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  1. 2019 Honda

  2. 2019 Honda

  3. 2019 Honda

    Well this aint "Radical-one's feelings about Honda" thread, it is Honda thread, hehe Honda makes cars go slower
  4. 2019 Honda

  5. 2019 Honda

    I remember some statements from Helmut and Horner before season about Renault, Honda and McLaren hehe Its not a good deal
  6. 2019 Honda

    Yes but you can see here amazing job Honda has done hehe
  7. 2019 Honda

  8. 2019 Honda

    Ali i see is mediocre Sainz with mediocre McLaren overtaking excellent Verstappen in excellent Red Bull.😏
  9. 2019 Honda

    Well Honda has to ne on a new cycle, after fiasco with McLaren they could only get better
  10. 2019 Honda

    Wasnt so IMPRESSED with Honda today . McLaren look better with Renault than red bull with Honda.
  11. Vettel WHO

    I feel sorry for him. Charlie destroyed him today
  12. 2019 Honda

    Wrong, seen todays race?
  13. Honda

  14. Honda

    “It is true that we have gone through a very tough situation now and nobody was satisfied... especially the board,” Katsuhide Moriyama, Honda’s chief officer brand and communication, told reporters at the Singapore Grand Prix. “It is our goal to overcome this tough challenge and get back to fighting with the frontrunners of the sport. “Our spirit, Honda’s spirit, is going to come back and for next year our goal is to fight for the top three at the front of the grid.” I will just put this here. ?