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  1. Does Maclaren Favor Button Over Hamilton?

    I like you, JP. You're alright. I agree with the Hamilton/Perez thing, just hope Sergio don't take it too bad. And cheers for the recommendation on the music, off to search on YouToob now!
  2. Texas

    Dayum idjits goan braing they dayum foreign cars drivin' em n stuff. I be sittin mah bee-hind out on mah front poarch, spittin' this ye're terbaccuh in mah tin, polishin mah good ol' Winchestuh. Just practicing the lingo. I'll be there on Sunday.
  3. Does Maclaren Favor Button Over Hamilton?

    I didn't say he was dominant, those words are your choice. I answered your question "Are McLaren Favouring JB Over Lewis." You asked me if I was a family member, I answered you in the tone of your question. You also forgot to mention the fact that JB did in fact beat Lewis last season. Lewis is going bye bye. Jenson is not. That should answer everything for you. Relax, it's F1. It's all good, baby. @the dude[tte] who said nice sig to me re: Rush. LOVE Rush. Awesome band.
  4. Does Maclaren Favor Button Over Hamilton?

    I guess he's that much of a 'lesser talent' he didn't beat Lewis last season. Must be an alternate reality or something. And yes. He's my brother's cousin's auntie's great uncles nephews daughters son twice removed. Thanks for asking. Next.
  5. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    The lions got me ages ago, Alex. Good to see you again bud! (Alonso is still better than Vettel but don't tell Brad I said so!)
  6. Happy Birthday, Bruce.

    I know Bruce is sadly no longer with us. But I bet now he's in heaven, he'll be driving his mustang, popping off a few shot's with his Winchester, and generally raising a little hell. That's the kind of man Bruce Day was. He was always thinking of others even when he wasn't well, he'd always make you feel better. He was kind, outspoken, honest and he was very much loved by all who knew him. I'm glad I met you Bruiser. Happy Birthday my dear friend. Love you always, miss you forever. xxx
  7. Alternative Names For Drivers

    Andres! I like you. Paul says if I say I love you he'll scratch out my eyes and offer me up for sacrifice. Chris, I love you even though you still have my high heels and suspenders you borrowed two years ago. Yep. I'm back. Everything off topic again.
  8. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    You spilling your secrets again? Been away for a while. Back but over the next two weeks I have exams so I'll be in and out like Andres says to Paul on a friday night. Nice to see you all again. Arseholes. Hi new members. Pick a person, then tease them. Me not included.
  9. Does Maclaren Favor Button Over Hamilton?

    Yes. And about time.
  10. Alternative Names For Drivers

    Vettel - fingerboy Button - The best F1 driver in the world. Kimi - Kimitron (i love you Brad :wub) Vergne - JV mk 2 Quiet One - baldy Pabloh20 - pervy Grabthaw - Mrs Doubtfire Me - Sexy Craig - kiwifluffypompoms I'm bored now.
  11. The Offical Game Thread

    Assassins Creed 3. Entertaining. Too simple for me though. I'm still plodding through Skyrim. Love how it seems never ending.
  12. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    Bradley. My dear friend. If you are referring to my constant needling of Seb#####d Vettel may I remindeth you that I have for two years called him the best driver in F1. I don't have to like him. Unless you're not really Brad. You're Vettel's Dad hacking Brad's account, aren't you? (i luuuuv yoooooooouuu!)
  13. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    Why are you talking at all? Unless I'm very much mistaken, Vettel is german right? So shut it, Theroux. @Handy - Listen. TWO more than Lewis. Duh! Where's my pizza?
  14. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    Haha! Well he'd beat Rossi in an F1 car and you're just jealous because his bumfluff is longer than yours. Gilles baby. I meant the topic question. 'Almost' as good as Alonso? Fair enough FA has 2 more championships under his paella, but Lewis is a champion too. I think that may put them on an equal footing. The best driver is the current champion and as much as I hate to say it, its Sauerkraut Sunday in F1. And yes, Jenson Button really is the best. So there. And Gilles Villeneuve is a legend. So there. And I'm off to watch Inception again for the 45th time, so I can stare at Eames. So there.