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Question For F1 Driver

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Yep, I will confirm, that is Derek Daly. The second worst SPEED Channel pit reporter, behind the legendary man crush-filled, biased, annoying Peter Windsor, whose job I want, and should have. Just read my blog. It really shows a lot. Even how sexy I am...(once, when I was younger, back when PC's were the size of Peter Windsor's fathead, a girl I had never met who lived in my town but went to another school told me she could tell by the why I acted that I was clearly sexy. Perhaps it was considered sexy at the time, but if I had kept the bowlcut and un-hooded sweatshirt with matching sweat pants...well, I don't think I'd have a girlfriend, who btw is the most beautiful woman alive on the inside and out...further proof that even after my 24th birthday I still need her to monitor what I do on the Internt...which is uncalled for since I would never ever use the computer to look at any other women since all I need is her...cough...cough... :blush: )


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