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  1. is a grandad. Damn. Even more to love about life ;-)

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    2. AleHop


      Very good news. Congrats, John. Happy Christmas.

    3. freaky2



    4. dribbler


      Damn, missed this. Congrats, John. Enjoy!

  2. RIP Leslie Nielsen, an incredibly funny man... farting on live interviews might have been child-like, but boy was it funny to see the interviewer crack up. Maybe that should be... FIP. Over.

  3. My Juicy Fashion Purse won't fit my friend's dildo in. I am beside myself, the top is just peeping out. Lurking. Waiting...

  4. And? Are they filled yet Bruce?

  5. Well Eric, you'll be missed, look forward to seeing you back here

  6. It's worse when no-one's posted a status update since Eric ;-)

    1. Pucky the Whale

      Pucky the Whale

      It's my fault. Every single account registered here is me. It's hard to remember all those passwords sometimes.

  7. went to work on his bike this morning... feels FIT! VIBRANT! ALIVE!!!. Shame about the sweaty nuts and sore crotch.

    1. HandyNZL


      You groping yourself again?

  8. Damn, it's quiet in here, y'can hear a fart drop

  9. If I fall through the hole in my neighbourhood, I'll see y'all there ;-)

  10. is at two with nature.

    1. LabradoRacer


      nice way of saying "attending the call of nature"

  11. Hi, welcome Baby Dancer. Looks like you have all the credentials to fit right in
  12. Howdy Blue, you seem bonkers enough to fit right in Welcome to the asylum, read the house rules on digressing from threads (you must) and don't rip the sink off the wall unless you're into Juicy Fruit.
  13. I think the word should be banned, there's too many members comparing themselves to other members, members that rub other members up the wrong way, and some members that don't let us know they're female members until we spot 'an odd post' </nudge nudge> that gives the game away.
  14. WTF! These Welcome To Forum posts are always pleasurable, lots of new people to play with. I hope none of you take offence at being a called a 'member'.
  15. Izviniti Oli Ther won't be a next time, Argento's scared me to death See what I mean?.... My wife seems to think so Argento, in fact, she says it blows her away.
  16. OK, ok, so I'm having my fifth mid life crises this week. I'm Eric Erica
  17. Glad I didn't do toooooo good a girlie impression Oli Funny you've dated a Russian girl because I 'based' it on a translator I worked with in Russia for two years - she would write like that and had a wicked sense of humour - thought it was hilarious to wind men up. Even more interestingly, her bum was a double of the avatar that Argento uses. So I'm told Yeah, men falling in love with Betty was funny, but scary @ Abbas... Sorry mate, I won't do it again (for a while...), but be careful, the Internet is a dangerous place Btw, I really don't believe telling girls about your Aston Martin will get you into their nether regions
  18. That's OK Bruce, and you can call me Fanny if you like
  19. My head really, really hurts. Why do people have to be complicated? Life is simple, you're born, you do stuff, then you die. Why does Eric die more often than us? That is so fcuking unfair. That's it. I'll be be my wife on here, I shall use her iden titty to fool you all. I can wear skimpety under garments and change my mind just because it's Friday. When I come back on here, as my wife, you will never know. I can say I support the Brown Socks because the Red Socks are too garish. I can even say I like cars that have faulty steering racks and only turn one way. But mostly I'll try and make some real nuggets, some damn fine posts, ones like that Eric guy did. I miss him. I wish he'd just be himself.
  20. Hi McGrubbin, welcome to the asylum It is sad there's no North American GP, but hopefully they'll fix that soon - personally I hope they run it at one of your proper tracks though, not the Indianapolis bore-fest track - Laguna Seca would be superb Glad you've noticed BrawnGP's progress too. They're looking more like one of life's sweet results every day
  21. Thought I'd leave a comment 'cos you'll see I've been perving yer profile Graham. not many with this 'about me' thing is there?

  22. Hi Mike, just dropped by because I'm a nosy buggar. Great to see you back!

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