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  1. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    She's gonna give both of them a WDC trophy at the end of it!
  2. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    Genuine from the heart or forced by the three musketeers to say it?
  3. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    Thought about this a couple of days ago. Had Ross Brawn stayed at Mercedes, would the team & the Hamilton/Rosberg fiasco be avoided?
  4. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    If it weren't for the handbags of Monaco I reckon Hamilton wouldn't have gotten an much stick as he now does.
  5. Is Hamilton Doing A Lebron James?

    Agreed. While a good few people have been slagging off Hamilton for being a 'cry baby' I haven't seen a single post condoning Rosberg's move on Hamilton at Spa.
  6. Webber Hits Out At Vettel

    The grapes are getting more sour as the season goes on.
  7. Button And Williams

    Yeah 2004 was Button's breakthrough year IMO. Dicing with the incredibly fast Ferrari's that season was great to watch as a 10 year old and he was only a second away from getting his 1st F1 victory, which went to Trulli that day at Monaco.
  8. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    The thing about this is that the stewards could only give a 20 second penalty for 'aggressive driving' & even if Rosberg had 20 seconds added to his time, he'd still finish in 2nd.
  9. Alonso Wants $50 Million To Stay In Ferrari

    On eyebrow waxing I hope
  10. Is Hamilton Doing A Lebron James?

    That's cos all the words said about Hamilton are being said on these forums
  11. Vettel And Raikkonen

    That could potentially happen soon. Wouldn't at all be surprised to see Seb joining Mercedes next year. They'd love an all-German line-up & I don't fancy Hamilton staying at the team much longer, especially if Rosberg wins the championship.
  12. Lewis Is A Loser

  13. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    Nicole must have dumped him again..
  14. Belgian Grand Prix

    Apart from the very start & the great battle at the very end, I thought it was mostly unspectacular. Delighted for Ricciardo though. He's just becoming more & more impressive as the races go by.
  15. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    As I'm sure you know, Hamilton was put out of the race on lap 2 when Rosberg punctured his rear tyre & put Hammy down the pecking order. Mercedes say that Rosberg was unacceptable to race Lewis very closely only 2 laps in & he was even booed on the podium! Is Rosberg getting the stick he deserved or are the Mercedes staff & fans being too harsh on Nico? Also, with Nico & Hamilton's relationship at a seemingly all-time low pre-race, what's going to be the fallout from this latest scenario?