races, IMHO that is wrong because if I want to watch an unpredictable car event I go and watch wacko racers not F1.
  12. I missed the last 15 laps, but to me it didn't look like a very competitive race of six cars, more like a procession of 6 cars. It looks as if we are used to such poor racing that when we see two cars split by 5 seconds we call it "close racing" In a sense yesterday was even worse than Monaco, in Monaco they don't have the space to overtake, yesterday they didn't even try
  13. Hey Paolo,

       I am thinking about migrating forums (again). I have been disappointed in the quality of posting in this forum and find myself mostly just talking to you (not that this is a bad thing). is kind of ghost of a forum.

       I was approached last week by a new forum: They asked me to join their forum and also post to their front page. I was hardly looking for another writing project, having just finished up the first draft of a new book....but, I am tempted by the forum and the format. Apparently Lipstick79 has already migrated there (as Pepsi79).  

       So....1) would you be tempted to move to this new forum and 2) would you be tempted to post your great post-race summaries to the front page? I am probably going to take them up on the offer to post on their front page occasionally, although I already have a blog I maintain: ....but I consider your post-race summaries far better than anything I can write.

       I have told them that you are the guy they really want on their forum, although I have not told them anything about your background.

       Anyhow, let me know if you are interested in migrating.










  14. Vettel aside, the fact that Ocon was asked twice to let Hamilton and Bottas through wasn't great, I felt sorry for him Other than that Ricciardo drove well and it was very boring. I'm amazed at how incompetent Williams is becoming, they might have scored some points with Sirotkin yesterday but unbelievably they didn't fit his tyres at the 2 minutes threshold, not even club racers are so silly. The car mustn't be too shabby, I think that Sirotkin is a reasonably decent driver but not the next Lewis Hamilton, with a good driver they would probably acieve much more than now. I was suprised that Versbatten didn't hit anyone yesterday, but it seems as if the pit wall was reminding him to keep it easy every time he got anywhere near another car
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