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  1. Welcome, Sarah. Watch out for Jay (Labradoracer)...he's the forum puppy that goes around befriending everyone :D Enjoy the forum...

  2. Where's Kimi now? Maybe we need a Kimi Tracker Alert at the next race? No? No. Spoil sports.
  3. Just what we need...another mass debater....
  4. Haha yeah, you're so right...hang on....wait a minute, wait a tricked me again didn't you....bollocks.
  5. Needs a helmet design....where for art thou inspiration? Muse...yoohoo...helllooooooo...come here muse...come on....

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    2. HandyNZL


      Chez Eric.

      Actually I think it's gonna end up a lil like Heidfelds helmet - as it's matte black, the orange/yellow/gold pin stripes will look best...just gonna be subtle

    3. AleHop


      Show us when finished, mate.

    4. HandyNZL


      Sure will...and the car too once she's all liveried up in a few weeks (hopefully)

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  6. Kate Middleton is to hot for William...

    1. Caesar


      She can't drive for Williams, she is a girl!

    2. HandyNZL


      Girls can too drive race sexiest chauvinistic pig!

  7. Kiss for the Cyborg :P

  8. That may be true Miss Girl, but just imagine what I can do with all those fingers...
  9. Gid'day mate, and welcome to the asylum Look forward to some great posts from you...always good to have someone around that knows a bit or two about racey cars! What FFords did you crew on? My Dad and I race Lola T340's....what were you into? Zink;s? Crossles? VD's?
  10. I'm in league with the devil.....and I'm faster than him...muwahahaha

  11. We "rae" the best? Don't you mean we "ear" the best. I just wish some people would learn to spell around here so that we can keep up our high standards. Sheesh.....can't even spell "ear"...I am ashamed and embarrassed for the both of us, and, quite frankly, for the forum population in general.
  12. ribbit, ribbit.... are you are little green frog? hi and welcome. Ignore Steph (Kopite Girl). She is legally insane.
  13. Fiddle di dee, fiddle di dee, potato

    1. AleHop
    2. HandyNZL


      No...the Irish have potatoes...

    3. AleHop


      ...and tomatoes...

  14. Whats with kids jumping on your head at 7 in the morning?

  15. No rescues today....story today about a man who was with his partner and 5week old baby walking along the road...he woke up in has seen the partner or baby since :( :(

  16. 65 confirmed dead thus far in Christchurch earthquake...some buildings flat pancakes with people still inside...Cathedral Church Spire toppled with people inside it.....

    1. HandyNZL


      I don't need the hugs, chook. Reports now are upto 300 may be official coiunt yet as number won't go up until dead are ID'ed and next of kin notified

    2. HandyNZL


      People are being rescued from inside fattened buildings...some by guy had both legs amputated to get him out

    3. HandyNZL


      Reports of people being found dead in cars and under eves that collapsed in first few seconds of lady had baby in arms :(

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  17. Teretonga Racetrack is pretty cool...

  18. My heart hangs heavy for a special lady...I'm with you though miles away.

    1. Medilloni


      Your heart?! Are you joking? Thought it might be your bollocks.

    2. HandyNZL


      That's not very nice Med's. *grumpy face*

    3. Medilloni


      Oops. Apologies if it was inappropriate Craig. You're always so bloody cheerful, hard to know when it's a serious moment. Hope all goes well for you ;-)

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  19. Big hugs to ya to ya soon

  20. Steve should check the oven...I think the bun is pretty much done by now....

  21. Is Dribble a Daddy NOW??????????

  22. Is Dribble a daddy yet?

    1. dribbler


      Not yet, due today!

  23. Hayfever sucks...well...more sneezes actually...

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