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  1. I Guess That'S Finally It Then... Kimi Gone For Good :(

    But of course. There's no story about Webber, so let's create one and say he'll retire. That's journalism. Contracts can be quite meaningless, but when they become meaningless, they also become expensive. You don't sign long-term deals with a team to not even do a single year of the new contract unless you and your team are stupid.
  2. Usa Gp News

    No road improvements for 2012 That means the 12-hour delays, assuming this race even happens, are very, very real. There's no chance in Hell they'll even be "best-case scenario;" I doubt they'll fund a road improvement project. I was early to say US F1 wouldn't make the grid, and now I'm disappointingly going to predict the USGP meets a similar fate of months of denial until it finally just doesn't happen. Cute idea; miserable execution. How ugly these recent U.S.-based projects have gotten as soon as the details (or lack thereof) have gotten released.
  3. I Guess That'S Finally It Then... Kimi Gone For Good :(

    I can see Massa wanting out if the team orders thing bothered him, or if Flavio Briatore is going to be his new boss. But I don't think either is the case, so Massa's at Ferrari in 2011, Kubica at Renault, and Schumacher at Mercedes. The press have to sell something, and "everyone's confirmed in all the rides that mean anything" is not going to sell. So, sure, Michael's being forced out, Massa's quitting, Räikkönen's returning, Sutil's moving up, Kubica's joining Alonso and Flavio for a festival of friendship at Ferrari...
  4. Overtaking The Safety Car

    Are overtakes of the safety car included in DOF's statistics?
  5. Ferrari Keeps _Smiling_

    Don't talk about people's c*cks hanging out. You'll get Handy's hopes up. As for Ferrari and this nonsense, well, the FOM told Ferrari to cheat to create controversy and viewer interest, and then paid Ferrari's fine to the FIA for them, and instructed FIA to do no more. Clearly.
  6. Singapore Grand Prix

    Actually, I didn't mean motorsport should be dangerous and that they shouldn't try to be as safe as possible; I more meant that driving in the wet at night on well-lit streets isn't particularly dangerous. Then again, just because some people on 10T think it might be canceled doesn't mean that's a possibility, so we'll see.
  7. Singapore Grand Prix

    It would be really embarrassing if they had to cancel the race. Rain's just as wet in the day, and the track's well-lit. Glare? I guess they should cancel races due to sunlight, too. That can be glare-y. I'm all for safety, but this seems silly.
  8. 2011 Rumour Mill

    Confirmed - Likely - Rumored - LOL McLaren Sir Lewis Hamilton (because of his 2008, 2010, and 2011 WDCs) Sir Jenson Button (because of his 2009 WDC) Red Bull Mark Webber (because he's not bad for having the best damned chassis on the grid) Sebastian Vettel (because he's just a little kid...and has been for the last four seasons) Ferrari Fernando Alonso (because of Santander) Felipe Massa (because no one else wanted him) Mercedes Nico Rosberg (because of sponsor relations; he uses Petronas Syntium to slick his hair) Michael Schumacher (because Eddie Jordan said he wouldn't) Renault Robert Kubica (because he's better than Kimi) Vitaly Petrov (because his GDP is greater than Mother Russia's) Adrian Sutil (because he's the best driver on the grid) Timo Glock (because he has no money and few results) Kimi Räikkönen (because...I don't know why, actually) Ho-Pin Tung (because is Great Chairman is Sacred Racing Horse) Force India Vitantonio Liuzzi (because Force India accidentally signed a driver who was good for one race to do 44 of them) Adrian Sutil (because the team actually want to score points) Paul di Resta (because he's many tenths off of Liuzzi's practice pace) Karun Chandhok (because he was slower than Jani and Hildebrand in their simulator last winter) Williams Rubens Barrichello (because he is the winningest driver in F1 history) Nico Hülkenberg (because in Soviet Russia, GP2 is a good development series) Sauber Kamui Kobayashi (because he has three nuts) Nick Heidfeld (because he's as dull as Sauber's livery) Sergio Pérez (because Carlos Slim already bought Minardi, Jaguar, Jordan, Super Aguri, Honda, Brawn, HRT, and the thirteenth spot for 2012) Pastor Maldonado (because Vitaly needs a competitor in the Communist Cup) Scuderia Toro Rosso Sébastien Buemi (because he's solid) Jaime Alguersuari (because he's solid, too) Daniel Ricciardo (because bringing drivers up before they are ready is cool) Karun Chandhok (because Red Bull love and miss him) Others (because they keep saying STR is for sale) Lotus Racing Heikki Kovalainen (because Renault love him) Jarno Trulli (because Renault don't love him) Vitaly Petrov (because Renault can't deny his inevitability) Jérôme d'Ambrosio (because Renault manage him) Ho-Pin Tung (because Lotus don't want to get better) Mikhail Aleshin (because he thinks he'll be the first WSR champion to actually stay with Renault) Hispania Racing Team Bruno Senna (no) Sakon Yamamoto (no) Karun Chandhok (no) Christian Klien (no) Pastor Maldonado (no) Kazuki Nakajima (no) Kimi Räikkönen (no) Jos Verstappen (maybe) Jacques Villeneuve (because he thinks he'll buy the team) Virgin Racing Timo Glock (because he thought it was a good idea at the time) Lucas di Grassi (because his money's run out faster than his lap times) Jérôme d'Ambrosio (because the Internet said so) Others (because they say the team may be for sale)
  9. I Am Rooting....

