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  1. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    His overtakes were not impossible. Vettel defended very well, but a lot of other drivers wouldn't have. Had his tyre not blown up, I am not sure Vettel would've been able to hold longer. I am no fan of Ricciardo at all, but I appreciate him actually trying to do something rather than just resigning to the position.
  2. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    Talk to Ricciardo, his words, not mine. Considering he was the one driving there, not any of us, I'll go with that. Also because for him, it'd be pretty easy to blame the tyres strategy.
  3. Round 1, Fight!!!!

    Tbh I don't really think there will be a fight - even though I hope I'm wrong cus at least we'd have some excitement. They will get told off, there will be excuses, and everyone will go back to old PR mode. At most, whoever is angrier will leave, which I still don't think it'll happen next year (but if it does, that's Lewis, not Nico).
  4. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    "So I tried few times, it didn't work, but I wasn't content sitting in fourth. Did that have anything to do with the puncture? I don't think so."
  5. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    Exactly. Ricciardo tried several times and would've overtaken if his tyres were in a better state.
  6. 2016 Ferrari

    I think so too.
  7. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    Kimi just stays there and lets things happen around him. Whereas he might be a stable driver (which he has to be because he's been there for 16 years), there is no spark or any excitement in his racing these days. His start was just plain horrible, and it is not a one off. Now, whereas he might be doing ok for a number 2 driver like you said, do you really think someone who won a World Championship should be just an ok second driver? I do believe he had the car to overtake Max, or a least give it a try, and I haven't seen a true attempt at that. He was lucky to be on a better strategy than Ricciardo or Vettel, who were way faster than him. I think a driver should know when it's time to go home, and unfortunately, it might be soon. Herbert does have a point.
  8. Should Lewis Hamilton Start To Worry ?

    But thats the thin, he clearly doesn't care, they don't seem to mind that he doesn't care... And the result is Rosberg beating him on track every weekend. EI am not sure why we care if the most interested people (him and Mercedes) do not seem to.
  9. Should Lewis Hamilton Start To Worry ?

    Nothing excuses his behaviour. Not the money, not the childhood, nothing. If you wanna be the best driver, if that is truly your dream, you dedicate yourself a 100% to it, and you know there's a price to pay.
  10. Round 1, Fight!!!!

    Toto is pathetic. Bla bla bla thats the price we pay for letting the drivers race, bla bla bla there were no finger pointing, everything is cool. BS. If everything was cool, you wouldn't run to discuss it in private. Lauda is the only one there who actually says what he thinks, rather than read a PR piece.
  11. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    Kimi hasn't been really achieving anything for a while now. We are just always blaming other people, accidents, etc etc... Max did do a good drive so kudos for him, but Kimi didn't provide much of a challenge. Seb did a great job keeping Ricciardo behind with worn out tyres, but I wish Ferrari would think about things before deciding on strategies because right now it feels like they are just trying out random stuff, without giving much thought. Of course his tyres were gonna be gone at the end of race. It actually surprises me he managed to keep Ricciardo behind him.
  12. 2016 Ferrari

    Nobody said Alonso was the problem. Alonso said Ferrari was the problem and decided to go lose races for a different team instead. Alonso's problem is his attitude and the lack of understanding the world does not turn around him, he is not the best driver on earth, and that when you are in a team you have to work WITH and FOR the team, not only in your own benefit. Not indispensable by any means.
  13. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    No. His strategy was way better than Vettel's (who changed tyres too early), he just couldn't overtake him and had a puncture insisting, and now I have to buy a Kvyat hat because I promised if Kvyat overtook Ricciardo one lap down I'd do so.
  14. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    in short, Ricciardo got beaten up by a child. Kimi Raikkonen is a waste of a seat.
  15. The Swap

    I cannot believe you are comparing Nick to Inoue, are you under medications of any type or is that just a bad sense of humour problem? Nick was as good as your beloved Webber when they were team mates, and only finished 8 points behind him because he was out of 5 races.