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  1. After recent relevations in the past week, I'm actually now ashamed and embarrassed to say I want to be a journalist.

    1. Caesar


      maybe that will make you good journalist?

  2. ICT exam tomorrow...determined to ace it.

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    2. JHS


      Information and Communications Technology

    3. AleHop


      Ok, thanks. Best of luck, James.

    4. JHS


      Thanks. Results day happens to fall on my 18th birthday, so that should be interesting.

  3. 2 Huge wrecks this year at Le Mans. Urgh.

  4. School done. :D Only one exam to prepare for.

    1. lewisthegreat2


      Attaboy. Kick its a## and grab your next endeavor by the scruff, Jimmy. You're in that prime period where you're still young, but you're also an adult. Enjoy that; this post-high school period has been badass so far for me.

    2. JHS


      Cheers buddy, sounds like you're enjoying yourself! Not sure really what is in store over the next few weeks other than 1 exam - I'll take everyday as it comes. We'll catch up again soon.

  5. Still can't get over that Porsche crash at Imola today. Incredibly violent accident. So glad the driver was okay.

    1. HandyNZL


      Missed that one...did you post a link in the crash thread? Massive fireball in V8's at Perth over the weekend too

    2. JHS


      Yeah, I posted it in the crash thread. I saw the V8 fireball one too - very scary. Hopefully he recovers from his small burns soon. Lot of big accidents this weekend - I guess you could say Ayrton and Roland were looking out for people.

  6. Really feels like saying to one person in particular "Just f*ck off out of my life" right now.

    1. HandyNZL


      That's no way to talk to Santa Claus

    2. AleHop


      I think you've been a bit irascible lately. I hope everything is fine soon.

  7. Hello, James, are you on facebook? If so, is it cool beans with you to add me on fb? I'm at

    If your answer's no, no offence taken. I'd understand it as we've not met in real life.

  8. Happy birthday to Viagraonlines! Apparently they are 29 today.

  9. It wasn't really you it was aimed at, so I'm sorry it came across that way. It was more about the New Zealand Maori stuff, whatever that was about. :P

  10. Sorry mate. I do junk up the threads at times. Its just my sense of humour but I swear on Mother Teresa's clothes I will try better. Honest. Girl guides honour. (well i cant say scout cause i'm not a boy and i'm sure as hell not saying brownie!) i'll shut up now.

  11. Top Gear was good tonight, forgotten how much I'd missed it.

  12. Wow this place is quiet of late.....hello? Any intelligent life around here? :P

    1. Port-A-Loo


      There's plenty of unintelligent life. :P

    2. JHS


      There always is mate! :P

    3. HandyNZL


      Oh yeah...just 'coz you's got five ceptances into younee-vercity you's thunk we all dumbpoo's.

  13. Thanks! Hopefully off to Sheffield Hallam. Went for a look round yesterday, and it's a really nice place, such a different environment and much more mature than school.

    Hahah, that's the plan. I'm working for a couple of sites and a local paper, so hopefully...:P

  14. Good going on uni mate! which one you off to? Be great to say one day 'i know that dude from tf1' when you're easily kicking legard, brundle, kravitz, davidson and coulthard into Oblivion with your f1 journalism know how.

  15. Has 5 conditional offers for university already! Pleased and excited.

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    2. elgo


      Ever since you joined TF1 I had this suspicion of you being Eric and this is only making it stronger...oh well,nevermind. Must be a coincidence :D

    3. JHS


      Hahaha, I can categorically say I'm not Eric. We're good friends, but we have a lot of differences too. He wants to go to uni too though, so hopefully it's going well for him.

    4. LabradoRacer


      My 2 cents: Don't go for PR. The other 2 are much better. Anyhoo, all the best.

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