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  1. He didn't deserve it. He looted it in the riots.
  2. Abu Dhabi, Here We Go!

    Wow. That was strange. You mean I've missed Spa, Monza, Singapore, Japan, Korea and India? Geez. What happened?
  3. Btcc '11

    How the 2011 grid is shaping up. EDIT: Colours! Red is confirmed, green is likely and blue is rumoured.) RML Chevrolet (Chevrolet Cruze) 1. Jason Plato 11. Alex MacDowell ?. ? Honda Racing (Honda Civic) 2. Matt Neal 3. Gordon Shedden Team AON (Ford Focus, likely to be new car) 5. Tom Chilton 4. Tom Onslow-Cole Airwaves Racing (Ford Focus, ex AON cars) 7. Mat Jackson 66. Liam Griffin 6. Steven Kane/Ben Collins Pirtek Racing (Vauxhall Vectra) 25. Jeff Smith 77. Andrew Jordan Special Tuning UK (Seat Leon) 12. Tom Boardman (likely, one driver signed already) ?. ? ?. ? ?. ? (running up to four cars?) AmD Essex (Volkswagen Golf) 99. Shaun Hollamby Dynojet (Toyota Avensis) ?. Frank Wrathall Rob Austin Racing (Audi A4) ?. Rob Austin ?. ? Speedworks (Toyota Avensis) ?. Tony Hughes ?. ? Welch Motorsport (Proton Gen 2 NGTC?) ?. Dan Welch WSR (BMW 320si) 8. Rob Collard ?. ? ?. ? Sunshine.co.uk (Honda Civic?) 9. Paul O'Neill ?. ? Triple 8 Engineering (Vauxhall Vectra/Insignia) 13. James Nash ?. ? Team Wood Racing (Honda Integra) 43. Lea Wood ? (?) Tony Gilham At the moment there's 22 cars confirmed for the grid. Another 5 are listed as likely whilst a further 10 are rumoured. That COULD bring the grid to 37 cars.
  4. Btcc '11

    Some great racing once again yesterday. Perhaps the action wasn't as great as seen in previous rounds, but I'm not sure the Snetterton 300 layout really generates good racing. Great event in terms of the championship though. Neal lost the championship lead, Shedden gained in and then lost it in the third race. Jackson now leads the title and there's only 31 points between the top 5 in the standings. Seeing as there's four weeks til Knockhill, thought I'd do a run down of an early prediction in terms of a 2011 entry list. Dynamics/Honda (Honda Civic) Matt Neal Gordon Shedden ? (third car possible for James Thompson?) RML/Chevrolet (Chevrolet Cruze) Jason Plato? (made comments before about wanting to do GT/Le Mans racing in future) Alex MacDowall Arena/Ford (Ford Focus) ? ? (Recent confirmation that Arena is building Fords for WTCC could mean Chilton and Onslow-Cole race there) ? (Glew/Neate?) Motorbase/Airwaves (Ford Focus) Mat Jackson Liam Griffin Johnny Adam? (recently tested for team) West Surrey Racing/Team eBay (MG 7 - to become "unofficial" MG team? Ran MGs before) Rob Collard Nick Foster Triple 8 (Vauxhall Vectra) James Nash Tony Gilham? (funding has been a struggle this year) Tech Speed (Chevrolet Cruze) Paul O'Neill? (made comments prior to the season about leaving the series if he doesn't win this year) John George AmD Milltek (VW Golf) Martin Byford ? (Possibility to run a second car?) Rob Austin Racing (Audi A4) Rob Austin? (Said before the year he'd rather focus on team management) Chris Swanwick/Dave Pinkney? (Swanwick recently tested for the team, expected to race later this year, Pinkney admitted he was in contact with 3 teams about a drive for '12, return here a possibility? Speedworks (Toyota Avensis) Tony Hughes (budget allowing) Dynojet (Toyota Avensis - possibility of more Toyota backing?) Frank Wrathall ? (Second car for G55 champion? Ginetta sponsors Dynojet) Geoff Steel Racing (BMW 320si with turbo?) ? ? (Wanted to run two cars this year) Special Tuning Racing UK (Seat Leon - unless they go the NGTC route - Seat Exeo?) Tom Boardman Dave Newsham ? (third car possibility?) Eurotech/Pirtek Racing (Vauxhall Vectra) Andy Jordan? (Recent entry into a competition to drive a V8 Supercar suggests he could be eyeing a move to Australia?) Jeff Smith Welch Automotive (Proton Gen 2) Dan Welch ? (aim to have second car racing in 2012) Thorney Motorsport (Vauxhall Insignia - entering Silverstone in preparation for full season in 2012) ? ? TH Motorsport (Skoda Octavia - Skoda backing?) Matt Hamilton ? (confirmed intentions to run a second car) ES Racing (Chevrolet Lacetti) Chris James (if he has the budget for a second season?) Central Group Racing (? - BTC cars outlawed from 2012) Lea Wood bamboo Engineering (plans for 2011 fell through) Harry Vaulkhard?
  5. Btcc '11

