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  1. ****** is better than ****

  2. people keep giving me money last few days

  3. michael jackson passed away, amy and whitney are gone too. it seems being a pop star is more dangerous than being F1 star.

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    2. HandyNZL


      Druggies the lot of them, and just because they can hold a tune, doesn't make em special. But the world is f'ed upside down, so go on calling them your I'll look up to people I actually know and can talk to and learn from. Those sorts of people are the real idols...a sports star or pop star you do not know should never be your idol.

    3. Caesar


      the only idol is Billy Idol.what i meant to say is that speed kills, one way or another

    4. JHS18


      To quote someone I know when they found out "Another druggie bites the dust". Hardly surprising really...

  4. nothing new, just saying hello!

  5. born as toothless, bald, naked amateur. well, since then, i progressed a lot.

  6. F1 "proctologist",again :-(

    1. AleHop


      Female proct...? :-)

  7. exhaust blown diffuser banned? no more blow job?

    1. AleHop


      DSK didn't tell such thing!!! :(

  8. exhaust blown diffuser banned?

  9. If you hit me in the balls i will kneel down, and maybe say a prayer. Normally i am not so religious.

  10. Money is no problem! There is no money!

  11. been working for last two weeks, six days in a week, ten hours a day. damn capitalism.

    1. LabradoRacer
    2. HandyNZL


      Meh....thats nothing. Get hard you communist!! Lol

    3. Caesar


      we didn't fight to work! :)

  12. i am not getting any smarter. i try, i really do, but it seems that there is no point.maybe it is that time of the year.

    1. AleHop


      I don't understand but I salute you: Ave, Caesar.

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