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  1. 2021 Rule Changes

    Well, Liberty, with approval from FIA, has issued out the new 2021 regulations. It includes a $175 budget cap (not including engines, principles salaries, driver salaries and marketing costs) and aerodynamic rule tweaks by Ross Brawn. I gather the teams have to approve them. I am assuming that Liberty has done their leg work and that will not be an issue. So, looks like we got something new for 2021. It is a step forward, although not entirely all the steps I would have taken. Still, looks like progress. We shall see how this all plays out.
  2. 2021 Rule Changes

    The budget cap does not apply to engines. There has been some comments made by team principals (Ferrari) as to whether there should be a separate budget cap for engines.
  3. 2021 Rule Changes

    Well, I can't imagine that Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are particularly happy over a set of budget caps that only affect them.....but I gather they understood that it needed to be done. Were they paying lip service to it in public and in private hoping to scupper the rules?
  4. 2021 Rule Changes

    Any truth to it?
  5. Embarrassing

    Yes, they were not competitive at Brazil. You are just reinforcing my argument.
  6. Embarrassing

    No....the complaint from rival camps was based upon an usually good acceleration out of corners that Ferrari had. It was so good, they could not figure out how it was done legally. Therefore they started looking at where Ferrari was bending or breaking the rules. They appear to have found it.
  7. Embarrassing

    Well, there may have been multiple efforts going on. It does appear from the first Red Bull question and the first technical direction that they were simply inferring with the ability of the fuel flow meter to monitor the rate of fuel flow. That the third technical directive now insists upon a second meter sort of reinforces that. Again.....the argument that this was just a "clever interpretation" of the rules does not seem to fully explain the events we have seen.
  8. Embarrassing

    Yea, I don't think this is what all the controversy is about.
  9. Embarrassing

    This was alluded to in the second directive (depending on what you mean by fuel additives). So yes. One summary: The FIA then published a second TD ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix, addressing the potential illicit use of flammable liquid in an engine's cooling system and reminding teams about the illegal practice of using oil for fuel in a unit's combustion chambers.
  10. Embarrassing

    It was obvious something was odd long before the first technical directive was issued. Many people had already noted and discussed the surprising extra power boost that Ferrari had coming out of the corners. This has been in discussion for a while. It was discussed on the other forum. In the end, such an advantage by one team over the rest can only come about through 1) a clever technical innovation, 2) a clever interpretation of the gray areas of the rules (i.e. Brawn's double diffuser) or, 3) a cheat. Now, clever technical innovations are pretty rare. They traditionally (historically) been outnumbered by "clever interpretations" and "cheats" probably by several orders of magnitude. So, from the beginning the most likely interpretation was that they were doing a "clever interpretation" or a "cheat." When the technical directives started coming out and they were seizing equipment from Ferrari, it was clearly more than just a "clever interpretation." Now, I don't know for certain that Ferrari cheated, but if you gave me even money on a bet on that, I would certainly lay down a sizable sum.
  11. Embarrassing

    Well, usually where there is smoke there is fire. We shall see. There will be more to come. Liberty, FIA and F1 in general probably don't have a strong reason to make that much of a stink about this. After all, it did not hurt F1 that Ferrari suddenly became competitive for six races. It livened up the show without changing the standings. That is why I keep asking about possible penalties. Would FIA delete their results in the six races where they clearly were using their "innovation" (and/or cheat) to their advantage? I kind of doubt it. It appears they are going to correct the problem going forward and then sweep it under the rug.
  12. Embarrassing

    A "routine check" that includes three new technical directives and the seizure of Ferrari's fuel system.
  13. Embarrassing

    Well, FIA has just issued their third technical directive on the subject, so probably something is going on. Again......we are probably looking at a cheat, instead of a simple issue of interpretation of the rules. So there probably needs to be some penalties. I wonder what they will be.
  14. Embarrassing

    Oh....I think it is pretty damn embarrassing for Ferrari. Added to that, they were not among the top two teams at Brazil either, further confirming the advantage they were getting for six races. At this point, it is clear that Ferrari was cheating and they have been caught. So the question becomes....what should be the penalty?
  15. IGNORE

    Well, the write-ups over on that site are nice. On the other hand....this site has the advantage/disadvantage that it is "very loosely" moderated. Actually, is there a moderator?
  16. Customer > Works

    You're just p**sed because they beat your favorite driver.
  17. IGNORE

    Well, if they believe that works....well, more power to them.
  18. Customer > Works

    Well, if they want to really build a legacy, they need to stay.
  19. Customer > Works

    Well I suspect they are contractually obligated to provide engines for a while. Regardless, even the rumors say they will continue as an engine manufacturer. There is a certain logic to them leaving F1 as a consructor, but I doubt they will do this. Hard to quit while you are ahead.
  20. IGNORE

    I am no longer a Catholic.
  21. Customer > Works

    This is rumor that I gather is based upon a single source by a single reporter. I will wait for more confirming rumors before I take it seriously. How many times have we heard of rumor team sales that never happen? For example, how many times did we hear that Toro Rosso was about to be sold? Now, there was some basis to these rumors...but...sometimes selling an F1 team does not work out. The perfect buyer rarely arrives (although hard to argue that Penske is not close to a perfect buyer). On the other hand, I do note that McLaren has signed up to run Mercedes engines. They certainly would not do that and diss Renault unless they had some guarantee of continuity. So perhaps the real situation is that Mercedes is looking for someone to take over the team in 2021 (which will be budget capped) and Mercedes will just continue with engines (which are not budget capped).
  22. IGNORE

    Well....lets see..... 1. Ferrari has a sudden performance increase in the middle of the season. 2. Specifically, it is a sudden burst in acceleration coming out of corners. 3. It is a significant leap in performance, as opposed to a more gradual development. 4. Mercedes researches how it might be done and passed that research to Red Bull. 5. Red Bull officially files for a rule clarification. 6. Suddenly that performance advantage goes away. is not known for certain as for obvious reasons Ferrari wants to keep what they were doing under wraps, but it does appear to be the case. In the first 12 races of the season Ferrari had 3 poles, 3 fastest laps and no wins. Then for the next six races they had 6 poles, 2 fastest laps, and 3 wins. And then they suddenly lost pace at the U.S. GP (although they still got the fastest lap). If in the last two races of the year, they don't show the speed advantage that they had in races 13-18, then it is hard to argue that it was anything other than a clever "cheat."
  23. Strategy

    Oh no.....I remember the days of the Goodyear/Michelin wars, where some teams would be more competitive at some tracks and other teams would be more competitive at others, depending on the tires. It gave lots of people a chance to shine. Good stuff. Of course, the argument you give could also be made for engines....or for chassis....or for aerodynamic improvements. Sounds like an argument for a spec series.
  24. Strategy

    I like multiple tire manufacturers. If we have multiple engine manufacturers and multiple chassis manufacturers, why restrict the tires? If the goal is "driver's skills" then F1 should be a spec series.
  25. Strategy

    Yes, if it only tasted as good as a coke or pepsi.