    Robert Kubica, has 108 points. Mark Webber has 187. That is a difference of 79. It is mathematically possible for Kubica to win the title, even with some of those ahead scoring points. Here's the scenario that would change the points most drastically among the top eight... 1. Kubica wins every race...233 points. 2. Rosberg P2 every race...202 points 3. Massa P3 every race...199 points. 4. Vettel P7 every race...193 points. 5. Webber retire every race...187 points. 6. Button P8 every race...185 points. 7. Hamilton retire every race...182 points. 8. Alonso P9 every race...176 points. So, while not likely, you are wrong and I am right. The points can shift quite radically among the top eight. Any of the eight can win, and the bottom four can be the top four (as seen above).
  10. Flav To Take Over Ferrari??

    Why else do you think I keep a lot of cash on hand? It would be an improvement for Ferrari to take on Briatore, I suppose, but not a huge one. And we all know David Richards is a legend and Kimi Räikkönen would make one hell of a team boss. If true, though, Massa better have been wise enough to have an easy way out of his new contract. I don't think this is what he wanted.
  11. Usa Gp News

    I had referenced this before, but finally found a video. It's not looking so good for them, eh? If you start around 3:20, you'll see the council ask Mr. Suttle questions and not get answers. And laugh at him. If you start around 12:40, you'll see the council laugh at Mr. Suttle even more. It's 15 minutes long, so it's hard to watch it all, but there's nothing in the 15 minutes that gives me much confidence in this event. Silverstone does it without taxpayer money. I say good on them. If an event needs to be propped up, it shouldn't be taking place to begin with. Suttle seems really happy to spend other people's money. I didn't realize he had the authority to widen roads. "We're going to..." But you really aren't, are you? You're going to demand the government does, and the government seems to actually have some common sense here. I do have to ask how Snorris got himself in the audience, though, and if that's his usual going out hat.
  12. I Guess That'S Finally It Then... Kimi Gone For Good :(

    Ferrari wouldn't get behind Massa without reason. They either felt he was more capable, or he was simply more popular within the team for work ethic, personality, loyalty, etc. That's just how the game goes. There's one kind of excuse: bad. It's how it goes. They made Kimi number one in 2007 at Massa's expense when Kimi was hardly out-performing Massa; they did the same with roles reversed in 2008. That's how it goes. At the end of the day, Ferrari had a reason to not back Kimi, and that reason's down to Kimi himself, whatever it was. It was honest, and the comments about the "certain rally driver" wanting back weren't ones I would have wanted to make representing my company. There certainly would have been a better way to word their disinterest in Kimi. The point made, however, is quite valid. Kimi's not the best decision for them. There's no guarantee he even has the advantage in the driving category after a year away. That is a fact.
  13. I Am Rooting....