    A full run down of the times here. Good job by Welch. 2.2 seconds off pole in a car that has hardly done any testing is a great effort.
  6. Btcc '11

    Plato tops the 26 car entry on the news Snetterton 300 circuit for the first race of the day. 1. Plato 2. Shedden 3. MacDowall 4. Neal 5. Nash 6. Chilton 7. Wrathall 8. Newsham 9. O'Neill 10. Onslow-Cole I'll post a link to the complete times later. Great job by Newsham, and Wrathall as well. I made a prophecy at the start of the year that if an NGTC car won a race this season, he'd be the driver. That might still be a bit early, but if everything goes well, he could just sneek a podium in the final race of the day, the reverse grid draw. We'll see.
  7. Btcc '11

    And here is the finished car.
  8. Today In F1

    Well said. Here's an insight from a reader of F1 Fanatic in Finland. http://www.f1fanatic.../2011/08/04/48/
  9. Btcc '11

    Okay, so the biggest news from this break is probably not really surprising news. TH Motorsport to return in 2011 with an NGTC spec Skoda Octavia, driven by Matt Hamilton. There had been talk of this for some time, so as I say, perhaps not the most surprising news, but great to have it confirmed. Also in the news is: Former Renault Clio Cup champion, Martin Byford, replaces Shaun Hollamby as driver at AmD Milltek. Jonathan Adam has recently tested for Motorbase, with a third car for him alongside Mat Jackson and Liam Griffin seeming likely. Geoff Steel Racing plan to return later this year with a turbocharged BMW, the first of such a car. The turbo cars *cough* Honda *cough* have been hit with another change in turbo boost, a reduction in 0.05 bar. Former Ginetta junior drive and current Renault Clio driver, 17 year old Chris Swanwick, looks likely to make his debut in the BTCC in a second RAR Audi alongside Rob Austin after testing for the team. Finally, all being well, the Welch Motorsport Proton Gen 2 should makes its debut at Snetterton this weekend. The team have revealed a teaser image of the car taking shape. Finally finally - on that Thommo thing. He's split from Polestar racing in the Scandinavian championship causing rumours that he could end up back in the BTCC, most likely in a Dynamics Honda.
  10. Btcc '11

    BTCC is back this weekend after their summer break on the new Snetterton 300 circuit. Also, you heard it here first. James Thompson back to the BTCC. Possibly. I'll post news of what has been happening in recent weeks here soon, I don't have time at the moment.
  11. Today In F1

    Yeah, I mean we have the radio rights remaining! Will be like 1940s Britain, everyone tuning in to hear the latest on the war race.
  12. Today In F1

    Not really "a storm in a tea-cup" here. You only have to look at the furious reaction from British fans on loads of different forums to see that it is far from just "a storm in a tea-cup". I've never had Sky. For one, I'm not paying money to such an organisation as Sky, and for £600 a year for just F1...forget it. I'll live without. So just 10 races for me next year. Think that'll start to kill of my F1 interest. It'll go from something that was not to miss to something I'll watch if I remembered it's on. Afterall, what's the point in just following half a season and having to put up with butchered highlights where you'll already know the result before you watch for all the others? Completely stupid. Good luck finding a pub that'll show F1 over football I all I can say. If you want me, I'll be over by BTCC. Umm...yes? Substantially so. Let me put it to you this way. Some big football match that was on Sky a few weeks ago got 1.8 million viewers. BBC gets that from stupid obscure programmes like antiques roadshow. Look at the way cricket and boxing. When they were on BBC they enjoyed massive viewing figures, and they should do now because England does quite well in Cricket. But the truth is that nobody gives a damn because it is on Sky. To quote Bernie Ecclestone just a few weeks ago.
  13. Today In F1

