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  1. Ah its the dog's doodahs - fastest growing soft drink in the world, tastes sweet and fruity but unlike any fruit you would recognise in UK. Contains guaranine a natural form of caffeine which is much better for you. Worth a try if you can find it, but get Antarctica brand as this is the best.
  2. Sadly I can't eat fast food as I am a coeliac and its full of gluten... Love guarana though (Antarctica, of course). Our local Tescos does not do it One of the best meals I have ever had was a churrascaria in Sao Paolo (can't remember where - man it was amazing).... oh and the cassava fries... yum... (although I did get food poisoning in a shellfish restaurant in Recife - I should have known better really )
  3. Good reasons! However, whilst our fast food tastes better, your normal food tastes better than ours! and you have guarana My mother is a pain in the a** too, can I send her to Brazil as well?
  4. Cool! How come you are moving to UK? I'd much rather be in Brazil!!!
  5. You know, I knew I was asking for trouble when I wrote that <slaps head>. When you say mini him do you mean him?
  6. Not a lot, Andres got balder, Paul is still serving his time in prison and rumour has it that Dribs has a mini-me now.
  7. Wishes he had a tazer to deal with all of the annoying commuters...

    1. Rainmaster


      Do a cucumber fart!

    2. lewisthegreat2


      Or a fart full of prejudices. I hear that's the new trend.

  8. Has been a poorly bunny - off sick for last 2 weeks :(

    1. Max Mosley

      Max Mosley

      Glad to have you back! It must have been really serious if you were too ill to post. :D

    2. AleHop


      Get well soon Poorly Bunny. But not too well you eat the carrots, bananas, cucumbers and all. :P

  9. is thankful its Christmas, popped into TF1 and has retired back again to his "snuggery"

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    2. AleHop


      You two are welcome back. Some others are not. I'm a TF1 Welcome Committee Senior Member.

    3. monza gorilla
    4. AleHop
  10. That's OK because the bottom half of the Grabilloni doll comes from Meds and he doesn't have any private parts either :-)

  11. Oooh ooh is this a new forum game.... which member isn't another person? Well, Andres isn't Kati - I've seen the pictures, they do not lie. Cav is definitely not Maure, unless there is someone with serious schizophrenia problem... And I? I am not Steph. I am not 26 stone, I do not name my cutlery, nor do eat whole chickens.....
  12. You're all Eric - I tell you!! Apart from forum member: Eric, who's real name is Daphne, a 54 year old, divorced, nymphomaniac housewife from Brooklyn....
  13. You can't be as that was definitely a 2008 spec rear wing
  14. You forgot the global warning, guns and religion threads
  15. Welcome newbies. Hope you stay around longer than some (remember Fart, I mean Ferret? Anyone)
  16. Ooh Elgo you women are so fickle I thought you only had eyes for me Just the eyes, of course and the rest of your body parts are Andres'
  17. ....or are you really Betty Boop and Medilloni is a fake persona???....
  18. Nice one Meds. We have a collective knob?? Even knowing your true identity, you will probably still get some offers lol So, you like representing yourself as a young woman? Hmmm Freud would have a field-day... This place is getting weirder - what with dying and resurrecting Erics, blokes cross-dressing, 25 year olds who are really minors - what next?
  19. Oh no, don't tell him that - he'll get all big headed, unless these many women are the 400Kg members of the Russian shot-putting team with hairy armpits, in which case please post photos so Andres can ogle them...
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