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Stoddart: Don't Let The b#####d Get You Down!

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Sorry to start a new thread about spy saga again. But this is irresistible. If this has been posted elsewhere, please ignore it.

Just sit back and read this:-

I think what he said carries some credibility as an ex-F1 boss (who knows a lot of things behind the back door) and outsider now.

He highlighted:

Ferrari International Assistance; Massa knowledge of stewards' decision before anyone else; Ron is very misunderstood guy; Indianapolis 2005; Max is a power-junkie; ..........................; and

"Do I feel that Ron Dennis is being badly treated by Max? Categorically," he says. "There is only one person in the sport hated more by Mosley than me, and that's Ron. You've only got to go back to Max's resignation speech (, when he referred to Ron and Martin Whitmarsh as 'not the sharpest knife in th box' and his side-kick.

In short, he won't have any change going back to F1 and will be attacked by Max and maybe Ferrari shortly.

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From now onwards, I'm voting and backing the FIA to fully support ferrari, wether they are RIGHT and WRONG. You guys have pushed me this far.

1. I hope Ferrari will win the titles with Mclaren being heavily punished.

2. I hope Ferrari gets added an additional 50 points, and all the other teams better shut the **** up!

3. I hope Mclaren will be expelled.

4. I hope Ferrari will win the next 10 seasons of grand prix racing, with the FIA's help or not!

Bring on the World Council meeting tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either way I''m gonna celebrate like no other!!!!!!!!!

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Hell, that felt good....I'm gonna add more realise that from now onwards I'm revelling in delight with any substance or information found that ferrari is cheating and that the FIA blatantly support them....


5. I hope Alonso and Hamilton gets deducted 20 points each!

6. I hope the media pushes Ron Dennis so far he almost has a nervous breakdown and resigns.

7. I hope Alonso gets a ten-grid penalty for being a kilometre behind Massa and Kimi in qualifying, apparently obstructing them...

I will add more points as the day goes along.....

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Ferrari 'Deserve' to Win Formula One Championship If McLaren DQ'd

Luca di Montezemolo on Tuesday said Ferrari would accept the world championship this year even if was won in the courts.

In Frankfurt for the famous auto show, the Maranello based marque's president said if championship leader McLaren is disqualified on Thursday by the World Motor Sport Council, "it would be a deserved victory" for the Prancing Horse.

"To win the world title at the table (rather than on the track) would in any case be a deserved victory," Montezemolo is quoted as saying in Germany by Gazzetta dello Sport, where Michael Schumacher helped him launch the new 430 model.

He added: "We would deserve it because it would have been won in the other case in a way that was not correct, not legal and not sporting."

Montezemolo, meanwhile, echoed other F1 voices that say the entire espionage saga is not good for the sport.

"The less spoken about it the better," he agreed. "It interests us that this ugly chronicle is closed in a hurry but above all with the truth exposed."

DaimlerChrysler president Dieter Zetsche, linked with McLaren through its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz, was also at the Frankfurt auto show, where he was similarly asked about Thursday's Paris hearing.

"We wait for Thursday with tranquillity; we will see what happens," he told the news agency dpa.


I'm with Montezemolo on this one. I really hope this happens. If it does'nt, I know they will push and take the matter to court. Anyway, Ferrari should and MUST win at all cost, the FIA will see to it! I'm happy to support Ferrari with this venture.

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