    p**sed off doesn't cover it. People from outside the UK will just take this for us having been spoilt and now moaning, but I'm furious. No way I'm paying for Sky. No freaking way. Well done Bernie for destroying the viewing figures in the UK. Just as races here where enjoying the biggest numbers of people watching EVER, you do this. Oh well, it's his sport he's destroying, but I guess he'll fail to notice the massive drop off in viewing figures for being too busy counting his money.
  14. One of the most exciting stories to come out of the week of Le Mans was the announcement of a tie up between the FIA and the ACO to run a World Endurance Championship in 2012 and beyond. With quite a few manufacturers looking like they are seriously interested (which I'll get on to in a moment) as well as some interesting new programmes being announced, I feel as though this new, exciting championship deserves a thread here. From what we know so far, the calendar will consist of about 7 rounds. 3 in Europe (Le Mans 24 hours and two others. Possible Silverstone and Spa) 2 in America (Sebring and ?) 2 in Asia (Shanghai and Fuji/Suzuka?) Points will be awarded into several different categories: Manufacturers’ Endurance World Champion Drivers’ Endurance World Champion GTE Pro World Cup FIA LM P2 Trophy FIA GTE Am Trophy FIA Trophy for the best private team (open to all categories) As for TV deals etc? As for manufacturers interested? Well, it looks as if it will be Audi and Pegeot will be there, however, these tweets from Endurance Sportscars suggests differently: Possible suggestion that one/both will be rebadged as something else then? Corvette Racing meanwhile, looks to be working on a deal to do WEC in GT Pro next year. As for new manufacturers coming into the sport, this is where it gets really interesting. Already, there have been strong rumours of Toyota returning. Elsewhere, there have been rumours of Mazda investigating a diesel sportscar programme as well as a Dempsey Racing P2 effort, whilst Nissan are also reportedly interested, collaborating with Oreca to build a new P1 car, and even suggestions about BMW possibly making a diesel P1 car too, despite Mario Theissen previously stating that most BMW's budget would go towards DTM. Meanwhile, Lotus' P2 car should appear towards the back end of '12, whilst there's suggestions the garage 56 cars (Deltawing and Yves Courage's Green GT) could race in WEC rounds too. It is always easy to be sucked into early rumours and speculation about who may be doing what, and then to end up disappointed if some rumours don't come to life. But the World Endurance Championship is certainly one form of racing you'll have to keep an eye on in 2012 and in the future.
  15. Haven't posted here in a while, I guess some updates are required. The big news is that Porsche will be back in 2014 with a new LMP1 car. Still no indication as to whether the car will be open/closed and whether it will be run by Porsche completely, or someone like Penske. Last I heard was that penske had stated interest in running the car. The big news from today is that Jaguar, with backing from Tata of course, are also interested in returning to Le Mans. An early mock-up suggests the car will be a coupe, but no time frame has yet been put on the project. Apparently there is more information about this story in this week's AUTOSPORT. I'll post more about it if/when I get it tomorrow. Lastly, I'll end on this tweet from John Dagys:
  16. The British Grand Prix

    I think there's still a chance of rain, at least that's what BBC weather are saying.
  17. Massa´s Illegal Use Of Drs

    How truly awful. His super license should be stripped and he should be banned from all FIA sanctioned motorsport for 20 years! Or something.
  18. Today In F1

    Red Bull to pull out at the end of the year. Of NASCAR.
  19. Btcc '11

    As ever, some fantastic racing, the highlight of which was surely the incredibly close finish in race one. Fantastic driving by Jackson. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y35fS5r9qmQ&feature=feedu[/media] Also great action in races two and three. Fantastic job by the WSR team today, especially by Collard. Nice to see him let Foster back through in race three once he knew he wouldn't be able to win. Hopefully the BMWs can start to be a bit more competitive and mix things up with the Chevrolets, Hondas and Fords.
  20. Btcc '11

    First non-Honda pole of the year! Interesting grid for the first race tomorrow. Great job by Collard.
  21. Btcc '11

    After the excitement of Oulton, the series returns this weekend to race at Croft. Practice 1 and 2 results.
  22. Well, with it not being that long till the biggest endurance race in the world is here, I thought a topic should be started. There's a lot of interest around the race this year, lots of new cars. Both Audi and Peugeot have brand new cars, although in the case of Peugeot, you wouldn't really know looking at it. It seems the Audi has the edge at the moment and it'll be fascinating to see how these two big rivals go. Hopefully the diesels won't have too big an advantage, but there's a lot of interest for the petrol cars too. Aston Martin have a brand new car too, the first genuine Aston Martin Le Mans car we've seen for many years, however, the car has proved unreliable so far, and it is unlikely they'll be challenging for victory. There's a great feel good story too, with Henri Pescarolo's team making a welcome return to the series, whilst the Rebellion team with Toyota engines continue to go from strength to strength. Elsewhere, the GT class looks like it'll be tightly fought as ever, with the Ferrari 458 making it's debut. There's a great level of diversity in the class as well, with the much improved BMWs, new Lotus Evora GTE, Aston Martin Vantage in the hands of Le Mans rookies, Jota, as well as the regular Corvettes and Porsches. Here's the entry list for Le Mans. Oh, and it is also the ILMC race at Spa this weekend, with most teams who will be racing at Le Mans present, so it'll be sort of a LM dress rehearsal. Interestingly, Aston Martin WON'T be there, so where that leaves there double car Le Mans entry, I have no idea.
  23. I'll give this thread the fitting end it deserves.
  24. Canada Gp

    Only way that could have been more comical was if he was wearing a clown costume. I sincerely hope someone makes that into a break dance remix.
  25. Canada Gp

    Farce. I think there should just be a rule saying F1 cars can't race in the wet like with NASCAR. Unbelievably stupid. What's the point in wet tyres if they're never going to use them? F1's always banging on about saving money, so save a lot of money and don't bother with wet tyres. These guys are supposed to be the best in the world but it seems every wet race now we have to have an SC start and a lengthy red flag to make for them to make sure their hair isn't being ruined. As for DRS. Don't get me started. Stupid, stupid concept. A device that allows another driver just to fly straight past another who has no chance to defend his position? That's taking all skill and ability out the equation and not in the spirit of proper racing either. Get rid of it. Other than that, okay-ish race I guess.