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  1. BTW; BRB; LOL; WTF! (feel young, carefree and stupid...)

  2. a dark horse riding on a dark race course.

    1. Kopite Girl

      Kopite Girl

      You're Daveybaby. That's superhero!

    2. Medilloni


      Need a torch matey? you can borrow mine anytime ;-)

  3. If you're "poke" does that make me "gumby"? Hello, stranger.

  4. glad to see the return of LR.

    1. LabradoRacer


      Thank you, but I wish I was seeing better times.

    2. Kopite Girl

      Kopite Girl

      Jay, no matter what - you have David, Graham, me, and heck all of us to see you through this. Right Daveybaby?

    3. Persevere


      Keep calling me Daveybaby and I'll do anything you ask. kewpie doll.

  5. off to buy a prom dress (happy now, Undead One?)

    1. Quiet One

      Quiet One

      Hope it matches your juicy couture fashion purse!

    2. JHS


      I advise you to visit Coolangatta after you've bought your prom dress and juicy couture fashion purse.

  6. ... is off to by a prom dress (happy now, Andres?)

  7. I'd kill for 6 hours of sleep.

  8. ...needs to find a better mousetrap.

  9. Needs to find that smiling girl from the Mardi Gras.

  10. Thanks - you're too kind, but I will do my best.

  11. Would like a month of Sundays

    1. LabradoRacer


      And we want more of you. As in, more of your posts & wit.

  12. ...must stay cool this summer.

  13. So much for the discretion we discussed, young lady. And, for the last time, it's Prince David; get it right!
  14. I always knew you had restraint.
  15. J.H.C.! I go away for a few days only to return to find I've been dragged through the mud, raked over the coals and tossed into a shed with Craig's sheep. Damn you all, it's going to take months before our new member - hello, Kate's Dirty Sister, assuming that's your real name - is comfortable enough to start sending photos to add to my collection. Otherwise, everything else Kopite Girl has said is true. Besides, she scares the hell out of everyone here. Ah yes, Jane Fonda in Barbarella... Even better than Cheese Whiz, Mike.
  16. Stephy: Yes, I saw the good news on the Forum, and I'm deliriously happy for you. When you're up for it and when you can, as I always enjoy your musings...

  17. So sorry to hear about the slipped disc but it would appear that you are improving. Your civility - and sensibility - are always missed at the Forum. I wish you a full recovery.

  18. Glad to see your recent post; trust you are well.

  19. As of 3:00 p.m. EST you have 28 posts in 24 hours??!! I assume you're planning on calling in sick tomorrow and sleeping late, old man. By the way, have you gotten all of that desert sand out of your luggage yet?

  20. P - Coverage by SPEED of qualifying is between 2:00 and 3:30 early Saturday morning. Race coverage starts at 1:30 early Sunday morning. Damn those wacky Australians... or as they would say, Cheers, mate!

  21. Yes, agreed re: Robert K. He needed a new team and (fingers crossed) I'm hopeful Renault gives him a consistently good car so that he can again show is worth. As for things that go VROOOOMMMM, at least between now and Australia we've got Sebring. And let's hope winter is truly over.

  22. "F*cking Bollocks.


    Sometimes this place is worse than a gang of old women at the local church bitching about the meals-on-wheels late deliveries."

    Laughed out loud when I read this. Yes, we agree. Too much angst too soon in the season. Keep 'em on level ground, kiddo.

  23. Good to see you back from winter hibernation. I think you had much more snow than we did in New England.

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