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  1. To Andres/Eric: can someone get rid of the blue pill in the Singapore topic so I can feel innocent as a lamb reading it at work? I know, it would be just too good... xD

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    2. JHS18


      Why are you looking at this whilst at work? SuperKimi would not be happy! :P

    3. freaky2


      Sadly, because of lack of work! XD

    4. LabradoRacer


      Sh#t, this request made me lose my hard-on.

  2. Organising people is horrible! >.<

  3. But it's still March! Either you have the longest lazy summers ever, or you worry too much about those exams XDD

  4. I'm fine. I'm in the UK now, for a placement, so I'm working 9 to 5 XD I'm currently trying to figure out where I'd like to go for Easter holidays.

    And what are you up to?

  5. Hey!! Why did the Rainmaster come back? I thought you favored new names :P

  6. A lazy Saturday feels like a luxury even if it's not perfect

    1. Rainmaster


      There are other kinds of Saturday? I don't want to know about those

  7. So THAT's where you were hiding :P

  8. Hahaha! Same as George, nice to know a bit more about you Ikyrotz Welcome Graham (Now Murray will definitely forever be Murray...)
  9. Whenever you want girl! Just start the talking and my blabbermouth will follow ^^

  10. will finally earn some money. A first for everything, like George says XD

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    2. freaky2
    3. LabradoRacer


      I wish there was a "like" button for this status :)

    4. LabradoRacer


      * "...a first time for everything..."?


  11. Did something useful today XD

    1. Rainmaster


      First time for everything! :P

    2. HandyNZL


      I found it no use whatsoever!

  12. I bet Steph could still pull it off, and you can for sure, don't worry
  13. Welcome aboard, don't listen to Andrés, he's delirious because he's only seen women dressed in skirts with 20 layers
  14. Whatever my age's gotta do with it? XD

    Anyway, I think we're a pretty balanced forum here, a ton of old farts and a few very young pretty girls :whistling:

    Just joking :P

  15. Happy New Year, girl!! Wish you an amazing 2010!

  16. Mmm, yeah, I clicked on your name, then realised I was intruding on other people's profiles and left running... :P

    Nah, I'm doing great, expecting a veeery long weekend :D

  17. Hi there, cozy little corner in here ^^

  18. I know who it is! Am I clever or what?
  19. Lol! Meds that was funny, thanks! And you should go and tell Murray off because yesterday he said that he was BettyBoop, stealing all your glory. Me thinks he being envious because BettyBoop too witty to be his creation XD
  20. Yes, every night in your dreams, right?
  21. Well, Eric's bollocks aren't of the dangerous kind XD
  22. Hahah, so that was the big deal? Bah, it doesn't matter, we always need more people posting bollocks Welcome back!
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