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  1. World class snooker from The Rocket. Well deserved win. Kudos to Carter too. Brilliant championship this year, loved it!

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    2. JHS18


      Can Sheffield return to normality now then? Some of us have something called work to do, never mind poncing about watching snooker all day1 :P

    3. Kopite Girl

      Kopite Girl

      OOOO! Get you! Love Sheffield. My auntie Pauline lived on Park Henry Row in them god awful flats near Ponds Forge and my mate lives S2 (Manor Top). Oh and Meadowhall is cool too!

      @Craig - Oi, I'll have you know snooker is a very civilised sport (game whatever you want to call it). There's no yobs! Not like that rugby stuff you watch :P :p haha. Back to work for me so I'll speak laters :D

    4. HandyNZL


      Rugby schmugby... LEAGUE, girly, LEAGUE!! Where shoulder charges are not only legal, but encouraged :P :P Never seen a shoulder charge in snooker...can't be a real sport :P :P

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