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  1. The Film Thread

    Just watched Ted! Brilliant!
  2. Strongest Package?

    I think button/mclaren 3rd, Kimi/lotus 4th and Hamilton/merc 5th for much the same reasons as a lot of you have above!
  3. The Second Test (Nope, Still Not Cricket)

    Wow those are quite some eyebrows! Get the tweezers quick!
  4. 2013 Preseason Predictions

    Well well well! If it isn't winter testing season and thus prediction time yet again! I think however it's going to be another Vettel title, unfortunately! I think the McLaren is looking very good so far and they will be the closest threat with Button having a very good season, so long as he qualifies better than last year! I'd like to predict Alonso 3rd with Raikonnen 4th. Hamilton I think will struggle to win a race, and even struggle to get a podium more than a few times so will end up in the lower end of the top 10 come November! Looking forward to the new season and I hope I am very wrong and Vettel does not win another championship!
  5. Things I Like (Outside Of F1)

  6. Bahrain Grand Prix

    Glad I didn't watch seeing as that german twat is on pole!
  7. Bahrain Grand Prix

    On a random topic, I noticed on the F1 website the other day the circuit is back to the old layout? Why did they change it back? Did they realise that horrible section after turn 4 was horrific?
  8. Bahrain Grand Prix

    Well people, I have decided to return this weekend. However I will not be watching this particular race because it should not be happening in my opinion? Anyone else not going to be watching?
  9. Is Under Attack From Anonymous

    L O L that is all!
  10. Things I Like (Outside Of F1)

    Learning complex dance routines! Yes I am that sad!
  11. I must say after 2 seasons Button definitely made the right choice going up against Hamilton and joining McLaren. It has done him the world of good, he seems happy and most importantly I think people now realise he really is an excellent driver and just as good as Hamilton and easily ranked with Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton (on a good day) as the best driver! The Ferrari looks like crap and Alonso did a great job getting it home 5th but he did have some luck along the way The Mercedes is quick but over race distance is lacking somewhat and I would currently rank them 3rd behind Red Bull and Mclaren but just in front of Lotus, and Ferrari. I think we have a good season on our hands people! :-D
  12. Pumpdoc

    Devastated! He was an all round great guy, f1 fan and good friend on these forums and I have enjoyed many discussions with him over the years since 2004! He will be very sorely missed! RIP Bruce
  13. Button: Driver Of The Year?

    Well it's clear Button and Vettel were the drivers of the season, along with Alonso
  14. I Am Just Singaporing In The Rain

    Button beat Hamilton again... I could get used to this :clap3:
  15. Monzahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    2 non finishes, the exact same amount as Jenson...