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  1. wrinkly as a baby's d#ck!

  2. moved to *tears* by the return of LR.

    1. LabradoRacer


      Surely you mean *bored to tears*?

    2. Kopite Girl

      Kopite Girl

      *joins Graham*

      We need to get him on msn, when I can get it to work.

  3. wonders who the other 2 are - thought they were all Eric :P

  4. Welcome all, whoever you are! (No, not you Pabloh. We all know you're an imposter. Any real pervert wouldn't have time to make more than about, oh, 20 posts because they'd be camped out in the Pics of Me thread. )
  5. Certainly not. Otherwise I'd be as criminally incompetent as the people I'm responsible for.
  6. So that's how they decided the diffusers are legal. Tough luck, old chap. Thank goodness I wasn't in charge of this mess.
  7. Dunno but Argento has the forum's best rear end. Welcome Mario. Don't I know you from somewhere?
  8. Maure is a misbegotten lily-livered jolt-head; a saucy dread-bolted giglet; a very superficial, ignorant, unweighing fellow; a churlish doghearted scut; a ruttish fat-kidneyed ratsbane; and a leathern-jerkin, crystal-button, knot-pated, agatering, puke-stocking, caddis-garter, smooth-tongue, ****ish pouch! He doesn't read this thread does he? (
  9. Welcome Mr Mustang. Enjoy the ride. And Mr Danny-boy, which is Maure's best side?
  10. OK you win: you're on top form tonight.
  11. Yes, especially Paul. By this time of night he's probably high on lucozade dancing like Peter Crouch in a tracksuit.
  12. Hi to the new fellow with the long name. Paul is from Liverpool too, whereas I'm on the safer side of the Mersey.
  13. Oh boy oh boy. Betty is ****ing hilarious. Welcome abroad. Hi there. Don't worry: we're not all completely mad. Have fun.
  14. I was wrong about you being a big girl, then. Pity. I love 15 year olds and you and Jocasta would have had so much in common.
  15. Hi Eric! Welcome back. All the best, mate.
  16. Welcome McGrubbin! How do you think your guy will do against Piquet this year?
  17. Yes but you're a lot less scary in green and blue. Don't ever go back to being regular skin coloured.

  18. Hey Karen, welcome and enjoy! It's much better having your own say than reading everyone else's imho. But then I'm biased because I'm always right and they're always wrong.
  19. Hi Boily! Boilies.... hard and melt in your mouth. Just the sort of man I need!
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