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  1. Monaco Gp - Pearl Of F1

    There was an interview on Antena3 (you surely remember Nira Juanco ) with Flavio and he was saying that with last year's Lotus Alonso would have absolutely gotten the championship. I'm not sure I agree (as if I ever would XD) but I do sometimes feel that Kimi is getting duller on-track. It's like overtaking gets harder and harder for him and all the merits for the good results are the car's. Maybe Alonso would be able to get more out of it and win this year (the car got better!) but it doesn't matter since the Ferrari also got better. So now we get to see who plays the numbers game best. If Kimi lost a bit of his mojo then he should be getting used to it and Alonso was always very good at that sort of competition. I hope Vettel doesn't run too far ahead and ruins the fun times.
  2. Monaco Gp - Pearl Of F1

    Can anyone be luckier than the Red Bulls (Vettel) in this race? It doesn't seem so... but the season is long and hopefully they will go through rough times too. Sort of bummed for Kimi, but at least he got a chance to race at the very end. Pérez is the new Sato (and I definitely don't mean he's a crazy kamikaze driver with nothing better to do than ruin other people's racing, not at all). He provided the only fun moments of the race after all.
  3. General Music Thread

    It's not a performance if the person doesn't have to do anything. C'mon, even the boyband I used to like ages ago pretended that they played guitar! The Backstreet Boys sang (sometimes). If the music is good it doesn't matter if it's electronic. But when there is no performance then you can't ask for my attention. You have to know what you are selling and in this case it's not live music.
  4. It's A Freaky Deaky Day!

    Thanks guys!! It's not bad when you get holiday especially on your birthday On to the next! (time flies when you drink your way through it George )
  5. Today In F1

    Since Piotr is not around to post this, I'll share the news about Kubica that made me quite happy: There is also another where he talks about how much he misses F1 but I'll leave it out for the lovers of soap operas. I hope he can come back someday
  6. Shhhhh!!!! It's Someones Birthday

    Happy belated birthday! It must be great to feel like a kid again at 43 (jumping into pools fully clothed and all )
  7. The Film Thread

    12 Angry Men was so high on the IMDB list that even I have watched it. Great movie indeed
  8. Top Five Drivers In Your Opinion

    Alonso Vettel/Hamilton - different strong points Kimi Button Button's place is expected to be taken fairly soon by either Grosjean, the Hulk or Bianchi.
  9. Today In F1

    It could be that or it could be that your "friends" were not drunk enough to like you
  10. Vettel Haters

    Right, except for one thing: if he moves to a dreadful team any above average result would instantly make him a great driver. It's easy, really, you don't need a championship, just to be an above average, likeable midfielder XD I used to really like Seb when he was young and breaking "first time" records. Then the arrogant vibe came about. I guess people are just never satisfied But Seb is really good, we just love to hate him
  11. So When Will Pirelli Bring Better Tires ?

    I haven't made my mind up yet. China did seem a bit extreme, but if it doesn't occur as a rule - well, last year I really liked Pirelli's way of doing things so I don't want to judge them now, while the teams have time to think of ways to adapt better.
  12. Today In F1

    His head looks bigger than his... than all the rest of him. Weird shot XD
  13. I'll Take That Victory, Thanks!!

    That was an exciting description of a, oh wait, not a victory. I'm glad that you got... oh wait, no cake. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and trying your hand at being Bernie Not bad, sir, keep it up
  14. Chinese Grand Prix

    Well, I thought he was good when he did all that but I always liked the Hulk too... so unless he fights those pressure issues I'll support Nico to take his place!
  15. Today In F1

    More social inclusion in F1! I can't believe the EU isn't onto that already, considering the results they got from their elderly employment campaign with Schumi Sorry guys, my studies are muddling my brain it was literally the first thing I thought of when I read the article >.<