    Well, with 125 points up for grabs, the top 8 are all still eligible to win. Of them, I dislike Massa least. Then Button. Then a huge gap. Then Hamilton. Then the largest possible gap. Then Vettel. Then Kubica. Then Alonso. Then Rosberg. Then a sizable gap. Then Webber. But I imagine the top 8 will look like: 1. Lewis Hamilton 2. Mark Webber (not bad for an ungrateful piece of moaning crap) 3. Fernando Alonso 4. Jenson Button 5. Sebastian Vettel 6. Felipe Massa 7. Robert Kubica 8. Nico Rosberg
  14. Good Men

    Let's get this thread back going, yes? Jeff Fuller, a racer from somewhere vaguely around here, has to get some admiration from me. That hairstyle (in this picture, it's 2000, not 1984) and the willingness to drive the Viagra car. Fuller became something of a NASCAR cult hero by being the poster boy (as if anyone with a mullet could be a poster boy) for "start and park," a practice where low budget teams field a second car that simply runs a few laps and parks (collecting money without spending any on tires or fuel to fund another car, or to fund that car for running full distances in future weeks in the case of single-car parkers). In 2004, Fuller parked in all 30 Nationwide races he contested, and since 2001, has parked a total of 54 times in the second-tier Nationwide Series. But there's more to Fuller than those unfortunate stats: in 1996, he took a surprising victory at Bristol, holding off the well-equipped Dale Jarrett, one of the most accomplished NASCAR drivers of the 90s. On top of that, Fuller won 31 races in the Modified tour, a regional division of open-wheel stock cars. It's hard not to respect someone who came from such a grassroots series with a great passion for the sport of stock car racing in its truest and original form (it all started with Mods). Perhaps Fuller's driving never stood out (during my time watching, he was mainly a start and park guy, though I did see him run the Modified twice in his later career when he returned to his roots), but it was hard not to like a guy who just didn't take himself seriously: he wasn't above parking, he wasn't above representing humiliating sponsors, and he wasn't above the mullet. He certainly didn't lack heart. Here's a "wicked" local one: Mike Marfeo. Marfeo races on the bullring short tracks in this area, and with a different marketing strategy, has always been able to attract fantastic sponsors (Dunkin Donuts, for example, can be seen in the picture) compared to most local racers. Yet for all the nice colors and big names, Marfeo was always at the back and only showed up irregularly. It was pretty easy to question why he was out there and poke fun at his pace. And then I learned something about Mike: his son passed away at the age of 2 from brain cancer in 1998. His racing efforts were being used for charity and his ability to attract sponsorship was rather brilliant considering most cars were just backed by family businesses or local automotive places in return for storage/service. It was really hard not to respect that. I remember fondly one night when, completely randomly, Marfeo started rocketing to the front. Using the outside line, the Rhode Island racer took a car suffering from serious oversteer to the lead; these were the first passes I had ever seen him make, and they were damned good ones. It was an amazing display to see him lead lap after lap with his car sliding out from under him on the exit of the corners each time. What easily would have been the most amazing win I had ever seen at the local track slipped away, as a bobble on a restart caused a collision, and Marfeo retired from the lead. In his first kart race (an all-star indoor event in Providence), he wasn't shy to mix it up with the big boys...or confront them post-race in quite the fiery display. Mike's enthusiasm for marketing, his drive to raise charity for a cause very close to him, and some entertaining moments easily make him one of those drivers I won't forget. There's nothing quite like the passion of the grassroots short tracks and Marfeo definitely embodies that. We used to laugh when his 01 pulled out from the tunnel and onto the track; now we applaud.
  15. Today In F1

    Don't be silly. Skype® Banking System have no funding to give; they promised to send me all their assets just for resetting my password! How's that for customer service?! Gosh, between that and the $15,000,000,000,000 the First Sir Lieutenant Junior Senior Reverend Captain Prince Father Luis Benjamin Sullivan Cougar Jackson, First Order of Nigeria, Attorney General is going to wire to me soon (he said the bank was having some type of an issue; I guess they're closed until the Department of the Third Nigerian National Security Council Air Force Guard change the threat of attack down from Purple-11), I might be buying HRT soon.