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  1. Who knows? IMHO Vettel was vastly overrated, but that does not mean he was a bad driver. Quite the contrary, I think he is very good. Dominant cars masked both the good and the bad of each driver (I think Hamilton is a lot better than his car lets him display). WInning in easy mode (something even Alonso did againts a declining Ferrari and a mechanically unreliable McLaren) many times deprive good drivers from the chance to truly shine. In any case, I think Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso were all quite capable of winning WDCs even with a more even field. But that's not the case. The truth is the field is so uneven and the cars so reliable that there's barely any real suspense. But what you don't have in terms of real competition you can make with personality, attitude and some flair. And in that sense I think Vettel is a legend, and I hope he stays around. I want more Verstappens, Ricciardos, Vettels, Hamiltons, and Alonsos and fewer Bottas and Rosbergs. If races are going to be so predictable, at least give us some Hollywood characters! Won't make any promises. But our rivalry never gets old does it? 😛
  2. Mommy, mommy! Big bad wolf Alonso is gonna eat my Kimi alive! :p Hehehe. Are you ready for WAR, my dear Brad? ☺️
  3. Heheheheh.
  4. It's dejà vu all over again

  5. Oh, I don't know...I wouldn't call Kimi a playboy... Welcome aboard btw!
  6. Watching American Top Gear. Appalling.

    1. Massa


      I'm sorry for your lost time.

    2. Rainmaster


      I can imagine. I guess the "problem" is that the British version survives and entertains despite the controversial humour/politics because its production values are just so high. Would be hard to capture that anywhere else.

    3. Quiet One

      Quiet One

      The production is every bit as good as the UK version. It's just that lacks the irony. So it makes American look like redneck idiots which they are not. A shame, I hoped it would be great.

  7. 1) That's obviously Baumgartner's helmet. You know, the one that's not Zsolt, the actually fast one... 2) Geez, woman, I mean, welcome and all that but you are a, you know...a woman! Women like Kimi, just like Brad here! And true men like Alonso btw 3)@Craig: You wish! FYI I'm smart numbers and stuff... See? Ouch, got my shoelaces tangled around my ear again grrr...
  8. Welcome aboard! I don't know if you read the terms and conditions of the forum, but in case you missed it, by pressing "I agree" you sold your soul to the devil. Yeah, that happens.
  9. Careful now that we have an Argentinian Pope. You mess with me, you mess with god!

    1. Rainmaster


      I can confirm that

    2. LabradoRacer


      Joke I came across today: As Francis has only one lung, choir boys will be able to outrun him.

    3. Kati


      Now that was unexpected...

  10. Release the Kraken!

  11. I was wrong. I wasn't ok at all. Now I am.

    1. Rainmaster


      Stop playing with our emotions

  12. I feel sorry for you guys but unfortunately I'm back after a 10 day vacation in a hospital.

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    2. dribbler


      Good to see you back in the loop, my friend.

    3. Rainmaster


      Looks like my plan failed.

    4. AleHop


      Glad you're back and well

  13. Hey, I wouldn't say that! I'm usually gagged anyways and wearing... Wait...are you sure this is a PM?
  14. Indeed. I like your approach to F1, though. Somebody who can see past his own likes/dislikes and enjoy other good drives. Not many of those around. If you are patient enough until this forum starts picking up pace again, you will notice that despite our digs and jokes, most of us are just like that. I am supposed to say something funny now, but I have a cold so I will just write you an I.O.U. for some witty remark. Mr.Rainmaster here can provide you with a better one, anyways!
  15. Salaam Alaykum, Ismael. Welcome aboard. Have you considered switching your obviously misinformed supports towards Lotus F1 and Fernando Alonso? I'll be glad to help What? I'm just saying!
  16. Welcome aboard! We might be a close knit group (apparently it is both a curse and a blessing) but we always enjoy having new people and that thing about throwing people down a volcano crater? Not true. BTW, you are not a female virgin are you?
  17. Flush

    1. Autumnpuma


      I was thinking a pair. I didn't want to go too aggressive. You win.

  18. Of course I'm right. I always am. Now get your a## out of this thread and start posting on the other threads or creating your own. Don't worry, we will just trash whatever you post and call you a n00b. You know, the usual
  19. Welcome aboard Graham the Second. And FYI we are not that great. We are better. As for Ikyrotz, what George said. One of the guys whose posts I enjoy reading I am hoping a similar introduction from our resident Senna Ghost, another interesting character around these forums. Senna's Ghost can you hear us? We summon thee... Ok, now I'm scared
  20. Turtles all the way down

  21. Ok, who ordered a hug?

    You even get a free refill :)

  22. Only because of the serpentine penis. *shakes head*
  23. RIP María Elena Walsh. El Reino del Revés ha perdido a su Reina Batata.

    1. AleHop


      En España se conocen algunas de sus canciones pero no a ella. Creo que Rosa León se "apropió" algunas canciones.

  24. Start spreadin' the news and somebody please haul Mike's arse back in here

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